Issue#8691: Fairphone - Notifications still sound if silenced phone is put in priority notification mode

  • @evidemment wrote:

    I'm not sure it's a known bug... but I put my phone in priority notification setting and it still makes the notification sound even if silenced... anyone has the same problem?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#16443: strange looping sound when I put my phone down

    Right after the lolipop update my phone started behaving strangely. If I check my texts and then set it down, it sometimes starts making a constant annoying beeping sound for about 20 seconds straight. Anyone else have issues like this?

  • Issue#99192: I put my phone on airplane mode which also changed my watch; when I changed ,

    Not sure if you answer on this site or I included my email. when I change my phone back the watch doesn't change, how do I get it to?? my email is [redacted]

  • Issue#249887: Fairphone - Notification of Answer phone message

    @Harriet wrote: Can someone tell me how to turn off the notification sound for an answer phone message please? It keeps going off and it's driving me nuts! I have tried turning the 'phone off and on again with no luck Thanks ... Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#267821: Fairphone - Can I make the phone turn on when the alarm is supposed to sound?

    @Astrid_Jansson wrote: Hi, I wonder if there's a way to have the FP2 switched off during the night and make it come alive by the alarm? I see threads about scheduled on-off on FP1, can't find this in the settings on FP2. I'd love to be able to have my phone turned off at night and still be able to use it as an alarm! Otherwise I'm really happy with it. Greetings,Astrid in Sweden Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#286609: Android - How to Put Notifications on Phone So they are under Message Tone

    Never mind sorry it just showed up so now in contacts under message tone it shows me my own ones that I have on my SD Card, Cool! I have a friend Mary and when she calls which isn't often it plays Proud Mary but when she text I made a little shorter clip of that song and I wanted it to be her... How to Put Notifications on Phone So they are under Message Tone

  • Issue#291988: Why am I not getting sound notifications for texts unless I am actively using the phone?

    When the phone is off I do not receive a sound notification that I have a text.

  • Issue#297824: Fairphone - Camera shutter sound on silent mode

    @eralaek wrote: I have my FP2 on silent mode (lowest volume and "noone") but the camera makes the shutter sound anyway. Solution? Posts: 3 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#311036: Android - S7 Notification Sound/Messages notifications

    I made the mistake of using ES File Explorer as a way to choose a new message notification. Now I can't figure out how to reset it to use the Android notifications. Can anyone please tell me how to reset this item so I can choose the built in notifications? Thanks

  • Issue#333672: Fairphone - Phone calls: no sound (except via the bottom speaker)

    @travisw wrote: When I have a phone call, I can not hear people with the ear speaker.The only way to hear people is to activate the bottom speaker (conference mode?).Can you help me ?Thanks. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#495309: Fairphone - Microphone not working in Phone/Skype/Sound Recorder but does in Video and Music Tuner

    @Tim_C wrote: Hi - anyone had a problem with the microphone not working in all apps (especially in Phone) - but working in some.Would like to avoid doing a hard reset if at all necessary. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#658147: Ever wondered what will happen if you don't put your phone on airplane mode when on a flight?

    The airplane mode function on our smartphones is a feature that is not utilised very often. [STOMPURL=]Read Full Story...[/STOMPURL]

  • Issue#671440: How to Put android on Any sound profile without the need to unlock the phone?

    Hello Everyone, In old versions of Android ( Kit Kat for me at least ) android had a option that when you hold the Power Button a message panel with pop out with different options which includes quickly changing Volume Profiles without needing to unlock your device.... How to Put android on Any sound profile without the need to unlock the phone?

  • Issue#714205: Fairphone - Whis OS version 1.3.6 (Google and open) I can't put in the phone number at the sim setti

    @Heiner wrote: I have installed the 1.3.6 update, first the one with Google playstore, than the open one. With both versions I can't give in the phone number of the SIM card. I am using only sim 1. No. 2 is empty. The phone keeps on asking me for entering a valid SIM name at the SIM card settings. I have put in the phone number as its name because I can't enter the number at its proper place. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#731520: Why don't my notifications make a sound with new text message in message mode?

    Hello Members,I have a Galaxy S6. When I'm texting with someone and am still in the texting screen showing the conversation with that person, the phone doesn't remind me when a new message arrives, the message just comes through, even after the phone goes to sleep. I have to wake up the phone and look to see if another one has arrived. If I go back to the main screen, I'll get the typical vibrate/sound notifying that a new text has arrived. I don't remember my S3 doing this, it notified no matter which screen I was on.   Thanks for your assistance.

  • Issue#759741: Android - phone keeps going on auto mode, wifi off, priority calls only

    I have an S5 running Lollipop. When I first got my phone I had this weird thing keep happening, where the phone would keep turning off wifi, the calls would get switched to Priority calls only, and the screen would keep going to auto, which would be pretty dim. I would change all this, and it... phone keeps going on auto mode, wifi off, priority calls only

  • Issue#826212: On a cruise, if I put the cell phone in airplane mode, am I ok if I just take photos or use apps tha

    On a cruise ship, if I put the cell phone in airplane mode, am I ok and not charged?   Just wish to confirm. 

  • Issue#827275: Fairphone - [BUG] sound lowers twice when receiving a notification while listening to music

    @Farkas wrote: Hello While I'm listening to some music with my headphones, the volume of the music shuts down when i receive a notification, which is normal. But half second later, it shuts down the volume again for one second, for no reasons. This happens each time i receive a notification, which is annoying when i really want to enjoy the music. Is it a bug or can i do something to solve it ? Thanks. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#828113: Fairphone - FP2 USB connection mode dialog disapperas (trying to root phone)

    @An_Mel wrote: I want to root my FP2 and the phone does not show up when I send the command "adb devices" or "fastboot devices". I've rooted some cellphones before (Moto G, S5mini), so I'm not a total noob in this area I even encountered similar issues with the other cellphones, usually it was something with the USB connection mode set wrong. And here comes the issue: I can't change the USB connection mode in my FP2. Developer options dialog is released and USB debugging is enabled. I run Fedora 23 64 bit on my laptop and latest Android studio is installed. The FP2's OS is version 1.4.2. When I connect the phone to my laptop, the pop-up with the little devils face on a stick (if I recognize that correctly) shows up in the top bar, and disappears after a few seconds. This happens every time I unplug and reconnect the USB cable. Even if I'm quick enough to swipe down and open the system message, I'm to slow to check or uncheck any boxes to change the USB connection mode. If USB d

  • Issue#844390: Fairphone - Constant Notification Sound

    @Juliet_Burns wrote: Hello I am a new owner of a fair phone 2. I have an annoying issue where I have irregular but frequent notification 'pings' despite no new notifications. It is quite annoying! Has anyone else had a similar issue? It doesn't seem to happen when charging. Thanks! Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#922147: My phone's cell phone answer notification sound is mute, even though the sound is turned all the way

    My phone's cell phone answer notification sound is mute, even though the sound is turned all the way up. None of the notification choices play when selecting in the settings area. What gives?

  • Issue#947614: iPhone 6: I cant put my phone into recovery mode because of black screen?

    For some reason my screen went black and only works when I press down on the top of my phone. I need to get inside of my phone to resolve this issue, but one of the small screws at the bottom of my phone is stripped. I tried putting my phone into recovery mode, but I cant even do that because of my screen. Does anyone know how to remove the stripped screw???

  • Issue#962092: Lenovo - how to put s650 smart phone in safe mode

    Dear Sir.How to put s650 smart phone in safe mode

  • Issue#993231: Android - Notification/ringtone sound issue

    Hi everyone, I gust got an unlocked HTC 10 directly from HTC and am having an issue with the ringtone volume. It sounds loud enough when choosing ringtone, but when the phone actually rings when receiving a call, that same ringtone sounds at least 20% quieter. The reason is; when the phone... Notification/ringtone sound issue

  • Issue#1017117: Blackberry - Priority mode gone? want only phone calls & alarms - how to do this now

    I was using "priority" setting to simulate the old BB bedside mode.  Since AT&T update, can't find priority mode.  I want phone calls and alarm clock but that's all              I do tech support overnight, with infrequent calls.  Need to sleep in between.  How do I get back this functinality

  • Issue#1177725: Use Apples Mail client on phone but Outlook on watch - notifications issue

    I'm trying to use Apples Mail client on my phone but only use Outlook on my watch. However the phone will only allow Outlook to mirror iPhone alerts and not choose to turn them off for the phone but on for the watch only. Apples Mail app allows for this. Is there anyway to get this to work? I want Apple Mail notifications on the phone, not watch. And only Outlook notifications on the watch, not phone. On a side note, this is because all replies done through Apple Mail kick back as "unsent"... Use Apples Mail client on phone but Outlook on watch - notifications issue

  • Issue#577: iPhone 4: I can't hear my phone calls unless I put it on speaker.

    I can't hear my phone calls unless I put it on speaker, but everyone can hear me fine even if my lphone is not placed on speaker. I've taken really good care of it and have only dropped it once which was a few months ago. I just woke up the other morning after charging it and it no longer works right. I've tried everything such as reseting it and placing half a qtip in the ear bud holder. I have an appointment to go to apple to have it checked out but I live so far from the store that it would really be helpful for me to figure this out on my own. Does anyone know a way to fix it? I would greatly appreciate it =] ⟐ Answered January 23, 2016 at 4:37 pm -0700

  • Issue#851: Lenovo - Airplane Mode Will Not Turn Off So Can't Pair Phone With Aura

    I have had my Horizon 2s for 3 days now.  I upgraded to Windows 10.  In trying to pair my phone with Aura, I discovered Airplane Mode is permanently on and thus blocking my luetooth connection.  I have scoured the internet and tried all the suggested fixes to no avail.  I am connected to the internet via w-fi (even though the icon is grayed out when I swipe from the right).  How do I get airplane mode to turn off or even permanently disable it?  I am ready to return this computer because of my frustrations.  

  • Issue#1348: I don't know how but I lost my Adobe cloud on my computer. Still have Lightroom though. Looks like it wanted to put it on my phone but I do not want it there

    i lost my adole cloud on my computer. Looks like it wants it on this phone. How can I get it on my computer. The only thing in the applications is an uninstall option. How can I get it back?

  • Issue#3815: picking a notification sound?

    I'm using a new app on my iphone 6, a travel app called "Hopper". It sends me alerts at various times, and the sound that I hear is identical to my text sound, the one known as "chord". I'd like to give my Hopper app a different sound to distinguish it from incoming texts, but can see no way to do it. I've looked at notifications, sounds, and the app itself. But see no way to assign a different sound to this App. Presumably one has the ability to do this, even on an iphone. But how?