Issue#793: Skype - Video calling not working on any of my devices

  • I have lost the ability to do video calls on my laptop, my droid phone, and my tablet.  My laptop says Skype cannot find the camera, and my droid phone lets me see the person I am talking to but does not video my end of the conversation.  My tablet also shows the camera with a line through it indicating it is not available.  Don't understand why it is a problem on all three devices.  Can anyone help?


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  • Issue#213352: Skype - Weird video calling issue with Skype (desktop) and Surface Pro 3

    Hi,I have expereinced an embarassing video issue with Skype. I had arranged a video interview and video didn't work :@.. The problem is as follows; I have Skype desktop version installed on Surface Pro 3. The video calling isn't working. It shows connecting but thats it really. Audio works fine. I went into settings. Under call the video option is disabled and i can't seems to click on it. I go into Tools and Options there video settings if i select Microsoft lifecam front - no video shows it shows a circle trying to connect BUTif i select Microsoft Lifecam Rear .. it works just fine .. how strange is that?? anyone can help and its not a problem with my camera as it camera works perfectly fine in all other softwares / builtin softwares. Thank you for help in advance.  

  • Issue#641609: Skype - Video calling not working on Lenovo Yoga 3 tab (YT3-850F)

    I am using Skype for Business. When I make a call from my Yoga 3 tablet, I can see the video of the person I am calling, but my camera does not seem to be working. Is there any solution to this? I am aware there was a problem with the Yoga 2 tab, but was hoping it was resolved!

  • Issue#6689: Skype - Video calling on android

    I have no idea why but when I video call someone I can see them but they cannot see me. My screen is all black. And they can hear me. I do not know how to fix this. I can use my video camera on any other thing but skype. Before the person answers my call I can see myself but then it turns all black instead when the person answers.

  • Issue#11287: Skype - video message issue

    After recording a video message, I did a playback, to see how it sounds before I sent it and the playback  video, and sound had sped up where you couldn't understand it. How do I correct this?

  • Issue#11948: Skype - can't video calling

    Can't video call from note prime MI

  • Issue#16611: Skype - SKYPE FREE VIDEO CALLING


  • Issue#17477: Skype - Free Video Calling

    January 28, 2016-We-0026-CST 0626Z How do I get free video Skype in Americo? Andy H!     (414) 444-5465, [e-mail removed for privacy and security]

  • Issue#18476: Skype - Skype group calling issue

    We already open case  case number is 1323339483 we are continously getting problem in skype group calling for last 10-15 days please look into this  Varen ChughIndus Valley Partners Noida, India  Email :- [e-mail removed for privacy and security]

  • Issue#21102: Skype - Video calling

    so i callin my one friend in video and i can see him but he can't see me. my camera is on i can see myself on skype under option and video options.  doe anyone know how to fix this?? 

  • Issue#22334: Skype - Unable to join or make any calls after being accepted into Beta for group video calling on m

    I'm immediatly kicked from joining group calls and cannot initiate calls anymore. It worked perfect yesterday before I got the email about being in the Beta

  • Issue#23697: Skype - Video Calling On Chrome

    Hello. I have a Chromebook (Chrome OS) and have found NO way of being able to video call on Skype. The extension that Outlook gives doesn't work so does anybody have a way? Thank you very much!

  • Issue#26159: Skype - Group Video Calling Feature

    its very frustrating that Skype released group video calling feature for IOS & android and ignoring its very own mobile platform WP! It doesn't makes any sense ! Do you guys want from us to ditch WP ? crappy developers! Shame on you ! Microsoft never value its WP users ! It only value money & money! How much you guys paid from apple & google ? Reveal it!

  • Issue#37985: Giffgaff - skype video not working on galaxy s6?

    am wondering if any of your have skype installed on android, or more specifically on your s6 samsungs. can't seem to get the video to work, can only hear audio when video calling??

  • Issue#41772: Skype - Video not working -- white camera icon

    Can anyone help? I'm using the latest version of Skype on a Lenovo. All was fine until two weeks ago when my video stopped working. I can see callers, but they cannot see me -- all they see is a white camera icon with a line through it. Has anyone else had to solve this problem? Thanks.

  • Issue#52727: Skype - video not working after update

    Hi, I just updated to version and now my video does not work. The other user cannot see me and the video keeps setting itself to off. Anyone have an idea how to fix this please?

  • Issue#54666: Skype - Not seeing caller on video calling on android phone

    I have a Samsung s5. I downloaded the app yesterday and was able to use Skype video calling where I could see caller and caller could see me. Tried it today and caller could see me but I couldn't see caller but could see me. We both tried calling one another and the same thing happened. What do I need to do to see the caller my video icon was on. Do I need to uninstall the app and reinstall it to solve the problem? Skype version is 6.1

  • Issue#58766: Skype - Video not working on the small screen

    When I video call with my language tutor (who lives in Germany) the main screen works fine and we can see/hear each other with no problem. but I've recently been having issues with the little screen, sometimes it works but often it doesn't and all I get is a little warning triangle. So when we're working on google docs I can't see my tutor as the little screen isn't working. I have another tutor who lives in the USA and I've had no problems with the main or small screens when Skyping her so I'm not sure if it's an issue with my Skype or my tutor's Skype in Germany. Is it worthwhile re-installing Skype?

  • Issue#59727: Skype - My report and issues found with Group Video Calling on Mobile

    So heres my report. The other two people I used are named David and Jessica. You can see David's face but Jessica only showed her ceiling and cat out of shyness. Anyway, I did this test on an LG V10, specifications of the phone can be found here: First thing I noticed is that when the group video call started, my camera was very dark. In a one on one call with David, it was just fine. My guess is that while in the group video call, the sensor for the front facing camera does not work to brighten my face when I'm not directly sitting in front of a light source. I went over to my bed and turned on my lamp and faced it directly on my face, and where as you can see me, it's still rather faint. Below are some comparison screenshots between the group video call and the one on one call with David. Please note that although I say I'm sitting at my computer, the call is being held on my mobile. Screenshot of group video call while I'm s

  • Issue#62977: Skype - Questions about Video calling - Subscription?

    Hi everyone. I'm new here and have a problem with contacting my brother via Skype. I'm a Dutchman living in Indonesia and used Skype to contact my children in the Netherlands and have no problems. Since november 2015, my brother in Germany has also Skype, because, befor we had many contact via the phone, but expencive. If I call him he can see and hear me but I get nothing from him. If he calls me than we have contact and see and hear eachother. What is the solution for this problem 

  • Issue#63973: Skype - Video Call Issue

    I have been skyping with my girlfriend for the past few days now and she has told me that my camera quility keeps going bad. I have looked into this when she has told me, but I have found no problems with my connection with doing speed tests and so on. Does anyone know if their could be another reason behind my issue? I have tried port forwarding aswell, but this hasn't solved the issue. Thanks Ryan

  • Issue#66311: Skype - Video pop out window not working

    A few days ago everything was working fine. Then for some reason, the video on the pop out window no longer showed up when I tab into other programs. On since I had this problem before and I had to revert. Now it's not working again. 

  • Issue#68733: Skype - Video Message Issue iOS

    Is anyone having trouble with people being able to recieve your video messages?  I can recieve no problem but other contacts are not getting anything I send.  The video goes through but does not download for them

  • Issue#76055: Skype - Video calling Problem

    I cant seem to get my video call working properly, though I am hearing the voice of my caller.Why?

  • Issue#78309: Skype - Video&Audion not working in Skype calls

    So I've downloaded the most recent version of skype and video seems to be fine in skype settings, audio seems to be fine too - when I call it makes the ringing noise but as soon as my contact hits to connect it says that there is a problem with my device, it won't even let me try with video. I've tested outside of skype within the mic and video camera on windows and they are installed and working perfectly. I can only think that skype is the problem, but as everything seems fine in skype settings and when I test - I just can't understand it. HELP ME!!! 

  • Issue#108823: Skype - Group video calls not working in versions with new UI (6.25+)

    I have seen a ton of posts on this (albeit worded differently). The solutions are reported to work, however, I have tried all of the ones that I have come across and none of them work. Granted, I have only come across about 300 solutions so I may just have to dig deeper. Basic thing, a while back (on versions of Skype between 6.0 and under 6.25), it was announced that you did not need premium to do video in group calls. That appears to have come back in the versions with the new UI. Solution? Download and install the old version of Skype. This worked on my old computer, but now I have gotten my hands on a shiny new computer. I tried running the installer for the old version and it cannot connect to the download server. I decided to try doing group video on the new version and there is no video option. Either it is broken or it wants money I don't have at the moment. Nobody in the group has an old version of Skype, nobody has Linux, nobody has it on mobile, nobody in the group owns

  • Issue#140056: Skype Launches 25-Person Group Video Calling on iOS and Android

    Earlier in January, Microsoft announced that it would bring a group chat feature to the Skype app on mobile devices over "the next few weeks," but never locked down a specific launch window. Today, the popular video chatting app will begin to support group video... Skype Launches 25-Person Group Video Calling on iOS and Android

  • Issue#142807: Skype Update brings Group Video Calling on iOS and Android

    Last month, Microsoft had promised to add group chat functionality for smartphones and now it is rolling out to iOS and Android. The company will enable this option on Skype accounts in Europe and the US today, and expects to complete the roll out over the next week. According to the announcement by Microsoft, the feature will be available worldwide in March. ____________________ Source:... Skype Update brings Group Video Calling on iOS and Android

  • Issue#146841: Android - Microsoft Adds Group Video Calling to Skype on Android

    ​ Skype on Android just got much better. Microsoft's Skype team finally added group video calling to the Android version of their popular conferencing app. Skype shared that they plan to roll out the feature in Western Europe and North America over the next couple of weeks, and the rest of the other Skype markets by the end of March. Here's a breakdown of some of the highlighted new features:... Microsoft Adds Group Video Calling to Skype on Android

  • Issue#167876: Skype - Free calls an video calling

    I have downloaded the Skype app that was spose to be all free but it wld not allow me to make any calls video calls or sms messages without adding money. Why is that when its saying free but obviously isn't can soemone plz explain what this is about?