Issue#40844: How to Install Intel Rapid Storage Technology

  • I just reinstalled Windows 10 on a new partition and now all the utilities that were there before are now gone.


    I need to verify a RAID array.  It is not broken.  There is nothing wrong with it.  I can access the disk just fine.  However, in the BIOS, it says it needs to verified, and so that is what I want to do. 


    Now, once upon a time, Intel Rapid Storage Technology was a Windows Desktop application.  And you could do things like ask it to verify a RAID array.


    Now, on the Intel Website, all I see for download is the Intel RST *driver*. 


    I don't want the driver.  I want the application. 


    Where can I download the ***application***. 


    Thank you,



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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

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    I have been getting BSOD errors for IRQ Not Less than or Equal, Driver Power State Failure, critical process died, and inaccessible boot device.  I provided my mini dump file to tenforums and one of the issues besides updating drivers that may be corrupt was to check the Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver. I also frequently get errors from Intel Rapid Storage Technology.  When I go into the program I don't see an error.  Your website doesn't have Windows 10 drivers.  Can I download the latest driver from intel?  It says to go to the computer manufacturer.  It also describes updating the firmware.  Please advise what I need to do to correct this. Thanks.  Marc

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    Hi There, I'm using Delk XPS 15 9550 ( 1TB HDD + 32GB SSD ) i would like to configure intel rapid storage technology utility and I don't know how. here's a photo which showi that it's still not set yet.  And I'm looking forward to set up it back again to be the same as that photos because it's the defaults for my laptop model but I don't know how to do that ! Could any one please describe for me ?      Please tell me how to do that ASAP because I need to configure it before I Install the Windows

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    I'm trying to set up a Raid 1 volume using the 256 GB SSD boot drive and an identical SSD as the second drive using the Intel RST app. I get the following error message: "Not enough disk space for Metadata, reduce the source partition by 5 MB". I get the same error message after reducing the c drive partition by 5 MB. Note that I've been able to successfuly set up a second Raid 1 volume using two, 2TB drives. The ssata controller is spec'd to allow two Raid volumes and I got the same error message trying to set up the system volume before setting up the second Raid volume. I've tried with the second SSD disk formatted or unformatted and it doesn't make any difference. All drivers and software are up to date on this new workstation. Can anyone help with this error message?  

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    do I need to have it turned on (BIOS)? I am not going to have any RAID. Is there going to be a problem if I have it on when I haven't set up a RAID? Is there going to be a problem if it is off?

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    I have an Aspire S5, with a 128GB SSD. The SSD is seen in the laptop as two 64GB drives, and is configured in RAID0 as default. At one point the RAID failed, and I tried to factory reset but the laptop wouldn't get into the recovery-mode (pressing ALT+F10 and all variations of ALT/CTRL/F-buttons) so I reinstalled manually with a USB. In BIOS, both drives are seen as 64GB, but in Windows only the one drive I installed on is seen as 64GB, the other one is still seen as the RAID-drive (128GB). It's not usable since I have to format it first but I don't dare to do that. I can see that the recoverypartition is still on this, but since RAID0 being RAID0, I'm assuming that all data on this ghost-partition is not usable in any way. When starting the laptop I get the Intel Rapid Storage Technology prompt (press CTRL+I), and it's saying that the RAID has failed, listing both drives (partitions), one of them as a member and the other one (the one I reinstalled Windows on) not as a

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    it's a good habit to keep all your drivers up to date. one of them is the storage controller for your RAID or SSD or any AHCI compiant Drives as it give you a slight boost and information regarding your S.M.A.R.T diagnostic for your HDD or SSD Intel Rapid Storage Technology (RST) Version WHQL is the LATEST

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    Hi, I can't update my actual RST 14.0 to the latest 14.8 on my Lenovo notebook with i7-4500U when I start RST exe pop-up a message that tell me "there is a pending reboot for this product".What I can do?

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    Hello I have recently re-installed Windows 7 after putting in a new 1Terabyte hard drive. I have then been having issues with Windows Update and just my overall use of my laptop has been slower. After reading on other forums with people who have gotten similar error messages from Windows update I have been told to update my Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver. (Forum Link Here) However when I visit my drivers list on the HP website, I cannot find the Intel RST driver to update. Can someone direct me to the Intel RST driver that fits my laptop? HP Pavilion dv6-2173cl Entertainment Notebook PC

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    I have just purchased a Lenovo B50-80 (80LT00H5US)  i3-4005u Notebook (April 2016).I noticed a Application installed called "Intel Rapid Storage Technology". It has a 500GB HDD Hard Drive. Is there a good reason or reasons that I use it? If there is what are the advantages for me, a guy who uses mail and browses and sometime watches a movie on it.

  • Issue#705235: Dell - Will Intel Rapid Storage Technology work with W10

    I have a Studio XPS 9100 running Windows 7, that I purchased 5 years ago (Apr 2011). I have painstakingly gone through to make sure everything is working perfectly (at this snapshot in time) and corrected the few problems I had. I think I will upgrade to W10 in June.

  • Issue#707205: Intel - Rapid Storage Technology Stopped Working - Can't Reinstall

    I have Rapid Storage Technology version installed on my Win7 64-bit system. After a video crash I attempted to load the RST application, but got a message that an unknown error had occurred while running the program. I then found the service wasn't running, so I started it manually, but it the error kept appearing (and the taskbar context menu continues to report that it isn't running, while it shows that it is in services). I attempted to reinstall the software with the latest version and a previous version, but it reported that my platform isn't supported, which doesn't make sense as it has been working fine. What now? Thanks... Dan

  • Issue#929953: Can't install Intel Rapid Storage Technologies (RST), outdated hardware?

    So I've been trying to get Intel's RST software on my computer for a few weeks on and off, but to no avail. It claims there is no compatible hardware found, but I know I've been using it earlier, waay back when I didn't understand it. Looking through the logs, I can't seem to find any direct reason for it to fail, but I will ofcourse add the log here for those interested.   Now, I believe this might be due to outdated hardware. I sadly bought a quite expensive motherboard from MSI which at the time was their hype, but it broke as soon as I raised the base clock from 100MHz to 110MHz, so my system is having some difficulties on its own. This however doesn't give me reason for the install failure, since then components would have to be broken for real, in which case I'd assume I'd see really noticable side effects, beside the CPU not getting stable power and needing +0.15V just to stay on the base clock.   The motherboard is MSI z68a-g65 and the CPU is Intels 2550k, r

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    The latest RST driver shows my HDD as an SSD in drive optimization in Windows 10 and won't allow it to be defragmented.  I rolled back the driver to pre version 13, but this driver isn't compatible with windows 10 and seems to be crashing my computer on a regular basis.  Has any progress been made on identifying why the RST driver messes up drive optimization in windows?

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    Screenshots talk more than words:Speccy:  Message was edited by: Daniel Delgado with more info.

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    I uninstall The RST as it wasn't running well , when i was reinstalling this message appeared "fatal error during installation" Please i need help

  • Issue#1042420: Dell - Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver for windows 10

    Dell does not list drivers that they have not verified on their specific hardware, so you'll frequently see newer versions elsewhere. It's up to you whether you want to go with the version Dell has provided, or try something newer.

  • Issue#1130761: Dell - Intel Smart Response Technology w/o Rapid Start Technology - Set-up, Install, Acceleration -

    Hello! So its been a while since I did SRT but from what I understood of your post, you cleaned and set up the cache SSD AFTER installing windows? I've always done it before.

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    After Windows 10 refresh application is missing and I can't see where to download from

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    I downloaded the "" file and after rebooting numerous times i keep receiving the message "reboot pending for this application". Intel's site lists only one application for the technology. The MB is an MSI Z97A and has an Intel z97 Express Chipset. I also get an error dump which says to re-install the application which has no effect.I just got a black screen so will load the error message and attach the dump log to my next email.Any help would be greatly appreciated.I am using a dual AMD Radeon R9 270 Crossfire GPUs.thanks,patwf

  • Issue#28306: Intel Rapid Storage

    What Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver would YOU choose to install? It looks like the version number is higher on the one released in 2014 but the version number is lower on the one released release in 2015? 

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    I have Asus X550L Windows 10 laptop. Previous it runs Windows 8.1 pro. After I updated to Windows 10 (using Windows Update), now I can't update or uninstall Intel Rapid Storage application. It gives following error. Although, still I can open Intel Rapid Storage Techonologyv13.2.4.1000 application from start menuas well as notification area. The setup program ended prematurely because of the following error:The installation source for this product is not available. Verify that the source exists and that you can access it.This is IntelRST-MIS log:- IntelRST_MSI.log - Pastebin.comThis is it IntelRST log file.2016:02:13 07:29:50:995:   Dumping properties (25 total)2016:02:13 07:29:50:995:     IIF_MSILOGLEVEL=40962016:02:13 07:29:50:996:     IIF_LOGFOLDER=C:\Users\Chathuranga\Intel\Logs2016:02:13 07:29:50:996:     IIF_SETUPVERSION= 07:29:50:997:     IIF_PACKAGEVERSION=

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    So Ive been experiencing the, what seems to be common, graphics driver crashing at random intervals on my Windows 10 Lenovo Flex 2-15 intel i5 4210u hd4400 Laptop.I'm using the default Windows 10 driver (Driver Version: I thought maybe I would try to go back to the Lenovo driver but I get an error saying that its not compatible ??? Do I need to uninstall Driver Version: before installing Lenovo's? If I do revert what will stop Windows from auto updating?Thank you.

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     "is the intel rst necessary for windows 10? does windows 10 recognize hdd's as sata..."

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    Just acquired 2 x WD Red 3TB hard drives. Wondering what's the best method for setting them up in RAID 1 (for data security) and, just for fun, in RAID 0 temporarily to see how fast they'll go. RAID 0 is not important, though. It's RAID 1 that we'll be using to store our data and backupos for two PCs. So, can i install Intel's RST drivers? Are they compatible with this Q1900-ITX motherboard? If not, then what's the best way to set up RAID 1, please?

  • Issue#322051: HP - 580T - Adding SSD for Caching (Intel Rapid Storage Not Showing Accelerate Options)

    Trying to get some added boost. Intel Rapid Storage Technology not showing the accelerate options. 100% frustrated - have spent too many hours and too many reboots on this. I have read tons of previous forum posts across many boards. I feel like I have tried everything except setting the BIOS from RAID to AHCI or IDE. I tried this but my system won't boot because there must not be the correct drivers in C:/windows/inf and I don't know where to get these.  Set SATA to RAID in BIOS (v 6.16 - most current).Clean install of Windows 10 home. Disk management looks like this:PNY 120GB SSD is Disk 0. I have tried it as Disk 0 and Disk 1. System Information:OS Name Microsoft Windows 10 HomeVersion 10.0.10586 Build 10586Other OS Description  Not AvailableOS Manufacturer Microsoft CorporationSystem Name HP580TSystem Manufacturer Hewlett-PackardSystem Model HPE-580tSystem Type x64-based PCSystem SKU XX095AV#ABAProcessor Intel(R)

  • Issue#341768: Dell - Dell XPS 15 L521X - Intel Rapid Start Technology

    2. The BIOS (version A16 - specifically for my machine) shows "SATA Operation" set to "Intel Smart Response Technology" and shows "Intel Rapid Start Technology" as active and enabled. ??? 3.

  • Issue#390624: Intel Rapid Storage Tech and RAIDing PCIe NVMe SSD cards

    Hi All, We purchased an ASUS Z170 Pro Gaming motherboard and two Intel 750 PCIe NVMe 400 GB SSD cards with the intent to RAID1 the cards using IRST. We upgraded the firmware of the cards and the BIOS. However, we do not see the cards in IRST, which always says, "No disks connected to system". We can install any OS we want to the drives and they will boot. The BIOS sees the drives. But the IRST in the BIOS does not. We tried all of the HOWTOs we could find online. We found a video showing someone from ASUS appearing to do RAID0 with the same cards and an ASROCK Z170 Extreme7+, so I ordered that board to try it. However, the drives still do not show. The comments regarding that video suggest the drives in the video are connected using U.2. Other HOWTOs show people using M2 drives. Is the problem with IRST or with the board? Or is this just not possible with PCIe NVMe cards? Thanks for your help, John