Issue#298: Denon x4000 HDMI problem (WiiU)

  • I have an x4000 with recently updated firmware and recently reset to defaults.

    I have 6 devices connected to it via HDMI.
    It can route these devices to a Visio projector over a 20 foot HDMI cable, and to a remote Samsung TV over a ~50 foot cable.

    All devices work fine on either screen, except...

    A Wii U just started having problems - used to work fine. It can display on the distant Samsung TV just fine, but will not display on the projector. I have swapped to a few other inputs (using its cable) but still nothing, or at least not much...the audio will kick in through the receiver for about two seconds before shutting off for a few seconds and it will repeat this constantly. Nothing appears on the screen during this time.

    If I connect it directly to the projector, it works fine. I've tried several HDMI cables and inputs, as described above.

    I've tinkered with the limited WiiU settings. I have reset the receiver since the problem started occurring, and I'm not sure if an update caused the issue.

    I'm no pro - what else should I do to troubleshoot?



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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#210102: Denon X4000 - Different HDMI Inputs, same Optical Audio input?

    I'm trying to figure out how to have different HDMI inputs use the SAME digital optical audio input. In my Denon X4000 receiver setup, it only seems to allow OPT1 (digital optical input 1) to only be assigned to a single HDMI input. As soon as I try to set OPT1 on another HDMI input, it clears it for the first one. Is there any way to do this? This seems crazy on a $1000+ receiver.

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    Good Evening, I have an issue with a new Denon x2200 not outputting the HDMI signal from a new EA-1 to a new Sony x810c. The audio is processed just fine, so I know the input is "ok"...just no video is displayed on the TV. The EA-1 outputs video to the TV just fine without the Denon in the loop, plugged in using the same HDMI cable. Soon as the output is routed out the Denon, no picture. A brand new 4th Generation AppleTV , old Xbox 360 and an old Comcast RNG150 output through the Denon with no problems.I have changed out HDMI with different makes and versions with no success. I have having the exact same issue with an old LG Blu-Ray player from 2013. I replaced it with a Sony BDP-s1500, and I am still having the same issue. Plugged in directly no problem, ran through Denon- no picture. For a split second I will see the LG logo, then the handshake completes, and I loose the picture. Both the Control4 HDMI output and AppleTV HDMI output are 1.4. I am using a SnapAV b6 cab

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    Good evening, everyone! I have just joined the community, but I've got a problem with my Denon AVR-X3200W. I have connected all the devices I wanted to use through the receiver and they all function perfectly! That is... except for the standby passthrough function with my set-top box. I've plugged everything correctly, but as soon as I turn on the receiver, even though video still comes up without a problem, audio is almost completely missing. I say 'almost', because every now and then a fraction of a second of the incoming sound comes through, but 99% of the time all I get is silence. If any of you guys could help me, I'd be really grateful! Because now I have to keep plugging HDMI cables in and out and I'm afraid this might end up damaging the ports or my devices.

  • Issue#4469: AMD HDMI stereo only problem

    Can you guys help me out? Here's my current set-up: Graphics Card: SAPPHIRE DUAL-X R9 270X 2GB GDDR5 OC WITH BOOST Display: Sony 40 inch R352B BRAVIA TV Receiver: Wharfedale AVR 5110 (specs attached) Front: Wharfedale Diamond 10.1 Center: Wharfedale Diamond 9.CS Sub: Wharfedale Powercube SPC-10 Rear: Wharfedale WH-DFS Software: Windows 10 64bit Realtek HD Audio Radeon Software Version 15.12 My problem is that I am only getting stereo option on HDMI settings of windows 10. Tried reinstalling both realtek and amd drivers but no luck. I am not able to get DD/DTS files to play as "5.1" on my receiver. They are being received as stereo and being upped mixed to using DD ProLogic 2 II :( Attached Thumbnails     Attached Files File Type: pdf AVR5110.pdf (731.3 KB)

  • Issue#6352: Denon AVR-X2000 center channel problem

    Hello all, I have tried scouring both this board and the internet at large searching for a solution to this problem and so far have come up blank (well there was one post from someone in Singapore who had the same issue and got a new unit from Denon). Equipment: Panasonic ZT60 65" Denon AVR-X2000 Directv Genie Apple TV (3rd gen) PS3 Klipsch Reference Speakers (not sure of model numbers, originally purchased in 2001-2002) All connected by HDMI Problem: While watching content on Directv (especially DVR content) or Apple TV, the center channel audio will complete drop out. Raising the volume 20-30% (normal listening volume 35-45 indicated on receiver up to about 55) brings the center channel audio back. The receiver displays that it is receiving Dolby Digital 5.1 signal. All devices are set to output Dolby Digtal 5.1 signal. Issue is not present when using PS3 to watch Blu Rays, but PS3 can only output PCM signal Solutions tried so far (with no success): Microprocessor Rese

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    Hi! I have a problem with booting the system using onboard HDMI. (sorry for my bad English)... The problem goes this way... When i connect my TV (Toshiba 42XV550 it's a Full HD 1920 x 1080p with 3x hdmi (1.3a) ports.) to motherboard(Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 7 EU) using HDMI (2.0) i have nothing... no bios post screen / no windows loading .. nothing. but if i connect it to other TV's ( i tried it with several tv's ... they pick up instantly. tried monitor (dell u2410 - it's a 1920 x 1200) it's works fine... i have tried diferent cables.. deleting drivers, different bios settings etc. MAYBE there is a solution to that? maybe i missed something it bios settings (i have tried various options..) Right now i'm running system using Graphics card (GeForce 8800 GT) it's connected using DVI to HDMI cable. And the problem is with cold start. I need to reset bios settings using onboard button Clear CMOS - 5 or 6 times to load the system and show me BIOS POST screen. And after that system works fine.

  • Issue#10422: HDMI processing issue - receiver or TV?

    My home theater setup has worked well for me for almost a year. Recently, I've had some issues with video processing and I can't figure it out. All of my sources run via HDMI through my Marantz SR7008 to my Samsung F8500 plasma. The problems I've been having recently: - DirecTV receiver: shows that certain resolutions are not processed by my TV (which are not true - it's capable of processing all available) - Roku: when switching to watch Roku, "No Signal" is displayed on the TV. It recognizes the source (if it didn't, a "Marantz" logo would appear) but says it's not getting any video signal. If I let it sit long enough, the Roku goes into a "reset loop" where it shows the boot screen for about 15 seconds, loses video for about 20 seconds, boot screen, no video.... - Home theater PC: runs windows 7 and has HDMI out. When switching to this input, the resolution is often changed. Sometimes I get a message saying "resolution not supported." Othe

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    Hi Androidforums, is anyone else experiencing an issue with music unlimited, whenever they use up their data high speed data, music services such as spotify and iheartradio seem to stall as well? I am currently on the $40 dollar plan, and have a phone that I used prior with T-Mobile. T-Mobiles... Issue/problem with MetroPCS music unlimited

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    Hello, since the update yesterday I have been unable to use Nvidea Surround. I get the message Display connection error when I click on apply. The window I get is broken, and I have been through the steps of uninstalling, reinstalling, clean install, checking all my monitors are plugged into the correct ports. I am running SLI and the connection guide is useless. Please can you assist me.

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    I have upgraded my ativ book 9 to windows 8.1 sucessfully, updated all the drivers and today I bought the micro hdmi to hdmi cable(generic cable for tablets and smartphones etc). When I put the cable in the lcd tv and plug the micro hdmi at my ativ book 9 lite nothing happens the notebook does not recognize my external tv or projetor via micro hdmi. How can I solve this? Is there any micro hdmi drivet needed to be installed or does the micro hdmi port needs to be activated somehow? Please... ativ book 9 lite micro hdmi port problem

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    Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has been having a Samsung ATIV 9 HDMI problem? This is with the standard port, not the micro (clarifying as I've seen a lot of threads about that port) and the NP940X5J-K02US model. It seems to be related to Windows Update, as it has been working intermittently with the updates / restarting the laptop. Using Intel Update, Samsung (SW) Update, and Windows Update have not helped and Samsung's customer support is insisting it must be a hardware problem... Samsung ATIV 9 - HDMI Problem

  • Issue#20904: Samsung Laptop: Samsung ATIV book 9 lite micro hdmi port problem

    When I put the cable in the lcd tv and plug the micro hdmi at my ativ book 9 lite nothing happens the notebook does not recognize my external tv or projetor via micro hdmi. How can I solve this? Is there any micro hdmi drivet needed to be installed or does the micro hdmi port needs to be activated somehow? Please help me ⟐ Answered January 28, 2016 at 12:47 pm -0700

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    What's more likely the cause of a hdmi handshake issue? The hdmi cable or the receiver the signal is being routed thru?

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    Hi guys, I have been using Xubuntu for a month now and enjoyed very much in every aspect of user experience and functionality untill I ran to a huge problem around a week ago... when connecting my Laptop via HDMI to my PHILIPS Smart TV I cannot manage to get sound working... My hardware: ASUS N76V Intel core i7 Nvidia Geforce GT650M 16GB DDR3 RAM I have latest nvidia drivers installed and latest alsa daily driver packages but for some reason I don't get the HDMI sound output option in alsamixer or in pavucontrol When I type aplay -l in terminal i get following devices (HDMI cable is on): **** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices **** card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 0: ALC663 Analog [ALC663 Analog] Subdevices: 1/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 card 0: PCH [HDA Intel PCH], device 1: ALC663 Digital [ALC663 Digital] Subdevices: 0/1 Subdevice #0: subdevice #0 When I try to change sound card in alsamixer here are the options that I get: - (default) 0 HDA Intel PCH enter device name...

  • Issue#44761: Sony - 4K/QFHD HDMI output issue

    This weekend we had a customer bring up and issue they were having with their FS7.  When shooting in 4K or QFHD in 23.98 they were unable to get the HDMI output to display on their SmallHD AC7 or their Teradek Bolt.  When they adjusted their frame rate to 29.97 or 59.94 the output worked no problem.  I was able to replicate this phenomenon with our FS7 and AC7, I tried every combination of output settings I could think of with no result. Does anyone have any insight as to why the output wouldn't work with those particular devices when the camera is in 23.98 opperation?  I was able to get it to work with a PVM 1741 monitor, so I would guess that the issue is in the way the camera does the output. I also tested this on the F55 and had the same problem.

  • Issue#46556: Monitor hp x23LED dvi-hdmi problem

    Hi everyone,I'm trying to connect my ps3 to this monitor using a hdmi to dvi adapter.. But the screen is black like there is no signal.. Why?Sorry for my bad english, thank you in advice!

  • Issue#48654: HDMI Switcher Problem

    I have owned a Gefen 2x2 HDMI switch for about six years; I use it to manage satellite box and Blu-Ray player inputs and TV and projector displays. The HDMI cable to the projector is about 15m long. It has worked perfectly from day one. I have just replaced the HDMI switch with a (second hand) Gefen 4x2 switch so that I can add two additional HDMI input devices (a PS3 and a Roku 2), although I haven't added them yet. The first time I used the new switch, and close to the end of watching a brand new Blu-Ray disc on the projector, the screen went blank for about two seconds and then cane back on again. I thought it it may be a problem with the disc and ignored it. Two nights ago, after watching a couple of pre-recorded programs on the satellite box without problems, a couple of minutes in the screen went blank for a couple of seconds, came back in 4x3 mode for about one second, went blank again and came back at the correct resolution (16x9). Last night, exactly the same thing happen

  • Issue#61342: Logitech - TV AVR HDMI input change problem

    Hi I have been using Harmony remotes for over 10 years now and have had a few niggles here and there but I've always been able to work them out - until now. I recently changed my AV Receiver to a model that has a couple of HDMI inputs and set everything up correctly, but the TV input doesn't always change inputs. Here are some of my devices to illustrate the issue:TV - Pioneer Kuro PlasmaAVR - Yamaha RX-V1700 - to input 5 on TVHTPC - mini computer running linux - to HDMI 2 on AVR With Activities:Watch TV - sets TV to DTV input (internal TV tuner), AVR to DTV input (for audio)Watch HTPC - sets TV to input 5 and AVR to HDMI 2 The issue occurs if I try and go from the Watch HTPC activity to the Watch TV activity. What happens is that as the AVR changes from HDMI 2 to DTV it cuts the video output which causes the TV to resync, then by the time that finishes the command to change the TV to DTV input has been missed. I have messed around with input delays a

  • Issue#65999: Playstation - PS4 HDMI PROBLEM

    My ps4's will not connect to my TV and I'm not sure what to do it is maybe the HDMI.

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    cable . How do I switch to my secondary HDMI cable to get Apple TV. .Yhe other hdmi cable is being used by my diredtv setup?. The single light on the Apple TV is on . Now i stuck. paul

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    Hi, I got some frustrating issues with my Intel HD 520 and Audio via HDMI / mDP. [Description]The Audio over HDMI just stops/breaks under some circumstances: 1. Starting some games in fullscreen will instantly break audio over HDMI / mDP. Window Mode works just fine.2. Using Kodi in Fullscreen when switchin between different refresh rates (24p, 50p, 60p). It can happen after some videos or even after just one video. There is no error or anything reported back to me. After this issue happend the software will hang / stutter and freezes when closed down.Some games work just fine for hours without any issues. I've got no idea why that is. When starting the Game "Faster than Light" in fullscreen sound breaks 100% of all times.Playing some old backups of my GameCube games with Dolphin emulator and DirectX as Renderer will also lead 100% to this issue. The Games "Kerbal Space Program" and "Dead Space 1" worked always without any issues.  [Hardware]Its

  • Issue#79526: AppleTV HDMI Shorts Denon Receiver

    Hi, Had Apple TV for less than a month. Has worked fine in setup hooked in to receiver then to TV. last night in middle of streaming a Plex movie the receiver turns off. After a lot of troubleshooting start testing each component. Roku works fine, cable box works fine, DVD works fine, switched up HDMI inputs. Tried different HDMI cables, but every time I plug in Apple TV the receiver shorts. Called Apple Support, idot squad was on duty and after explaining above he asks if there are other... AppleTV HDMI Shorts Denon Receiver

  • Issue#81686: PC to Pioneer SC-67 to Pioneer Kuro HDMI Issue

    Hi, all. I want to connect my PC (well, a Hackintosh, actually) to my system for streaming. I have been successful in directly connecting the Hackintosh to my smaller bedroom TV (an LG) directly via HDMI, and it works great for both video and audio. But when I connect via HDMI to my Pioneer SC-67 AVR (the video for which is output to my Pioneer Kuro), I get video fine, but no audio. When I check OS X, there is no output option for the SC-67. If I then disconnect just the Kuro, the Hackintosh will suddenly show the SC-67 as an HDMI audio device option, and will play sound through my receiver. Reconnect the TV again, though, and the sound drops, and the SC-67 HDMI audio option disappears in OS X. Would I be correct to assume this is because the HDMI protocol is communicating straight through to the Pioneer Kuro, and the Kuro is reporting back that it is a monitor only and has no speakers? I also assume the issue, if solvable, will be solved at the AVR. Can anyone provide some gui

  • Issue#99363: HDMI Audio Handshake Issue

    I recently entered my Yamaha RX-V765's menu to enable HDMI audio to both the Yamaha AVR and my Sony KDL-46XBR6 TV since I added a new pair of Sennheiser Wireless RS 175 Headphones to my family room for night-time listening when others are sleeping. I previously had an older pair of Sony Wireless headphones which required me to plug and un-plug the transmitter into my Yamaha's headphone jack. By upgrading to the Sennheisers, I wanted better quality audio (which I got) and a permanent connection to my system. I tried every jack imaginable to connect the new Sennheisers but only the headphone jack of my Yamaha gave the results I wanted. The digital (optical) audio connection to my TV only worked with PCM and lower sources so that was out. I finally found a device that extracts and converts audio from an HDMI connection.(see below) This device requires me to enable the audio hdmi connection between the Yamaha and TV where the device will go when I receive it. In the meantime I noticed DTS

  • Issue#101120: DTS over HDMI ARC Problem

    Hello Everyone :D I was making a setup for my friend yesterday with LG 55lb6520 TV and Samsung ht-f450bk Home Theater , Here is the problem , ARC works fine with any audio file except DTS so tried to use optical audio cable and DTS worked ! so What is the problem ? , why the receiver doesn't downsample the audio file so it can play the it ? ( with ARC ) , How could it play the DTS file over Optical ( I tried 5.1 test and it worked ) while the receiver doesn't support it ? NOTE : I found in my home theater manual that it doesn't support DTS but why it can play it through optical ?! I can't get optical cable for him because I am in Egypt and I can't find it anywhere :D

  • Issue#101733: Philips - TV 48PFT5500/12 HDMI connecting problem

    Hello Philips TV Forum! Philips TV 48PFT5500/12 is connected to home theater Philips BTD7170/12 via HDMI1 ARC. As a result, settings will be lost in home theater (Trable, Bass, Clock time). In sound support forum believes that the cause of the TV. Is it possible to solve the problem in any way? Detailed description of the problem is here: Regards, Juri

  • Issue#105836: FS : Denon AVR-X4000

    For Sale: Denon AVR-X4000 in great condition. Have the original box and contents. $500 North DFW(Dallas/Ft Worth) area 75022 zip code

  • Issue#108848: Spotify on denon X4000

    I'm using spotify for long time on my Denon X4000 AVR. With a android app or with the remote control. Spotify is implemented on this AVR. Since a few days the search function is not working. I can listening my "starred" Musik  but when I put search and enter a name nothing happens only a message  "suche netzwerke". After a long time this message is gone.

  • Issue#110758: Playstation - Problem with the ps4 hdmi

    I have a problem with my system, like 2 days ago I turn on my ps4 and the ps4 the screen on my tv are black but I can listen and I can play but I dont see nothing so I think that was the HDMI and I go and I buy a new one but do the same I can listen and play but I dont see nothing so my quiestion is what problem have my ps4???