Issue#721: Spotify appearing on lock screen? Proactive?

  • so I've noticed that more than once a day I will click the sleep\wai button on my iPhone and the lockscreen will appear but it's just jy background and in the white font where the time usually is when you wake the phone will be the word Spotify and the rewind and fast forward arrow and then a volume controller. This is even when I haven't used Spotify in awhile and when Spotify is closed on my phone. And happens even without headphones plugged in. It appears to be different than proActive...

    Spotify appearing on lock screen? Proactive?

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  • Issue#59468: Linux - Gnome Screen Lock Issue

    Hi I have Fedora 23 installed on my Asus Laptop. My problem is the following. After the desktop is inactive for 5 minutes, it becomes black (Only the mouse cursor is appearing). Then, if a touch a keyboard button or a mouse, the screen lock appears. I expected that the screen will become black after certain time inactivity. But this is not the case. I looked for similar problems in forums and I did not find somethings relevant. Any Help or suggestion is appreciated. Thaks in advance. By the way, I am using Gnome 3.18.2. I have also KDE Desktop and MATE Desktop installed on my system. Thanks in advance

  • Issue#93999: Lenovo - On screen caps lock not appearing E530

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge (E530). Previously when I pressed the Caps Lock/Num Lock key, there was an onscreen indicator in the bottom right corner that showed these keys were on (and another indicator with the symbol crossed out when they were turned off). Quite randomly, the indicators have disappeared and I'm not sure why.  The buttons still work, but no indicator.The on screen indicators for the camera and microphone have disappeared as well, though volume and brightness still work and appear on screen. I've tried going to Screen resolution-->Advanced Settings>On-Screen Display and making sure they were enabled; as well as disabling and re-enabling them several times to no avail. I'm not sure what else to do..hopefully you all can help?I'm not too skilled with technology in terms of uninstalling drivers and the like, so if I have to do something complicated screenshots and detailed instructions would be really helpful! Thanks.

  • Issue#101834: Android - Spotify lock screen

    Hi, I have a problem, I have installed spotify on my mobile, I am premium, but when I lock my screen, I can't switch songs or stop/play or whatsoever. Only when I scroll down to notifications, I can switch songs. But I would really like to have my spotify on my lock screen. Any ideas?

  • Issue#170244: Samsung note 3 neo: Screen display and water lock issue

    The screen is changing yellowish in colour. What do i do? The Samsung service center guys say its Water Lock problem and its too dear for repair charges. Is there any other way to fix my phone?

  • Issue#181028: Android - hawaii ascended G7 lock screen issue

    so from the moment I've had this phone this issue has plagued my existence, sometimes when I'm using my phone it will randomly lock over and over for a minute or so, but not to the usual lock screen. the lock screen will change to a black background with a round clock, with a spinning light... hawaii ascended G7 lock screen issue

  • Issue#240337: Lock Screen Appearing in Settings but not on lock screen!

    Hey Everyone,I have a GPO set up to point to a certain image and use it as the lock screen for (right now) Windows 8.1 laptops. What's strange is the 8.1 settings menushows the lock screen as it shoudl be, but the actual lock screen is a light blue with nothing but the usual corner information. I've attached images of the policy (pointing to a UNC share that everyone already has access to), plus images of the settings and lock screen. It looks like others have seen solutions, but I can't pin down what the solve was.

  • Issue#249412: Spotify not playing next song on iOS for any playlist or album on lock screen

    I am on version of Spotify on iOS version 9.2.1. I signed up for Spotiy premium just last Sunday and having searched through the community I can see I am not the first person to have this issue.Albums/playlists nothing play the next song unless I have spotify open on an unlocked screen.if the screen is on lock or I move to another app I have to go out and press next every time.I have tried all the recommended actions, logging out & back in. Deleting the app & reloading from the app store but no good.An issue that has been a problem for users for about 5 years and spotify still cannot sort this?Would appreciate some productive advice from a support team member or somebody who definitively resolved this problem.

  • Issue#265283: Spotify - Full controls/album art on lock screen Galaxy S7

    Just recently trying out the Android world and coming from iOS.  When playing music and locking the phone, there's only a little bar for music controls on lock screen. Only options to skip forward or pause. Can the lock screen be like setup like iOS? Marshmallow 6.0.2 and Nova Launcher

  • Issue#281758: Spotify - Lock screen widget for Acer Liquid Jade Z

    Hi Spotify Community,I recently bought an Acer Liquid Jade Z and there's no Spotify widget appearing on my screen when the app is working and my phone is locked.I had a look at the other topics but I didn't find any answer. I don't think there are other conflicting apps but I might be wrong.My phone is running on Android 4.4.4 and the Spotify version is in advance for your help! :)

  • Issue#307744: Spotify - Lock screen controls not working on Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat) on Huawei P7 Ascend phone

    I seem to have lost my lock screen controls (play, pause etc) on my Huawei P7 Ascend phone running Android 4.4.2 (Kitkat). Spotify runs perfectly well except for this one little issue. I've made sure all notifications are selected to show but for some reason I just can't get this to work. Does anyone have a fix for this issue? Thanks.

  • Issue#320441: Spotify changes song when I lock my Note 5 screen

    Hello, everytime I plug in my aux cable when i get in my car and play a song, as soon as I lock it or put my phone down the song changes. Other people I know have had this issue too and im assuming its an update. For as long as i can remember its been doing it though. But again it changes songs everytime i lock the screen or move the phone to put down in my cup holder. Any help is appreciated!

  • Issue#324265: Spotify - iOS lock screen radio menu

    A while ago whenever I listened to the radio there used to be a menu button that would show up on the lock screen allowing me to like or dislike a song. What happened to it? sorry if this has been asked before. 

  • Issue#402056: Lenovo - K4 note lock screen wake up issue

    Sometimes the screen of the k4 note doesn't wake up when I press the key.. So I have to press it again... It happens sometimes.. Need help

  • Issue#435043: Spotify - iPhone unavailable for listening after it goes into lock screen

    Anyway to fix this?  I can pause the iPhone from my Mac  but as soon as I hit play it will only play from my mac and not my iPhone.  Seems like once the iPhone lock screen goes on you can no longer control it.  

  • Issue#454419: Fairphone - Help with lock screen controls, alarm and spotify, FP2

    @Rach wrote: Does anyone know how to get Spotify controls on the lock screen (like you get on an iphone) and also how to get the alarm to also come up on the lock screen so that when it goes off you don't have to swipe, open the clock app and turn off the alarm? I have looked on this forum, looked on Spotify's forum and googled. I've also been through all the menu options and searched help within my phone. I'd really appreciate some help. Love the ethics behind the FP2, hence why I bought it. Find android frustrating, always have, and need some tips. Cheers. Posts: 1 Participants: 1 Read full topic

  • Issue#465139: Spotify - Lock screen controls?

    Hello, I am new to Spotify.  I use a Samsung Galaxy J3.  I am looking for an option to pause/skip tracks on my lock screen, but I'm having trouble finding it in the settings.  Can you help me?

  • Issue#490888: Spotify - Allow users to disable album art on lock screen

    This feature needs to be allowed to be disabled. This is a no-brainer. People shouldn't necessarily be required to have this active. Imagine how many people use your app at work, then imagine how many album covers are NSFW. I have been using this app for years now and cannot believe that you still do not give users the option. It's really kind of ridiculous.

  • Issue#524582: Spotify - Notification / Lock Screen Controls Dissapearing- Marshmallow

    Hi Spotify Crew, I've found similiar threads about this issue, but the suggested fixes haven't worked. The problem is that the ongoing notifcation is randomly dissapearing, which in turn removes it from the lock screen. Typically it will happen if the device is locked and there has be no music played for 15mins or so, but I've seen it dissapear when actively using the phone and not playing music for a couple of minutes as well. It's quite annoying when I'm out riding on the motorbike as I rely on the bluetooth controls to control the playback, which fail if the persistent notification is no longer present. After the icon has dissapeared, if I close / open the app it seems to continue working again To fix it I've tried: - disabling power saving- excluding spotify from Doze- making the Spotify notification a "priority"- removing the lock screen (so the screen just turns off) Google Play Music seems to be OK I'm running an LG G4 on Android 6.0 

  • Issue#652236: Spotify - Android Lock Screen

    HI I've just joined Spotify Premium and liking it so far. The thing that's bugging me is no full screen widget with album art on my lock screen (or even on my home page for that matter).I've moved from using double twist with iTunes which worked great and had a nice lock screen which I now miss terribly.I've searched and searched so many sites but all the hits are over 12 months old and I cannot find a definitive answer.I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 on Android 6.0.1How can I get a full size lock screen with album art and controls etc?I tried a couple of TP lock screens bit they are either crap or full of ads.

  • Issue#681884: Spotify - It doesn't show on the lock screen anymore

    Spotify doesn't show on the lock screen anymore, unless it's already at the notification bar before I block my cellphone. It used to show up on the lock screen even if I blocked it directly from the app. Is it an error?

  • Issue#747090: Spotify - ArtWork not showing on lock screen

    Hello all,I know this problem has been asked a lot. I am currently using the latest version of spotify and Android and album art Works are not showing on lock screen. I am a premium user. Got Samsung a5 2016. I looked up for a solution but couldnt find anything. Looking for help. Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#765826: [Security Issue] Spotify and Windows 10 block screen.

    Device: Desktop PCOperating System Version: Windows 10 ProSpotify Version: If Spotyfy is opened music paused ... Spotify not minimized Windows 10 will not lock asking for a password... after the time (10 minutes set on my PC) To reproduce: If Spotyfy is opened music paused ... Spotify not minimized Windows 10 will not lock asking for a password... after the time (10 minutes set on my PC) Workaround: noneAdditional information:Reported also to Microsoft at this address: 

  • Issue#783949: Spotify - Play/pause/skip on S6 Edge lock screen

    Recently I have not been able to play, pause or skip my music from the lock screen even though I have the music playing in the app. This has happened a couple of times in the past and it would show up again randomly on my lock screen, but it hasn't for a while now and it's frustrating when I'm working out and I have to open a lock screen and go into the app to pause, play or skip the song. Kinda petty but didn't know if anyone else was experiencing the same issue. Thanks.

  • Issue#796599: Quick reply from lock screen issue

    Anyone else having issues with quick reply from the lock screen where the input box and send button do not show up making it impossible to reply? Keyboard, predictive words and the users message show but not the input box. Happens about 3 out of 10 times.

  • Issue#796680: iOS 10 quick reply from lock screen issue

    Anyone else having issues with quick reply from the lock screen where the input box and send button do not show up making it impossible to reply? Keyboard, predictive words and the users message show but not the input box. Happens about 3 out of 10 times.

  • Issue#817706: Spotify - lock screen, going backwards

    Hi!I gotan LGG3 and in my lock screen widget there is only a pause and forward button. I want to be able to back too. Any ways to fix this? Is itbecauss Spotify thinks I'm a free user and mistakenly applies the "free user" widget? I pay for premium :)

  • Issue#826462: Spotify - Can't change song when i lock screen or leave app Samsung Galaxy s6

    If i lock the screen or go off the app i gave to unlock to swap song

  • Issue#903515: HP - dv6-3120us Display Issue -powered black screen, flashing caps lock with blink pause for 3 flash

    So, I purchased my uncle's old computer, but he doesn't remember the and they through the box away.  I noticed that it would go to the black screen once powered and then the caps lock would flash 1 time and then pause for 3 secs and flash again at the 4th second.  I have removed the harddrive from the laptop and scanned the harddrive for viruses and checked to see if any problems.  He had viruses, but I cleaned those off and placed the harddrive back in the system.       I wanted to know if there is a chart or anything that I can go by to fix this issue?  I wanted to fix it up and donate to the student in Africa who is going to college.  I purchased my uncle's because he had received a new computer for a holiday (Father's Day) and it was nothing wrong with it, when I first talked to him and he got a new computer.  Help me please and thank you so much for the insight!

  • Issue#959765: Spotify - Problem with getting songs to play individual songs, lyrics stopped appearing, screen diss

    I'm having problems with lyrics showing for any songs. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling Spotify and that didn't workThen I have a problem with songs under Your Music/Songs playing individually. I click the play button next to any song and it doesn't do anything except flash the speaker then immediatly back to the play buttom. Yet when I click the green play button at the top it will start playing from first song in the list and i can use the next button but that is very inconvenient for me. To fix this issue I have to open and close Spotify several time before it starts working again.I also have a problem with the Spotify desktop sceen going blank after being used for so long. What I mean by blank is that the side bar dissapears and the menu bar dissapears and all that shows is the gray background and the word Spotify at the top of the window. To fix this I close Spotify and reopen it and it goes back to normal.I'm using Windows Vista SP2 and have the free account and the most