Issue#542: Best Airport Extreme Settings for a PS4?

  • I can't seem to find a conclusive answer for this on the forum or googling. It seems like the AEB doesn't like to download more than 1 game or etc...

    I currently have set the PS4's DNS to Google's primary and secondary but I want to properly setup the router if anyone has any suggestions or a walkthrough since I haven't bothered or needed to port forward with the airport extreme before.


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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#5892: HP - Envy 5530 and Apple Airport Extreme connection issue

    We have a Envy 5530 and recently upgraded our router to an Apple Airport Extreme. At first everything was great, but about 1 week in, the printer kept appearing as printer not connected. Disabling wireless on the printer and re-enabling will allow for the queue to print, however after 5 or so minutes the printer is no longer connected. Checked the connection at the Airport Extreme and it shows that printer is connected and has excellent signal strength. This printer is shared by both Windows and Apple products, all have same issue. 

  • Issue#23165: Another PS4 and Airport Extreme Question

    I've followed the steps from here: but no go. The PS4 is only getting 1/2 the speed of my internet connection, wether it's wired or wireless. Everything else in the house is just fine. My son's PS4 is hardwired, and I'm assigning it a static IP based upon it's MAC address,, outside the range of DHCP assignable addresses. I have confirmed the PS4 is getting the correct address. I... Another PS4 and Airport Extreme Question

  • Issue#237106: Playstation - Share Airport Extreme disk with PS4

    is this possible? I've formatted the disk a few ways but the PS4 still doesn't see it.

  • Issue#880373: Ubnt - Cloud Key issue: only the first out of 5 Airport Extreme names are listed the other 4 appear

    issue: Cloud Key does only list the friendly name of one Apple Airport Extreme, the other Airports are listed with their media access code (MAC address) issue type: usability Environment: === Cloud Key: AP AC LR: (4 pcs) band-steering: yes minRSSI: -90 dBm ATF: ? VLANs: no Wireless SSID's: 3 Location: Europe Notes: 0. all AP AC LR devices are wired to one ethernet segment over 3 ethernet switches, because of 100m CAT5 length limit 1. all Airports do connect wireless (not wired) 2. all Airports do connect to the AC LR's in the same minute 3. the SSID where the Airports do connect to, is only running for 15 minutes a day. Please improve the Cloud Key name resolver.

  • Issue#2050: Playstation - PS4 startup issue

    Hello. I purchased my Ps4 system on Black Friday of 2015 and didnt have any issues out of it for the first two weeks. Then one day I powered the system on and a static grey image appeared and flashed on and off the screen. After that the screen went black for a few seconds then the proper image of the ps4 log in page appeared. Since the first inncodent I stated; the system has done it about 6 more times since then. I  just wanted to post this and see if anybody else has had the same issue before and found a fix for it?   Thank you! 

  • Issue#2917: Low Cost 3rd Party G5 AirPort Extreme Antenna

    Included in my recent craigslist purchase were 2 AirPort Extreme cards, but no antennas (of course ). Rather than try using a safety pin or similar Mickey Mouse © solution I searched the web for an antenna. After laughing at the amazing high price of Apple's "T" antenna I purchased 2 - 3" 90° omni Wireless antenna with a MCX male plug for only $7.00 US.... Low Cost 3rd Party G5 AirPort Extreme Antenna

  • Issue#5305: Playstation - screen brightness issue on new ps4

    Hello,Just got  a PS4 and I'm noticing that when the console first comes on, the screen is bright, but then it dims down very dark. It is not my TV, because when I go back to TV or my other ports, the brightness returns to normal. I have tried: 1. Resetting to default settings2. going through the screen and video sections in Accessibility. Still have the issue and can't understand why. Can anyone advise? Thanks!

  • Issue#5378: AirPort Extreme troubles

    I'm trying to streamline the network t my parents house. They live in a large house with many walls to break up the wifi signal. Here's the setup: middle-ish part of the house has the cable modem which goes into an AC Airport Extreme. Ethernet from there goes to a switch which disseminates Ethernet all throughout the house. Now on one end of the house there is another AC Airport extreme. This has a line in from the main switch and also serves as a hub for a few devices at this location.... AirPort Extreme troubles

  • Issue#7586: Unity - Issue with platform settings, changes not applied

    Unity 5.3.1 on Mac, trying to do this: "To fix this you must select the file in the plugins/ios folder. Once you select it you can enter a value in Compiler flags. Put -fno-objc-arc. Another new feature of Unity 5 is that you can now specify additional frameworks that are needed by the plugin. You do this by opening the Rarely used frameworks section and checking the CoreBluetooth framework. " However when I tick the CoreBluetooth framework or enter the compile... Issue with platform settings, changes not applied

  • Issue#9074: Airport Extreme router stopped working after I brought home new macbook air,

    I brought home a new (to me) 2012 macbook air to replace my 2010 MBA. I had the other macbook air on the network uploading some files to iCloud. As soon as I booted the new MBA up the whole network crashed. (Devices were still connecting to the Airport Extreme ac router, green light, but no internets). Restarting the router helped only briefly before the problem returned. When I was logging in with the new MBA I'd seen an error that there were two Macbook Airs on the network and that it... Airport Extreme router stopped working after I brought home new macbook air,

  • Issue#16796: Playstation - PS4 update issue v3.15 needs to be installed everyday

    My ps4 console already updated to v3.15 of the system software and add part of it I had an error and had to install the version 3.15 through usb.Ayer proceeding according to Sony instruction I was able to make my ps4 work BUT now every time I leave it in rest mode it goes back to the installing error and I have to reinstall the software again.Please help me, I'm really going crazy about reinstalling every time and losing all my saved games and downloaded games

  • Issue#18127: Tall AirPort Extreme 2013 Vs Flat 2011

    I have the last generation of the flat AirPort Extreme from late 2011. I was considering picking up a refurb 2013 tall model as I would hope it could give some slight increase in range and would be a smaller footprint on my desk. Was this genration a definite improvement over my 2011 unit? Thanks.

  • Issue#19643: Beta key issue [ps4] - ubi pls help!

    the following: i ordered 'tom clancy's the division' game twice (collector's edtition from amazon & gold editon from gamestop..that's like $250 right there) and used the unique beta code i got from one of my preorders (either from amazon or gamestop..don't remember). i then followed the given instructions and entered the code on and received the beta access code two days ago - problem: it's not working! when i try to enter the code on the us-psn store it gives me the following error message: 'the code you entered may not be correct or may no longer be valid'. well, i used the exact same code as listed under 'beta access' in my uplay account management section though (btw, code's not showing up in my account anymore since yesterday for whatever weird reason). i immediately tried to contact chat support, but it's not working either - it always redirects me back to send out a support ticket. so k, i did that instead and opened a ticket..but +48 hours later s

  • Issue#29055: [PS4] Control settings

    Not being able to change L1/R1 with L2/R2. It would be nice if this was possible in the final release.

  • Issue#32705: Apple AirPort Extreme Model A1143: NIC ports are blinking green but the station won't start

    Hi, My AirPort Extreme started restarting itself repeatedly so I disconnected it from the power supply for A few minutes and then plugged it back again. Since then the unit Ethernet ports are blinking green but the station main front light remain off. What can I do? How do I make it work again? Thanks, Tal ⟐ Answered January 30, 2016 at 9:01 am -0700

  • Issue#34052: Playstation - Ps4 power supply issue .

    Not looking to send into PlayStation for repairs. I saw on a video what the duration of the beeps mean . Mine ended up matching a power supply issue . I know what I need to buy to repair it myself . I was wondering if it can also be the cord I'm using for my ps4 or if it's something else that I can try before buying a new power supply .

  • Issue#40918: Playstation - ps4 media player issue

    When I try to watch videos on the Web through my system it says I need an update. Yet, I have the newest update installed on the ps4.

  • Issue#43433: Playstation - Deactivate PS4 Issue

      Hi, so I went online to my account page via Sony's website, [] in order to deactivate my old PS4, so I could activate my new one, but when I try to 'Deactivate all devices', I get a message saying :   "You have deactivated your devices recently and cannot use this feature at this time."   I haven't deactivated anything recently, and can't deactivate anything now, and I was wondering if I could get any help to deactivate my old PS4?   Thanks

  • Issue#43435: Playstation - Buying a PS4 in Spain - Region settings

    Hi, I'm about to purchase a ps4 in Spain but I've got a few questions about the laguage/region settings. If I were to buy the PS4 in Spain, could I have the exact same settings as if I bought it in the UK? I'm here temporarily and I don't want to have any issues when it comes to the region or language settings. Looking forward to your reply,R

  • Issue#48871: Visual and gameplay/settings suggestions after beta [PS4]

    Like most of you i was finally able to play the game and its amazingly addictive and very enjoyable even as a solo player! It looks beautiful but devs could add some more graphical details, and here where: - Day and night cycle runs a bit too fast for me, when i was changing my agent's appearance it took me like 2 or 3 days in the game to do so and i would like to enjoy longer sun rising/setting, storms and night, so the solution here is to make every day and night a bit longer, maybe something like 30mins a day - Environment could be a bit more diverese. Running around new york took me some time to visit every bit of small alleys and big streets and what ive noticed there was a very small variety of car models and their settings. For example - on on street there were like 3 types of cars and they look untouched. I wish i could see some of them a bt destroyed like after scavenging (broken glass, broken doors lying on the ground, open hood with engine parts stolen, open trunk with som

  • Issue#52696: AirPort Extreme to be upgraded in 2015?

    looking to pick up an AirPort Extreme but was wondering if they might be upgrading them since they haven't been in awhile. Has anyone heard anything in regards to this?

  • Issue#52909: Logitech - Harmony Hub can't connect to Apple Airport Extreme Dual Band router... ideas?

    My hub can't see my wifi. It gets no networks and I litterally have 4 plus neighbors signals. I can see NONE! Help!

  • Issue#53662: [PS4] Bug/suggestion: AI issue with player visibility and response

    1. What is the issue you're experiencing? The AI enemies do not respond to player fire, and were killed easily. The enemies should respond to incoming fire they can't return by immediately finding cover from the direction of attack. 2. What were you doing when this issue occurred? I had moved out of cover, but only just enough that I could target an enemy. This was in the mission to rescue Dr Kendal, specifically the part immediately after the restocking crate. I used the doorway as cover, then stepped back and aimed. The reticule turned red and I opened fire, but the enemies stood in place aiming at the doorway, until they died. Occasionally an enemy grenade was thrown, but it was easily avoidable by stepping back. This didn't work in all places - sometimes the wall was in the way despite the red reticule - but it was often. 3. Are you able to recreate this issue? I was able to do this anywhere there was a "doorway". And on occasion, tall cover. e.g. immediately after resc

  • Issue#55758: Airport Extreme Slowing Internet?

    A couple of weeks ago I upgraded my Comcast Internet from 25 mpbs to 75 mbps. I noticed a couple of days later that my internet was still at the 25 speed so I called Comcast. They told me that my modem had reached its "end of life cycle" date and therefore had to upgrade my modem in order to get the faster speeds. I said okay and after finding an "approved" Comcast modem I purchased it. After connecting and activating it I noticed that I was still getting only 25 mbps. I called Comcast again... Airport Extreme Slowing Internet?

  • Issue#57132: Airport extreme + windows 10 + AC usb stick

    Is there a known issue with windows 10 not being compatible when plugging in a USB 802.11ac wireless adapter ? I have an ADSL modem router, and my wifi usb ether AC stick detect both its 2.4ghz and 5ghz wireless, but when I switch the ADSL modem router to bridge mode, and connect my Airport extreme, my PC with windows 10 and USB ac doesn't detect the airport 5ghz network... only the 2.4... needless to say that my macbook pro 13 inch, detects both networks when the Airport is plugged in...... Airport extreme + windows 10 + AC usb stick

  • Issue#58930: Playstation - New issue with Blops 3 on PS4

    Was playing some Nightmare zombie mode last night 2 player split screen, kept getting this weird issue. More then half the time when restarting a section of the game we would get an error and player 2's screen would just be blank/black. I was player 1 and had no issues and could see player two standing there helpless as zombies ran towards us, lol. Player 2 could still move around but had no visual information, just a black screen. So I would die and when the section restarted player 2 would get their vision back about half the time. Why does this game have soo many bugs? Playing the 4 player coop zombies (With Heather Graham aka Graham zombies) with 4 players local coop leads to massive frame drops to what feels like single digits far too frequently.  Any time some action would occur the game becomes almost completely unplayable for a few seconds at a time. To save time just know all the rest of the issues I have had with this game are in Graham

  • Issue#61578: Airport setup issue

    Hi guys. I picked up an AirPort Extreme today due to a dead Netgear R7000, and the setup has gone relatively smooth. I have put in the ISPs details via PPPoe however I can't seem to work out where I need to put my VLAN tag address which is 100. Without it, I can't connect to the ISP. Apple support haven't known what to do. Any help would be much appreciated. Living in the Stone Age without WiFI sucks. Regards Callum

  • Issue#65298: Playstation - Ps4 red light issue

    My ps4's blue light just turned red and my ps4 turns off. Is there anything I can do to fix it or is my ps4 dead?

  • Issue#69994: Playstation - Changing PS4 chat settings on profile

    How do we turn on chat settings if my mom turned it off for my other profile how do we turn it back on               Mod Edit: Updated title to be as descriptive as possible.Check here for more information. Thread moved to Consoles & Peripheral support. Check here for more information. Thanks! - TwistedTarantula