Issue#824379: Dell - Dell inspiron mini 10 not switching on

  • Motherboard Failure Time-Of-Day Clock test failure. Gate A20 Failure Super I/O Chip Failure Keyboard Controller Test Failure 4 RAM Read/Write Failure Memory Failure 5 RTC Power Fail.

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  • Issue#43047: Radio Control - Field PC... Dell Inspiron Mini Windows 7 Home Premium $145 Shipped

    I have a Dell Inspiron Mini Laptop PC that I will be selling here, very good condition and a fresh load of Windows 7 Home Premium. Intel Atom Processor 1.67GHz 2GB Ram Memory 250GB Hard Drive 3 USB Ports VGA out to your monitor or TV Wireless Network card Wired Network card Audio Jacks for Speakers and a Mic Web Cam built in lid SD Card Reader Good Battery, holds a good charge Battery Charger Dimensions 10.5" x 7.5" x 1.25 System is in good shape with no major scratches or dings. Screen is bright and does not have any problems or scratches. All ports work properly, network card connects to wired networks and wireless has good range to find wireless networks nearby. Not built for gamers in mind but it works great for a field PC to make changes to your FBL controller software or setup that ESC and make easy changes right at the field. I loaded Castle Link software and connected to make sure everything works as advertised. Shipped to your Lower 48 USA Doorstep for Just

  • Issue#368854: Dell - Inspiron 5558 screen issue

    The screen will display multiple flashing colors. Look for lines, distortion, or any other video issues you have observed.

  • Issue#387428: Major issue with dell inspiron 9400

     "as the title states, I have a major issue with a dell inspiron 9400. it is a customer..."

  • Issue#388962: Dell - PE R320 PERC H710 mini battery issue

    The OpenManage log reports "The PERC1 battery is low.", the 10-60 minutes later it reports "The PERC1 battery is operating normally." Is it time to get a new battery?

  • Issue#410172: How can I move my data from my Dell Inspiron to my new iPad Pro mini?

    What is the best way to move my data from my Dell Inspiron to my new iPad Pro mini? A friend told me to put everything in iCloud but I thought you had to have an Apple Product to use iCloud?

  • Issue#426478: Dell - Inspiron 15 7000 (7559) screen flicker issue (video linked)

    That's the opposite of my experience with their service... They offered to send a technician to my house the day after I called them, and he replaced the screen within five minutes... (I live in Israel so I guess the service varies between different countries). Good luck with that!

  • Issue#441606: Dell - SSD issue Dell Inspiron 15 3542

    bios are not showing ssd option, why ? but i able to fresh install window to that ssd and able to boot but when window update occur the the ssd not able to boot anymore it will stuck at black screen and it wont start. 2. problem When I choose UEFI, there are only two options for booting.

  • Issue#445045: Dell - Dell inspiron n7010 Memory upgrade issue

    I thought after reading that this memory would work fine, IF NOT please provide me with information as to which memory will work for the machine A 1 8gb chip would be cool, but if i need two 4 gig chips that's fine.

  • Issue#450054: Dell - Inspiron 3847 - Sept 2014 burning smell, died. Anyone else have this issue?

    4th Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-4460 Processor (6M Cache, up to 3.4 GHz)???? Bought this new Dell Sept 25th, 2014 and probably powered it up October 2014. February 2016 (16 months later), power up the Inspiron 3847, used my computer for part of the day at home, doing day to day stuff.

  • Issue#455358: Dell - Media Failure and Shutting Down Issue with Inspiron

    Then boot, press F12 and load the Dell diagnostics. Run an extended test on the hard drive. If the drive throws an error code such as 2000-0142, it will need to be replaced.

  • Issue#461352: Dell - Inspiron 15 7548 True Color Issue

    Hi, Thank you for writing to us! We would suggest you to re-install the application. You can also re-install the Drivers by clicking the link: Thanks Robin

  • Issue#481726: Dell - Inspiron n5050 start up issue.

    Hello.. i got dell n5050.. hdd not detected.. error code 2000-0221 validation 42745 msg: system board-interval timer not functional

  • Issue#505906: AMD drivers issue with Dell Inspiron

    Hi,I have a Dell Inspiron 5545 with dual graphics, AMD R6 and R7 M265DX. I have Windows 10 64bit and the drivers from AMD would not work well so all this time I had the drivers Windows update provided, which were better, not the quality of the drivers of when I had Windows 7 but better than the drivers the AMD support site provided. On 5 of April I received a notification in my computer from AMD update telling me than new drivers went out (those of 4 April) and I installed them. Those were the best drivers ever, everything ran super smooth and the games played excellent. After that I had to format my laptop for irrelevant reasons and after formatting I downloaded the latest 4 of April drivers from the AMD website. Then this strange issue occured; Everytime i pressed the power button to power up my pc, it shut down at the boot screen. The second time I pressed the power up, it would boot normally, with the exception that the boot time would be really longer. I figured out that it could

  • Issue#521345: Dell - Inspiron M5030 recovery boot issue. Recovery disk does full restore and starts Win7, which op

    It instructs me to insert the windows installation disc, restart, and run "repair your computer". However, I did not receive an installation disc, only a utilities disk (which does not boot) What do I do now?

  • Issue#533914: Notebook - Dell Inspiron 7537 - Hinge issue

    Hi, Few days back, my laptop started a hinge issue. I was opening the lid, I heard a minor ing sound. I checked the rear side - the right hinge made the sound and a gap can be seen between bottom plastic base and upper metal body (palm rest) near the right hinge. Here is the image of it.... Dell Inspiron 7537 - Hinge issue

  • Issue#539663: Notebook - Dell Inspiron 7537 - Hinge issue - preventive measure

    Hi, The hinge mount point on the palm rest assembly were broken. The palm rest assembly has been replaced. The hinges are tight little bit from very beginning. This laptop while opening the lid, it takes bit more pressure than usual on the palm rest to open the lid. To prevent any damage on the hinge mount point again, is it ok to loosen the hinges a bit?

  • Issue#642389: My HP Deskjet 9800 printer bundled software disappeared from my Dell Inspiron mini computer.

    My HP Deskjet 9800 printer bundled software disappeared from my Dell Inspiron mini computer.I had used my printer many times but I had to relocate my computer across the room.  So I turned it off, unpluged it and moved it to the other desk.  Pluged it in, turned it on, and found what I wanted to print.  Looked for the HP software.  It was not there.  I looked for it in the trash and did not find it there or anywhere else.  I have tried Dell and HP and cannot found anywhere that the replacement software can be downloaded.  

  • Issue#685998: Dell - Inspiron 7568 issue continued

    > Look for a "Perform Quick Audio Check" button on the bottom right side of the ePSA main menu screen (see screen shot below). Press the button and listen for the beep tones from the speakers.

  • Issue#697388: Dell - Windows 7 starter on Inspiron mini 1012

    Hi, I need the windows 7 started back on my insipiron 1012. My Service tag is DTPTRM1. Thanks, Annabelle

  • Issue#703510: Dell - Locked out of my Dell Inspiron Mini-Duo Laptop

    NURSEPAM2010, You can click the link below for resolving the error message. The user profile Service service failed the logon. User profile can not be loaded.

  • Issue#713338: Dell - Dell inspiron 15 3537 Audio issue -- Choppy, ling, out of sync issue.

    Every since windows 10 upgrade i have been having issues with my audio. When i start a video for the first time i will hear ling and poping noise then it will catch up after i pause the video and play again. Then the audio slowly goes out of sync.

  • Issue#723302: Dell - Dell Inspiron 3000 (3542) window 10 issue (not shutting down)

    Thank you for posting this thread. I had the exact same problem and so far have followed the procedures here with great success!

  • Issue#726365: Dell - DELL INSPIRON 5547 Hinge ISSUE

    I too have had the exact same issue with the Dell Inspiron 5547 6 months after buying it. It was under warranty so Dell fixed it. 8 months later the exact same problem occurs but now it is out of warranty and Dell wants $160.00 to fix it.

  • Issue#729574: Dell - Dell Inspiron 7537 - Hinge issue

    My laptop is in warranty. So I called Dell Tech Support.

  • Issue#730659: Dell - Dell Inspiron 7537 not switching on

    Were there any bluescreens / system crashes? Was the system overheating? Do you see the power led come on for a second or two when you press the power button? Do you have another power adapter that you could test with?

  • Issue#742107: Dell - Power Issue - Dell Inspiron 3737 (help?)

    I am having a problem every time I try to START the machine (whether from battery or mains). I have to hold down the POWER button until all of the (front) LED's turn off (which takes about 5 x seconds), and the press/hold the POWER button again until it boots up.

  • Issue#742360: Dell - RE: Power Issue - Dell Inspiron 3737 (help?)

    Just to be clear, I only ever POWER OFF the PC by clicking on the RED POWER BUTTON ICON ('shortcut' on my desktop). I never use the physical POWER BUTTON. The only time I use the latter is to turn ON the PC. This issue started around 5 x days ago and has never occurred before.

  • Issue#798812: Dell - DELL INSPIRON 5559 Keyboard Issue

    I have tried Fn + Alt + PrtScr/ Alt + S/....; reset bios default; update bios; install Windows 8.1 again and Windows 10 again but I still can't capture it. The PrtScr key to capture whole screen is ok. I have tried a new Dell 5999 but still get that issue.

  • Issue#799963: Dell - Dell Inspiron 15 5559 keyboard issue

    Hi NGHIA HUYNH, Please check if the fn key is working - Are you able to use the fn with other combinations on the keyboard? Disable desktop composition and check if it works - Could you advise what is the procedure you followed in reinstalling the OS? What media are you using?