Issue#800: Playstation - Wi-fi connection problem with the PS Vita??

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    I been having this problem with playstation store on PS Vita, I have been trying to download apps. themes, add-ons for the PS Vita but always get cut off, it made me very angry. When I check the connection on setting for PS Vita, it is working but the connection shows a slow down in internet speed test and sometimes a boost in the internet speed. Pls do something about it. Kindly resolve this issue. Is it the firmware problem or the PS Vita problem? Its a new PS Vita.


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  • Issue#5969: Playstation - I have solved my issue now I just have a general question for long time ps vita users

    I just have a simple qustion for ps vita users. In your experience have all yiour ps vita card always broken or caused issues with age? Just trying to get general information on this.

  • Issue#6254: Playstation - Wifi connection problem.

    My PS4 is not connecting since we upgraded our wifi. Xfinity told me to ge the TCP and UDP numbers. What are these? Where do I find them?

  • Issue#72434: Playstation - PS Vita Screen Problem - Line on Left Hand Side

    I have a launch PS Vita that has a strange line on the left hand side of the screen. It just appeared one day and hasn't gone away. It appears to be directly in-line with some of the menu items while in the Playstation Store and on other screens. Not sure if this can be corrected in any way. I did a complete system reset and restore, but this did not fix it. Vita has never been dropped nor abused. Are these dead pixels or something wrong with the software/firmware? See attached pictures. Thanks. 

  • Issue#75608: Playstation - PS Vita Remote play issue: Account needs activation

    Hey guys,So I have been going crazy trying to figure out what is wrong with my PS Vita. I have the PS Vita wifi model and I have been trying to connect remote play through wifi so I can play in my sister's house. Everytime I try to connect through my sister's wifi, it searches nearby then it searches through the internet then it stops and puts a error stating I need my account active but on my ps4 and Vita it is active and I always leave my PS4 on standby. Can someone please give me a answer on how to fix this?

  • Issue#113421: Playstation - Code redeem problem ffx/x-2 (PS VITA)

    HI,I have some problem regarding my ffx code. I cannot redeem code since my region is different to the "game" region. My region is asia (R3) unfortunately the code only can be redeemed if my account is us account (R1) So guys is there any way for me to redeem the code? please guys. i need your help.             Mod Edit: Thread moved to Playstation Network support. Check here for more information. Thanks! - TwistedTarantula

  • Issue#118917: Playstation - Connection problem

    I am unable 2 play helldivers because everytime I go onto a planet it kicks me out within 2mins. Would appreciate a msg explaining wot the problem is and how 2 fix it. Thanks

  • Issue#158582: Playstation - PS4 Wifi Connection Problem

    Have tried resetting defaults manually entering network info. with no luck.    started have trouble few weeks ago now can not connect to intertet  via WIFI.  any one can give me step by step on how to resolve. thanks!

  • Issue#227228: Playstation - PS3 Interent Connection Issue

    My PS3 has been conneceted to my internet wirelessly since I got it Christmas 2014. The other day the connection failed when I tried bring Netflix up. However there was nothing wrong with my internet. My laptop, phone, and my mom's phone and Kindle were still connected online just fine. I was having no problems there. I tried clearing out my network info and reentering to see if that would help and got nothing. I tried my two other SSIDs and got the same Error Code  80710102. So, because I don't use my PS3 daily I wasn't too concerned about using it but I did want the connection restored at least.. I've tried connecting with all 3 of mu SSIDs and continue to get a failed connection. Today I unplugged both my Duel Band Modem (Xfinity) and my Linksys Router thinking that maybe there was something wrong there, even though all of our other devices continue to be fine. Again after unplugging the modem and router, I still have no connection to my PS3. Any one have issues with their PS3

  • Issue#267025: Playstation - Vita Memory Card/Account Problem

    So my original Vita stopped working and the memory card was tied to my PSN account. After I eventually bought a new vita, I linked my account and removed the old vita from it. So I placed the memory card into the system and it updated the database but it doesn't let me access any of the content or saved data I have that is still on the card. I can't access the data through the Content Manager or anything. When I started up the new system it asked if i wanted to format but I said no because I didn't want to lose my data. However, the card acts as though it was linked to a different account. I have no idea what to do about it and it's extremely frustrating because I have no access to the data that I put so many hours into. Anyone know what to do?

  • Issue#314567: Playstation - PS4 Wi-Fi Connection Issue (NW-31295-0)

    My PS4 Wi-Fi connection was fine just yesterday. This morning I keep getting cannot connect to internet error - wi-fi signal strength may be too weak. Every other device is home is working fine, and I tested my wi-fi signal strength, it's strong. I restarted PS4, I restarted all of my home network, I tried to add the network connection again. Nothing works. I have the latest version update of PS4. Please Help!!

  • Issue#331230: Playstation - iPad App Shows There is An Internet Connection Problem Message - Any Help?

    I got the Vue app to work a couple of times on my iPad 4 but every other time (10 times), a message displays There Is An Internet Connection Problem. I tried everything: delete and reinstall app, hard reboot, turning off Pin in app settings. Nothing works. The app works on my iPhone 4s and my dad's iPad 3. I don't get it. Any ideas anyone?

  • Issue#394582: Playstation - p.s vita network password connection

    I have purchased a pre-owned ps vita and have recently changed my password on my playstation network. I am no longer able to login as it is only recognising my old password connection. Is there a way to reset without losing any of my downloaded content?

  • Issue#397010: Playstation - PSN connection issue

    so i just got a ps4 for my birthday and when i tried to connect to PSN it singed me in to my account and asked me to select my permissions (who can view my prof and all of that) when finished it showed a please wait for maybe 1 sec and then said "there was an error while communicating with the server. Ive messed with the firewall on my router and (im using wifi) switched to an ethernet connection to see if that would help, and neither worked so now im lost. Any suggestions? 

  • Issue#415402: Playstation - Connection issue

    Why after 2 years of arguing with ps and comcast my conn speeds are running 80 d instead of 30 d like its suppose to after the update Sony.Keep blaming Comcast when theyve done everything they could to fix it when your at fault.

  • Issue#431937: Playstation - Borderlands 2 PS Vita Code Issue

    Hi...I am currently stationed at Beale AFB, CA and i bought the PSVita Borderlands Bundle. I unboxed it and tried to get started but I now see the code is expired. is there anything i can do? i bought it form a legitimate vendor on base (AAFES) or the Base exchange. Thank you for your time.

  • Issue#436356: Playstation - Problem with Internet connection for MLB 2016 The Show

    My son has cerebral palsy.  The only game he can play is MLB because he can use one finger to pitch and hit.  Just bought MLB 2016 The Show.  It updated my PS3 and then when we went to play it wants an internet connection.  We don't want to play online, just the "play now" exhibition games.  MLB 2015 does not require internet.  Is there a way to play without internet?  Please help, thanks!

  • Issue#509995: Playstation - Connection issue to PSN

    Everything was fine with my console and connection but yesterday until now i cant play online because my console cant sign in to PSN network. I got this WS-37397-9 error code,i tried anything from restart my router,console,rebuild database and reset my router but didnt work.I can use my console browser which mean there is no problem with my router,i tried to google it and everybody that had a same problem with me said SONY BANNED the IP. I can accept that if i was a modder,cheater or hacker but i never did anything like that.Please help if any of you knows how to solve this problem,really appreciate it.Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#512292: Playstation - Server problem issue

    I have been trying to play anomaly 2 online for the past 3 months without any luck the game either just shows "connecting online" or says "opponent found please wait" for like FOREVER! ( keep in mind iam trying to do it with other ppl knowing there are ppl searching matches online) i tried contacting 11bitstudios and they replied with   Hello,   we didn't update our game lately so there shouldn't be any issues with multiplayer. We have checked it and it seems that everything is ok on our side. You may have problems with the PS4 servers - if that is the case - you have to contact their support.   I then go ahead and contact sony supportthey reply and say that its 11bitstuious problem and they have to fix iti then resend an email to 11bitstudious they reply   Hello again,   we are very sorry to hear that - but the issue is not on our end. Servers are owned and operated by Sony.   Best, 11 bit studios   so everyside is blaming the other as you see  

  • Issue#531731: Playstation - The last of us Factions MP connection problem fixed.

    Hey everyone Thanks to JaylonW56 for this advise! GUYS I HAVE A SOLUTION/ WORKAROUND!Okay so I tried to play Last week and kept crashing at the loading, but if you press the PS button and leave up the dasbord for about 15 seconds oruntil the bar moves to the end once and then starts over again. It will stop at the beginning the second time, and you have to exit the dashboard. It will then prompt you with a pop up saying Facebook features no longer work on the ps3. Click okay and it will load all the way. I only happened to figure this out because I always try to open the dashboard when I think my ps3 will freeze or is freezing and then it happened to work. After that I've just been having to keep doing that whenever I go online for last of us. 

  • Issue#544503: Playstation - The ethernet connection problem is not solved yet... Any suggestions??? Thanks

    same thing happens every time . I follow the instructions to set LAN connection and it says internet connection is updated then when i test it says cant find IP address and I tried manually... Same thing happens plz help me

  • Issue#551713: Playstation - PlayStation Network connection issue and story

    Okay so this is a long story so buckle up.It all started April 4th I noticed that I couldn't log on to PSN and got the server error WS-37397-9.Naturally I restarted the router did not work.I then went to the reboot and rebuild database did not work. After restarting my router and Internet connection 5 times I said alright this is clearly not working.So I call Sony and notify them of the issue. They claim that everything is working on their end and that I should go and contact my service provider so I do that, they also say that there doesn't appear to be anything wrong.The next day I notice something very weird. I can't access the PSN website on my phone, nor any computer in my household. I did a experiment because at this point I was thinking it was the PlayStation so I was gonna buy a new one. I went to my friends house and tested my ps4 and sure enough within seconds it connected no problems whatsoever. My PSN was perfect in line and everything's. I took my laptop to the place that

  • Issue#565866: Playstation - Corridor Z Vita Download Issue

    Purchased the game from the PSN Store on my Cita, but it won't download, nor does the game appear in my download list.

  • Issue#593995: Playstation - PS Vita Classics problem

    So, a couple of weeks agok, as you may know, there was a Tom Clancy sale. And so, I bought Rainbow Six for my Vita. The game requires me to use R2, L2, R3 and L3. Fortunately, I figured out on my own that R2 and L2 are assigned to the rear touchpad. Unfortunately, however, I can't find a way to use R3 and L3, so I did some research. The results I got claimed that they were auto-assigned to the front touch screen, which didn't work for me, or that they had to be manually assigned on a menu, which it just happens that I never found. So how do I use R3 and L3 in Rainbow Six?P.S: any sort of legitimate answer will be appreciated.

  • Issue#623387: Playstation - Does anybody has a network connection issue during matches

  • Issue#661580: Playstation - Messy 1.04 Connection issue and Party join error

    After 1.04: 1. white plug appears often2. grenade somestimes takes 5 seconds to explode3. Very difficult to take downs as it is VERY LAG, especially as a party leader4. Cannot join Party Please fix that asap as it is an urgent issue

  • Issue#725428: Playstation - PSN Connection Issue - DNS error 80710102

    This appears to have been an issue for many people. When watching Netflix on my PS3, I get a DNS error 80710102 and am signed out of PSN. My PS3 is hardwired into my TWC modem and I'm not having any internet connection issues with my other devices. I performed all the basic trouble shooting steps (turn off PS3, unplug modem, manually enter public DNS numbers,etc.), all to no avail. The one thing that does work is resetting my PS3 network settings, which restores my ability to connect to the PSN. However five minutes in to watching Netflix on my PS3 I lose connection and receive the same error. I've reset my network settings multiple times now with the same result. This appears to be a common problem without a common solution. Both PS3 technical support and TWC tier 3 support have been unable to assist. They both have basically said "sorry - can't help you". I just want to say that before this started two days ago, I've never experienced this problem before. Before I give up on being a

  • Issue#759148: Firewire 800 w/ 400 adapter - connection issue

    I have tried without success to connect a couple of Firewire 400 devices to my 2012 MBP via the FW 800 port. I am using a Belkin FW 800 cable with a 400 adapter on one end. The connection between the cable and the adapter is a little wiggly and I thought that may be the culprit. I have found through the process of elimination that the cable itself is good as is the FW 800 port on my Mac. I know this because I was able to connect my PowerBook G4 to the MBP in Target Disk mode using the 800... Firewire 800 w/ 400 adapter - connection issue

  • Issue#763219: Playstation - PS4 HDMI connection issue

    Hello! So a couple months ago we had an electrical storm and the power supply of our PS4 got fried. and we JUST replaced the power supply and the PS4 turns on fine. However, our PS4 is no longer showing up on our TV. The TV picks up that there is a connection in the HDMI port but there is only a "no signal" display on the screen. Cord seems to be okay, we tested among two other devices (ex, My laptop and the tv) and it functions fine. We tried to plug in the PS4 to a different TV and still nothing. The Blue light signifying that it is on, is on and not flashing. We are not sure what to do at this point, and we have already tried multiple online tips. Is it possible that the PS4 is fried, or is there anything we can do to try and fix it?

  • Issue#770321: Playstation - Issue with TV connection

    I reciently got a console off a friend but it doesnt seem to connect via HDMI to my samsung TVs (tried 2 older models) appart from sound. White light on the console and all starts as expected except for video. Tried starting in safe mode to no avail. Navigated blindly to change the resolution. Get video for 2-3 seconds for every time I change display setting (resolution, Deep colour and RGB) but do video for any longer. Its really anoying can anyone throw me a line and let me know how to fix this. Already tried safe mode resolution set, other HDMI leads, other TV, switching between inputs and HDMI on PS4 seems to the issue PLEASE