Issue#24: Tableau - Make Server Extract Path Editable

  • Some of our tableau users tend to publish extracts to the server while pointing to a local drive where the original data file reside. They later found that the refresh failed and realized that the path to the data set is the culprit. To remedy it, one has to republish a data source and replace data source. It may break the workbook and dashboard. I would propose to make the server extract path editable so that user can change it to a UNC path. This may save a considerable amount of effort from both users and support personnel.

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  • Issue#56211: Tableau - Unable to update workbook with a DB2 extract on Tableau server

    Hi Guys, I have a question regarding the extract refresh and workbook update on Tableau server.I have a published workbook using 2 embedded data sources extracts, one coming from SQL server and other coming from DB2. When I schedule the extract for refresh, the extract from SQL server refreshes and updates the respective sheets but the same doesn't happen for the ones coming from DB2. I have a password embedded for the DB2 extract and I tested it successfully. Also tried editing connection, wiping out everything on server and posting again, and no filters on worksheets that would stop the workbooks from loading with new data. I see the timestamp for "last refreshed" as the time when schedule ran, but no changes to the worksheets. When I go on server -> <Workbook Name> -> Data Sources, and try to do a full refresh manually, it gives me an an alert as below: I would really appreciate if someone could tell me what am I missing out or is there any issue with DB2

  • Issue#198296: Tableau - SQL Server impersonation issue

    Hi All, I've a small issue with SQL server impersonation configuration. To give the details, I'm using live connection to a MS SQL Server Database in one of my workbooks (published with impersonate via server run as account) and the tableau service account has db owner permissions to that database. When I grant a user access to that database, his access to the tableau workbook on the server works fine. However when I remove his access to that database on SQL Server, he is still able to access the workboook. Pls let me know if this is a limitation or am I missing some setting anywhere. Kindly help me.  Thank you!Surendra

  • Issue#256851: Tableau - Issue in setting up AD with tableau server

    We are in the Process of Setting up Tableau Server 9.2 with Active Directory Authentication. We have created a generic AD for that as well. Our AD team is not allowing us to provide Admin Privileges to that AD ID. They are asking for specific rights to be given to that ID. In Tableau documentation, it is not clearly mention regarding list of permission to be given to the id. Can anybody please specify that what all privileges / Access rights / Permission / Group an AD ID should have to configure that AD ID as the Administrator of  Tableau while initial setup of Tableau ?

  • Issue#261328: Tableau - Unknow Failuere on Extract Refresh From Tableau Server

    Hi,I have a issues in refreshing my extract from Tableau Server, it shows the following error

  • Issue#319860: Tableau - Totals - Extract from Tableau Server

    Hi, I have seen a weird thing after extracting a report from Tableau Server to CSV.  Here all the fields highlighted in yellow should be actually blank as rows are totals and sub-totals. But it weird that even the underlying data is displayed along with these.   Am I doing anything wrong here? Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

  • Issue#377118: Tableau - tabcmd - The server is not licensed to connect to 'Tableau Data Extract

    Good day Tableau Community,   I'm new to Tableau 'tabcmd' and I would really appreciate support here.   I have a data source on Tableau Server named "FilterList". The connection type is Text File and it connects to a CSV file as an Extract. This CSV file sits on the same server as the Tableau Server and we used UNC path.   I want to refresh this data source each time the CSV file is updated using 'tabcmd' below:        "C:\Program Files\Tableau\Tableau Server\9.2\bin\tabcmd" refreshextracts --datasource FilterList  --no-certcheck --synchronous   However, I am gated with issue below.     ===== Continuing previous session   =====     Server:   =====     Username: RohnJose   ===== Scheduling extracts for datasource 'default/FilterList' to be refreshed now...   ===== com.tableausoftwa

  • Issue#593851: Tableau - Issue with the extract file if i add a new column into the extract to append

    Hello Team, I have the existing extracts which I used to build the report. its around 2.5 GB of extract. abnd I have around 30 reports created using this extracts. now the requirement is to add one more new column to the extract. but when I add the new column to append the existing extract the new column not displaying in the column list. please let me know if anybody come across this scenario and how to resolve this. Regards,Raghu

  • Issue#607404: Tableau - Scheduling a Custom SQL Query extract on a Tableau server

    I have published my workbook and data source on the Tableau server and I have scheduled the refresh to run every weekday morning but it fails. The extract is a custom SQL query. When Testing Connection, I get a 'Could not connect to server' error.I have tried to Edit the Connection details. The Server Name is picked correctly, a Server Port and username are required. I  have tried to put 1433 on the Server Port and my username and the test connection still fails. On the Password  I have selected 'Embedded password in connection' but it still won't work. Please help?

  • Issue#786092: Tableau - Checking successful completion of data extract on Tableau Server

    Hello all,I have a data extract on Tableau Server that runs once a month.  I’m trying to create a separate tabcmd work-around program that checks if the data extract completed successfully or the last successful completion of the data extract. I want to take conditional action based on this result. (e.g. If data extract completed successfully, send report, else send error message. – I know how to send these messages.  I just need to know how to test for the successful completion) Is this even possible in tabcmd?  If so, how do I do it? Thank you for your help!

  • Issue#919658: Tableau - Refresh the data source extract connections in tableau server using SSIS

    Hi, I don't have any knowledge using tabcmd command for SSIS. I have searched the forums and I didn't know which one is useful. Can anyone provide me the basic steps on how to refresh the extracts with SSIS or point me to the right resources. I appreciate your help.  Thank you.

  • Issue#945720: Tableau - Data Extract on Tableau Server

    Hi, I have a tableau workbook with 11 data sources and the workbook is published on the Tableau Server to be viewed by users.The tableau workbook is scheduled for data refresh on monthly basis, in case if the refresh fails i have to manually download the workbook from server and initiate the fresh extract for all 11 data sources from scratch. By Scratch i mean if the report has 24 months data plus last month new data also to be added then i have to extract all 25 months data which takes a lot of time.I wanted to know is there any other way of extracting data in which i can only be able to extract latest months data and append it to the last 24 months existing data. Thankyou for help! \\RegardsAbhishek

  • Issue#951097: Tableau - Automatic extract refresh from tableau server when connected to Hadoop

    Hi Everyone,I have been stuck with a very puzzling situation. I have created a packaged workbook from Hadoop and have published it on tableau server. The extract connection is made with hadoop. Since this report is a daily refresh report, I have created a refresh schedule on tableau server to refresh the report daily after new data is ingested into hadoop. Earlier the report used to refresh with out any fail. Now that I have modified the connection to take data from a different hadoop table, the report has been failing since.  error that I get is "com.tableausoftware.nativeapi.dll.DataSourceException: [Hortonworks][Hardy] (34) Error from server: ETIMEDOUT" Can anyone please tell me what is this error and what am I doing wrong?

  • Issue#1074271: Tableau - How do I know when a server extract refresh is done?

    Often, I view my Tableau reports on the server and I get blank reports. The reports are based on extracts.My assumption is that something either went wrong with my scheduled extract, or it's just not done yet. So I will often do another refresh...and then wait.I can easily see the time that a refresh began, but I don't see anywhere on the Tableau Server web interface that shows that the refresh is completed, or how long it took. Is that information available anywhere on Tableau Server?I'd rather not have to run TabCMD for this, if possible.Thanks.-Mark

  • Issue#12: Tableau - update to primary server IP

    Over this past w/e, the IP of our primary Tableau server was updated to a new VM cluster within the network.  I followed instructions in the admin guide which states when this occurs, run a tabadmin stop, tabadmin config, tabadmin start in order to update communication throughout the cluster.  None of the commands worked (including "tabadmin stop").  Anybody have any ideas as to why or what to do?  For now, we rolled back the IP change. ORD-TBL107 (primary):        Status: RUNNINGORD-TBL104 (worker):        Connection error contacting worker 1ORD-TBL105 (worker):        Connection error contacting worker 2ORD-TBL106 (worker):        Connection error contacting worker 3

  • Issue#20: Tableau - Aggregation issue

        Hello all, I just want to begin by saying how much this forum has saved my job! Thanks everyone! I am having an issue getting my values to aggregate properly. I have attached two pictures below to help explain:BEFOREAFTERThe problem is that when I remove a dimension, the values are not aggregating properly. Each Facility and Cost Center should have 1 App attached to it and taking away Summary Pay type should not aggregate those Apps. Once I take away Cost Center, then they should begin to aggregate. I can use MAX() but then it keeps the same value when I get rid of cost center and I would want that to be Summed. The end goal of this is to track Dollars/App By facility and able to drilldown to cost center, then summary pay type and another layer of fidelity that I may add in. Thanks!

  • Issue#23: Tableau - Pin row labels while scrolling crosstab in Tableau Server

    When you're scrolling down a crosstab in Tableau Desktop, the leftmost row label(s) are pinned to the top of the screen so you can always see which section you're in.  This makes a big difference when you have hundreds of detail lines for each leftmost row - it allows you to always see which section you're in. When you publish the same cosstab to Tableau Server, this feature no longer exists.  The same feature should be added to Tableau Server. This idea is related to the following community forum pages. The first one has a good doc w/ screenshots to help explain -Locking the "pane" names on Tableau Server: crosstab parent column pinning when published to server?:

  • Issue#34: Tableau - Tableau Salesforce extract api

    has anyone written extract api in Python or perl or any otheR language for extracting data from Salesforce to .tde.

  • Issue#36: Tableau - Has any one seen this error retrieving records from SQL Server

    There is about 50000 record in this table I am trying to get information from... If I narrow down the range it fine... but if I request all of it I get this error... Thanks.  CARLOS TRIVINO | Director, Information Technology905-875-0708 ext.332   Fax: 905-875-55191-375 Wheelabrator Way, Milton, ON, L9T3C1 "This email and any attachments may be confidential or legally privileged. If you received this message in error or are not the intended recipient, you should destroy the e-mail message and any attachments or copies, and you are prohibited from retaining, distributing, disclosing or using any information contained herein. Please inform us of the erroneous delivery by return e-mail.  

  • Issue#41: Tableau - How does Extract Filters and Data source filters vary the size of the Tableau Extract?

    In Tableau 8.2 Data Source filters and Extract Filters used to work in the same manner.However in Tableau 9.0.4 both filters works differently.Extract Filter:As the name implies extract filters are used to filter out the data while creating the extract.Example: Let’s say we have database with the data for different countries as shown belowUSA –                    5000 rowsCanada –             2000 rowsIndia                      10000 rowsAustralia              1500 rowsIf we apply the Extract filters to bring the data only for USA (Country=USA), Tableau creates the Extract (.tde) just for the Country USA and ignore the data for all other countries.S

  • Issue#44: Tableau - Expose the Server File Store files on the web for editing

    Allow people to review and edit objects (Excel, CSV, etc.) that are in the File Store. Drivers:They're up there anywaysI want to see what's thereThere are a lot of web editing tools Objectives:Keep it simpleExpose this content for people Benefits:See what's thereMore collaborative

  • Issue#49: Tableau - Extract from Excel File Constantly Refreshing

    I'm creating a dashboard from a multi-sheet Excel file where each sheet is a source. I'm constantly updating the Excel spreadsheet with new data and data points, so I created a Tableau Extract to shield myself from the changes until I was ready. However, every time I go to the data source, it's still constantly refreshing. I've attached the notices I get. This is triggered simply by working on a worksheet and then selecting the Data Source tab and not doing anything else; the notices automatically pop up. I've attached a screenshot of my extract status as well, which I manually refreshed 15 minutes ago.  Any ideas? I'm on the latest version, 9.2.1, on Windows. Edit: Note that this loading process still seems to be loading from the extract, not the Excel file, as the actual data does not change, nor the extract date. Not sure why reading directly from the extract would take so long.   

  • Issue#52: Tableau - Selecting a polygon makes the section a solid colour - how to make the colour transparent?

    Hi I'm working with polygons to map a customer journey.  I've added colour to the different stages depending on the customer experience for that part of the journey (all well and good). When I click on a part of the journey it turns to a solid colour - is there any way of making the colour transparent?   ThanksKirstin

  • Issue#54: Tableau - Ability to Rename Workbooks on Server

    Add the ability to rename workbooks on server. If you need to change the name of a workbook, you must republish from desktop. There should be a way to rename a workbook without republishing (this is very annoying if the workbook is large).

  • Issue#64: Tableau - How to create an extract for 5 Billion Rows with 8 columns

    Hi All,   I am having a view in SQL DB. This view is created by joining 5 tables inthe same DB. Now the view is having 8 columns and total records / rows is 5billion.   I have designed a report in Tableau without creating an extract. In thereport I have 3 filters and for each selection it is taking 3 - 4 minutesfor the result.   I tried creating an extract. Created an extract for the first 1000 rows -->Published it as datasource --> Tried to do a full extract refresh inTableau server.   Refresh is failing after 7050 sec and more.   Tried creating an extract in my local desktop --> Extract is failing orstopped creating after some 1 crore rows.   How should I handle this? Please help 

  • Issue#70: Tableau - Permission required to refresh extract via tabcmd?

    Hi all, Trying to find out what permission is required for a user to refresh the extract on a Workbook (via tabcmd)! Any ideas? Cheers Alain

  • Issue#74: Tableau - Tableau Data Engine Error: 8 with all published views on server 9.1.1

    Recently we encountered issue with below error for all views. This impacted all business users in QA instance. We were not able to figure out what was the root cause. We have open case with Tableau as well. Even though, we were able to resolve issue but still would like to hear from anyone who had similar issue and know the root cause so that we can avoid going forward. "An unexpected error occurred. If youcontinue to receive this error please contact your Tableau ServerAdministrator. DataSourceException: Tableau Data Engine Error: 8: An error has occurred inIPC_Socket::Recv(buffer length=16) An existing connection was forcibly closedby the remote host 2016-01-20 00:25:41.372 (Vp7UBawQOk0AAAho0GQAAAJO,1,1) Would you like to reset the view?' Resolution: On two node architecture 1. Stop Services2. Move all services from Worker Node to Primary Node except Data Engine; File Store; Repository3. Save and start services; After start check if all views are working as expected, i

  • Issue#76: Tableau - I need sample script to run Extract refresh.

    Hello,I have a requirement, I am using netezza as data source and I have some batch Jobs in my source, I want a script to schedule an extract refresh after successfully executing my batch in Source.  Scenario : I want to create a an empty file after successfully executing my batch job, and the script want to locate that empty file, If the file exists then I want refresh my Extract in Tableau server Please some one help me.

  • Issue#87: Tableau - Query on publishing workbook inside tableau server.

    Hi Sir/Mam,   For publishing workbooks, currently am doing it through the developers desktop tool (Developer Local Machine). Please let me know the steps for publishing the .twbx files directly in Tableau Server (Remote Machine). Thanks in advance. Regards,Vasu

  • Issue#102: Tableau - Auto extract refresh after my Jobs schedules.

    Hello,I have requirement like, I want to schedule the auto extract refresh after completing my batch job, is this is possible in Tableau or we need to follow stranded refresh schedules as per Tableau.