Issue#8687: Fairphone - The hotel wifi doesn't ask me the password on my FP2, while it does on my computer

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    Of course I don't get the access to the internet on the FP2, while I get it on my macbook (as you can see).

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#19752: Fairphone - How do deactivate Wifi with FP2?

    @moeppel wrote: Hey there, I am having some serious trouble deactivating wifi with my FP2. After turning Wifi off it will automatically turn on again within a few seconds. Does anyone have an idea how to make sure that it stays off? Thanks for you help in advance! Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#62709: Fairphone - FP2: Sync Issue with MS Exchange (contacts)

    @KleinerAdmin wrote: My Exchange account on FP2 in general works: mails, calendar and contacts sync fine. But entering or changing a birthday entry in the Android contacts app prevents syncing contacts with Exchange any more. Syncing works again if the birthday entry is dropped in FP2. If birthday entries are entered or changed in my Office Outlook or Outlook Web Access, these changes are successfully synced with my FP2. Searching the web gives a highly interesting result (androidcentral). In short, an internal format mismatch of the Androids date is most likely the reason my Exchange 2013 server rejects this sync request. I created Exchange server-side logs and found the following error message in the sync-log: SyncCommand_ConvertRequestsAndApply_Change_AcceptClientChange_Exception : Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.AirSyncPermanentException bei Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SchemaConverter.AirSync.AirSyncUtcDateTimeProperty.get_DateTime() bei Microsoft.Exchange.AirSync.SchemaConverter.

  • Issue#174298: Fairphone - My FP2 doesn't work

    @cristina1 wrote: Suddenly my Fairphone no longer works. All applications ( including Firefox ) crash , almost always during calls the screen goes black and back to work only by pressing the on / off button for several seconds .If you restart the phone , spend several minutes before it works .The keyboard does not respond to commands , as well as the screen .What can I do? there is a solution or do I throw ? Has only 1 year and a half , it is a Fairphone 2 , never fell and was always held up well .I have kaspersky as antivirus .Thanks for your help and sorry for my English . Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#207030: Playstation - Hotel WiFi doesn't allow my Ps4 on there network

    I need any advice. I am currently staying at the Extended Stay hotel, which of course offer free WiFi. The problem with this hotel chain, they have outsource there ISP. Which you have to pay extra if you a want a faster connection.The first week I was there, I was able to get on there internet, with no problems. My upload/download speeds were in the Mb, nat 1. After 5 days, (in the middle of the day), I lost my connection. I called tech, they fixed my connection. The problem was, he said they don't support any game consoles. It takes up to much bandwidth. I have tried different ways with manually connect or automatic, still nothing. I believe the tech support, my have blocked me. I don't know if that is true, but I am just curious on why the first week, I had no problems.

  • Issue#232120: HP - Windows 8 & 10 wifi doesn't recognize network password

    I am having a problem getting connected to my home network with this device only.  All other devices recognize the network password, but when I try to connect with this one it says I have the wrong password.  I started with Windows8, then upgraded to Windows10.  Done all the usual shut down, reboot, forget network, etc.   I Had HP Support on the line for over 3 hours while they uninstalled and reinstalled everything a few months ago.  It connected at that time, but after I shut down, I was back to the same problem. Is there any history out there for this issue?  I've been dealing with this for over a year, and finally got a hard wire USB converter.  I'm ready to throw this out in the road!

  • Issue#292764: Fairphone - Wunderlist on FP2 - possible FP2 software issue

    @bm90001 wrote: Hi, I found out that there's an issue with the app "wunderlist" on my FP2. I was already in contact with the support-team of this app and after testing several possibilities it came out that this might be a software issue with my phone. Description of the problem: assigning tasks isn't possible from my FP2 in the app wunderlist. Does anyone of you know this problem?Could this perhaps be solved in the update of the FP2 OS? Thanks a lot!b Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#318774: Fairphone - Fastboot doesn't recognize FP2

    @Julian27 wrote: Hi everyone,I was very excited to try compiling the new Fairphone OS. Compilation went through smoothly, but when I'm trying to flash it, fastboot doesn't recognize the device. fastboot devices shows an empty list, sudo fastboot devices finds it. fastboot flashall just keeps waiting, sudo fastboot flashall gives an error that the version wasn't chosen.Any ideas what could be wrong?Maybe I'm just missing something really dumb.Thank you Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#416320: Fairphone - Update doesn't work on rooted FP2

    @neolovich wrote: I have the following problem. I rooted the phone like it is explained here. Everything works fine. Titanium Backup, Root Checker, Gravity Box etc.Now i tried to update to 1.2.8 but the installation aborts with the following message:"E: failed to verify whole-file signatureE: signature verifaction failedInstallation aborted.E: Can't open /dev/block/platform/msmsdcc.1/by-name/misc (Permission denied)"_ I flashed the stock Recovery and the stock boot.img.Doesn't help.Maybe someone has an idea?Thanks Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#445898: HP - Wifi and LAN issue - one or more network protocols are missing on this computer

     Product Model: 15-ab241naProduct ID: T1K66EA Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)HiHad this laptop for a few weeks now and always had trouble connecting to wifi at home. But today I am unable to connect to wifi and LAN and I did a troubleshoot and it says that the problem is - 'one or more network protocols are missing on this computer' I have no idea what this mean, It was still yesterday but today wifi and LAN none of them is working Tried to uninstall the driver and reinstall and still not work

  • Issue#567655: Fairphone - Installation of FP OSOS doesn't work on my FP2

    @Heiner wrote: Continuing the discussion from Fairphone 2 Open Source OS is available: I tried to install the fp osos it doesn't work: Method 1.After loading "amaze" I could find the installation zip-file, but going on it I saw onlly some files and directories and the question to open it with different kinds of software. Method 2:After installation of the zip-file I rebooted the phone with pressing the volume down key. After that the sceen has been blockt, and the only thing to get the phone working again, was to take out the batterie and put it back again. It may be interesting, that I do get messages when I boot my phonr like:"Ungültige Signatur", "falsche Datei heruntergeladen" oder "Fehler beim Runterladen von config.file". I am using the 1.2.8-update on my FP2. What is wrong with my system? Posts: 2 Participants: 2 Read full topic

  • Issue#597982: Fairphone - FP1 doesn't stop loading app updates without Wifi, although option already set

    @nmw wrote: Hi,My FP1 loads updates for the apps installed (Google services, PDF reader, etc) and thus charges heavily on my flat rate. I have already set the option "Automatic updates only when connected to Wifi" in the Google Play Store settings, but the phone doesn't care. I continue to see updates being loaded when I am not at home which affects the speed of my browser and which consumes parts of my flatrate. the only chance I have is to stop the process brutaly whenever I realise it's happening again. Any hint whats going wrong? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#648015: HP - Printer doesn't recognize WIFI password and won't connect

    We changed our router and I am pretty sure that we were able to connect to the new router.  The router is a new Time Warner router.  In the past, the printer recognized the router password and was able to connect to it.  At some point we lost connection and have not been able to reconnect.  We have tried turrning off the printer, router and computer. I've also been on the phone with Time warner for hours trying to figure out why we do not have connectivity.  I even changed the password and it still says that it is an invalid password.  All other devices connect properly.  Please help.  Extremely frustrated.

  • Issue#671179: Computer decides when it does and doesn't want to connect to wifi.

    The problem I'm having is that whenever I wake up my laptop from hibernation it occasionally (about 1 out of 3 times) forgets how to connect to our wifi completely, to the point where the drivers seem to be completely missing, but then after anywhere between a few minutes, and hour, or the millionth time I've restarted it, it suddenly can connect again with no issues. I don't understand what could be happening, I've already run Malwarebytes and my antivirus software at least 3 times each now to see if there's something malicious doing this with little to no results. Has anyone else had a similar issue or know what could cause this? Because I'm about ready to just reset my computer if this keeps up.   OS: Windows 10 Processor: AMD A8-5545M APU 1.70 GHz RAM: 8.0 GB (7.20 Usable) System Type: 64-bit operating system.   Any help you can offer would be most appreciated. I would like to avoid resetting my computer if possible, but if not then so be it.

  • Issue#685715: Fairphone - FP2: No mobile data after disconnect from WiFi

    @O_Ldfriend wrote: Hello, I'm experiencing a strange error with my FP2. Sometimes when I'm leaving a WiFi area and my phone disconnects, it does not connect to mobile data. It does not help to switch on and off mobile data to get it back to work. Neither does switching off WiFi or toggling flight mode. The only thing that I've found out to work is if I go into settings -> mobile networks -> network operators, then search and choose my network operator. Obviously, this is very tedious. Does anybody have a similar problem or even a fix? Background: I have two SIMs in my phone, but mobile data only activated on SIM 1. I have updated to the latest update (1.3.6) but the error existed before as well. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#695590: Fairphone - FP2 Open Source OS 16.05.0 Temperature Issue

    @diddyxking wrote: After I have updated my FP2 (Open Source OS) to version 16.05.0 my phone is very hot all the time. Calling someone is not enjoyable anymore. The area above/beneath the mainboard is affected. Has someone else the same problem? Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#860791: HP-15 f023wm win 8.1 hybrid drive issue. Computer doesn't see the drive.

    How do I prep my win 8.1, hp-15 f023wm to accept a toshiba 750gb hybrid drive. Right now, I have the new drive in a usb caddy, and windows doesn't even see it. I tried on another computer with win7, and win10. Neither O/S even sees it. Am I missing something here? I want to format this drive, install it into my HP, then use my win 8.1 image on it. I can't even get my foot in the door with it. Any help appreciated.

  • Issue#905649: Fairphone - Severe issue with my FP2 and USB & charging (which used to run just fine for 4 months no

    @root wrote: Hi! I've been a happy FP2 user for nearly 4 month now, running FPOSOS (self-compiled in the beginning, now on FPOSOS 16.05 and 16.06). My FP2 started to behave strange in the last week (reboots, empty battery in the morning after charging all night, etc. - all the good & known stuff). Tonight I wanted to find out what's wrong. I can say: Charging is fine when the phone is switched off I can transmit data in "fastboot" mode (e.g. "fastboot -w update ..." works) As soon as the OS is started, charging becomes a game of luck. And whenever I plug the phone into a computer, the USB connection choice dialog would not appear. Nothing, no "adb" etc. Strange, isn't it? What I did now: Data reset Wipe each and everything Re-install FPOSOS 16.06 Re-install FPOSOS 16.05 Removed all SIM cards and the SD card as well Repaired permissions from TWRP Completely disassembled the phone (all modules), cleaned contacts with alcohol (no, not with beer!), assembled the phone again

  • Issue#1002570: Weird Computer-Specific Wifi Intermittent Connection Issue

    Has anyone else ever had this issue?I recently (3-4 days ago) started having this strange issue where whenever I run games like Battlefront or even Minecraft in multiplayer mode a strange unstable network pattern takes over. Every 7-8 seconds, my game freezes for 2 seconds and I lag back. Every 4 seconds I experience .5 seconds of freezing. Another strange factor is that in Battlefront, the game tells you if you have a poor connection to the server. I now constantly have the white "Poor connection to the server" in the right corner of my screen and every few seconds the more severe, yellow "Bad connection to the server" badge flickers on. The odd part is that both of these badges show how many bars of connection you have, and it always shows all 5 bars shaded in despite it telling me my connection is bad. Please note it is not only playing Battlefront that I experience this issues, it's all multiplayer games. My Ookla results are quite good:

  • Issue#1072249: Fairphone - Log in shared Wifi through Browser password

    @aliquaa wrote: Dear all, the shared Wifi at my work requires a password through the browser similar to how it is in many airports or hotels. This particular wifi is categorized not safe also by other devices. However on other devices I can click a link in the browser similar to 'connect anyway'. The fairphone leads me to a special log in page just showing a big red lock sign with no option to connect anyway. The options I get in the menu are 'do not use this network' or 'use this network as is'. When choosing 'use this network as is' I am not prompted to enter the password through the browser. I will also contact our admin 'to make our network safe', but any other ideas on how to connect to the wifi? Thanks,a Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#1093060: Fairphone - FP2 Battery charging & decreasing issue

    @Predicator wrote: Hello, My phone's battery is 2% before charging, Now I connect it to a charger for 5 mins only (at 11:00 AM). After charging phone for 5 mins the battery capacity increases to 99% and removed the phone from charging (at 11:05 AM). I checked my mails and the forum, and kept phone on ideal mode for next 10 mins. It's now 11:15 and it's down to 2%. But the strange thing is that phone keep running/performing for 2+ hours while having 2% amount battery Can anyone help me out to over come of this problem ? ThanksPankaj Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#1188732: [ubuntu] Keeps on asking wifi password and doesn't connect

    Hello There, I am killermachine7.I recently took my five year old laptop off to college thinking about using the college wifi,which eventually didn't work out for me.In my college,we're given an Username and a password using which we're supposed to log in to the wifi network.Firstly we're supposed to enter the username and password at first and then after connecting,we are supposed to go to this website and log in again.Since my laptop doesn't have a built in wifi adapter,I bought this one . I use it in my home where I use an normal slow speed modem.But when I tried to connect it to the college WIFI network,It asked me the password and username at first for which I entered the credentials and checked the option Don't require CA certificate.But after entering the credentials and saving the network,it tries to connect but then again asks for the password which again gets popped up after some seconds when cl

  • Issue#2729: Blackberry - File Transfer Over WiFi Asking For Password

    The USB port on my PlayBook is damaged, so I have to transfer files over WiFi, mainly music from my computer. Today, when I try to open the network Media folder, Windows (10) Security is asking for a password.  It's not the password I created to do the file transfers, the password for my BBID, nor my network password. Please advise!

  • Issue#4550: Why, oh why hasn't El Capitan fixed Mac's most infamous WiFi issue after all these years!!!

    Issue: WiFi does not auto-reconnect on wake. I'm not sure whether it's a software or a hardware issue, but it has persisted on my 2014 and 2015 MBPs running Yosemite, and still does in El Capitan. Mind you, my mid-2011 MBA has no such issue. It auto-reconnects just fine. What gives? I was really hoping that El Capitan would fix it, even though it's still in beta. Is anyone else experiencing this?

  • Issue#5564: Can work computer pick up iPhone browsing history when on personal wifi?

    Can my work computer pick up my phones browsing history when I am working from home and they are connected to my personal wifi? My laptop is connected VPN at home.

  • Issue#8031: Skype - Skype immediately logs in after I input my email! (and doesn't allow me to type the password

    I logged out from Skype, and now the login screen seems newer. It asks me for my email and password - but right after I type my email it immeditaly starts to login AND I DIDN'T INPUT MY PASSWORD.After it fails, it directs me to a new style of Sign In where is suggests I use my Microsoft Account (something I DON'T WANT TO DO)...I have the latest Skype installed (7.18 )I have IE 11Everything is at defaultI run on Windos 7Having this problem both at home and at work (Win7 32bit at home, Win7 64bit at work) 

  • Issue#8679: Fairphone - After connecting the FP2 to the PC, there is no choice anymore for mounting

    @ivi wrote: Hi AllAs it described above, if i connect the FP2 with the USB port i cant anymore chose for mounting the SD card, it only charge the Batterie.How can i change this?Any other with this problem? Thank you for your help! lg ivi ps: found this hint for solution; But, in my case, the option is not available ;( see here; Screenshot_2016-01-25-18-36-46.png1080x1920 88.1 KB Posts: 12 Participants: 5 Read full topic

  • Issue#8681: Fairphone - FP2 shipment: Missing, incorrect, incomplete or illegible export documents

    @jansc wrote: Hello, I got a shipping notice from Fairphone with a tracking code January 11. So far, so good. The phone was sent a parcel delivery centre in Amsterdam where it was for 8 days with a status saying "Missing, incorrect, incomplete or illegible export documents.", and then it was apparently sent back to to Fairphone. I've tried to contact the Fairphone support Januaray 14, but the ticket is still open. Did more of you have problems with the shipping documents? The phone was supposed to be sent to Norway. Regards,Jan Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#8682: Fairphone - FP2 speakers sputtering, hitches and tinny listening to podcast?

    @happykid wrote: Good afternoon you all!Last night I used my new FP2 the first time to listen to podcasts. I usually put on a timer, and fall asleep to someone speaking.I had already listened to the previous 11 episodes of this podcast TuneIn on my Galaxy 3 without problems. Yesterday, in the linked episodes, there were distracting hitches and a sputtering of speakers. #nosleep I wonder what it could be?Did my old phone have a better "equalizer", for want of a better word? Or could the speaker in the phone be faulty? Is it because the phone is new? Or the Internet connection too bad? (No problem before)I now listen to the same episode on my old phone without problems.Any advice? I still have one week to decide whether to send back the phone. Add to that that even in energy saving mode, the FP2 battery did not last the day and is already charging, I wonder what to do. Feedback at work

  • Issue#8689: Fairphone - FP2 overheating

    @evidemment wrote: When phone is used continually for 10 min or more it reaches 41°C or more which according to the apk "coolify" is overheating. FP2 definitely doesn't like games (like Frozen)... Is this normal? Posts: 5 Participants: 3 Read full topic