Issue#2269: Linux - PVR addon not found in Kodi on Slackware

  • I'm running Slackware 14.1, and have installed the Slackbuilds for Kodi (Isengard 15.2) and tvheadend (3.4patch1).

    The Hauppauge TV card in the PC works perfectly using other tools (tzap, etc). Kodi and tvheadend compiled ok, though there was a minor error in the tvheadend SlackBuild script relating to the name of the source download.

    I can start tvheadend and configure it--had to manually enter the mux details, but then they display the available services fine.

    When I start kodi and attempt to enable live tv it complains about no backend. Looking at "settings"->"addons" there's no option there to add any pvr add-ons, or enable them.

    I've looked at the wiki, but the instructions are pretty much based on Ubuntu-type distros. They do mention a package "kodi-tvheadend-pvr-hts" being necessary but there doesn't seem to be an equivalent tarball for other distros. Is this needed if compiling from source?

    I did note that some people had problems enabling the pvr addons due to a bug in kodi. Could this be the issue here, and would it be better trying the 16.0 "jarvis" beta?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#1146701: Linux - How to install Kodi Addon pvr-iptvsimple?

    Hello Guys, this is Tiago. I'm having some difficulties to install the pvr-iptvsimple Addon for Kodi. First of all i'm using Slackware64 14.2 and I compiled Kodi from Slackbuids(Kodi 16.1). So I don't know how to install this addon, i found a question in this forum, about the "kodi-tvheadend-pvr-hts"(that is a similar addon for kodi), and there is suggested compile from source. I tried to do that by following this instructions =>> And seems that is necessary recompile Kodi to work, i don't know how to do that. I tried too convert a RPM package to TGZ and install, but no sucess. This is the last thing to make Slackware my default system and drop the Ubuntu. Can someone help me? Thanks for your attention and sorry for my bad english

  • Issue#76073: WMC PVR Addon prevents Kodi 16 startup

    I'm using the WMC PVR add-on and have my addondata folder shared via path substitution. When I start up Kodi, I see this error in the logs: ERROR: AddOnLog: PVR WMC Client: Using ServerWMC MAC address from custom addondata '20:61:86:2A:09:12' Kodi will remain at a black/blank screen indefinitely and never start up. This only started to occur when I upgraded from Kodi 14 to 16. Any thoughts? Why is it an ERROR that it's using the MAC address found in addondata? Even looking at the code, I can't figure out why this would be an ERROR. Perhaps it's a copy/paste oversight? Disabling the addon makes Kodi work fine (w/o PVR).

  • Issue#187288: Kodi V16 Jarvis issue with adding addon shortcut V16

    How can i add more then 5 add on shortcuts i want to atleast 20 in each category i dont see anything and i want be able to add more categorys in kodi V16 Jarvis i'm using conflunce. is there any kind of addons to do this i did try highway it did not work Can someone please help me Thanks

  • Issue#230613: Linux - Crash Log Issue (Kodi)

    I been trying to use my kodi and I used to have isengard on it but the the next day I went on it and apparently its running Jarvis now. It crashes upon boot, and never makes it to the menu. I havenÂ’t seen any errors on my terminal but I found like 20 crash logs in my home folder. Ive tried many times to uninstall and reinstall yet have failed to resolve the issues. Code: 21:44:47 T:3033331584  NOTICE:        m_deviceName      : Default 21:44:47 T:3033331584  NOTICE:        m_displayName    : Default 21:44:47 T:3033331584  NOTICE:        m_displayNameExtra: Default Output Device (PULSEAUDIO) 21:44:47 T:3033331584  NOTICE:        m_deviceType      : AE_DEVTYPE_PCM 21:44:47 T:3033331584  NOTICE:        m_channels        : FL,FR 21:44:47 T:3033331584  NOTICE:        m_sampleRates

  • Issue#583416: Kodi jarvis 16.1 addon installation issue !!

    For some reason last night every time I try to install any addons they just instantly complete and I get an error at the bottom telling me there was an install error check log... please help can't install anything

  • Issue#651313: pvr addon creates 'too many open files' - kodi crash

    hi there, I have a windows server with a mediaportal tv server and a raspberry pi3 running the latest osmc version as client. As long as the server is running everything works fine. It's configured to turn off if kodi doesn't need it. So usually when I go to bed I watch some tv and have kodi to turn streaming tv off after some time. Then the server turns off. The pi is running 24/7 which means that the pvr addon can't connect to server from that moment on. Then the MP pvr client writes some errors to the log which imo is ok because the server is off. But after some hours it produces a 'process file table overflow'. From that moment on I can't use kodi anymore. Windows won't open (even the screensaver), I can't access any menus and so on. For hours it produces the error 113, then once 110 and from that moment on 24. Then a reboot is neccessary. As far as I know error 24 means 'too many open files'. But why is this happening and what can I do? Thanks in advance for any help. The

  • Issue#783876: Linux - Rogue power off issue on slackware current 64

    I'm currently running slackware current 64bit but I've seen this issue happen on 2 other distros as well like gentoo and puppy linux. The laptop isn't running hot and I'm not using all the ram and the laptop literally powers down and reboots to the boot menu. It happened on the 4.4.13 kernel so I'm going to see if it happens on the 4.4.10 kernel I had before that as well.

  • Issue#864893: Linux - [SOLVED] libdevmapper.h not found, slackware 14.2 virtualbox

    This has me completely stumped, as I believe libdevmapper is nearly impossible NOT to install when doing a base install of Slackware. Here's what I've got so far: Slackware 14.2 X64 Aliens 32bit compatibility slackbuilds all of the required packages for installing virtualbox from Upon using the slackbuild script for virtualbox, I get a failure after about 3 minutes as follows: Code: Checking for libdevmapper:   libdevmapper not found at -ldevmapper  or libdevmapper headers not found   Check the file /tmp/SBo/VirtualBox-5.0.14/configure.log for detailed error information. Check /tmp/SBo/VirtualBox-5.0.14/configure.log for details Inspection of the last few lines (the relevant ones, I believe) of the mentioned install log yields the following: Code:   printf("found version %s", version);   if (major*10000 + minor*100 + micro >= 10200)   {                      &nbs

  • Issue#944934: Linux - Slackware 14.2 SCIM input issue: cannot imput alpha letters(half-width) using scim, no fast

    Here, I am trying slackware 14.2 from 14.1 Im Chinese. I use scim input method before. Then, I hit shift key to switch full-width and half-width input, then, its no necessary to switch input method between English and Chinese. But, now, for 14.2, when I switch to Chinese input method, I can input Chinese successfully, but when I want to input any half-width letter or number, its no way, so I have to switch to English input method and then return back. I think its stupid. And another issue, if I use xfce desktop, fast searching via key input have gone. When I open File Manager, no file item would be selected if a hit some key. I home some one can tell me how to fix these two problem. Then I will back to 14.2. I have to rollback to 14.1 right now.

  • Issue#1155100: Linux - Modules Not Found Issue After Upgrade to 3.10.103 in Slack 14.1

    This is the first time in over a decade of using Slackware that an update/upgrade of any kind crashed my system. I'm sad. :( After updating (using Slackpkg) the kernel from 3.10.17 to 3.10.103 and running LILO, the system would not reboot. It gave a kernel panic warning and a notice that the 3.10.103 modules could not be found, even though they were installed according to Slackpkg. My solution (for the moment, anyway) was to install the old 3.10.17 kernel from the installation media by using the command line and chrooting into my Slackware installation. All went well and I got my system back up, but I'm a bit gun shy about updating again, so I've blacklisted the kernel for the time being. Anyone else having issues with 3.10.103?

  • Issue#1157645: Linux - ERROR: libass not found using pkg-config on slackware x86_64 14.2

    dear all, good afternoon everyone, so difficult to install ffmpeg on linux. to make dizzy. please anyone help? how to install ffmpeg with all the features integrated. I've tried several times always fail , when typing ./configure --enable-Gpl --enable- AviSynth --enable- gcrypt frei0r --enable- --enable- gnutls gmp --enable- --enable- JNI --enable-libass --enable- libbluray --enable- libcaca libbs2b --enable- --enable- libcdio libcelt --enable- --enab le-libdc1394 --enable- libebur128 version3 --enable- --enable- libfaac nonfree --enable- --enable--aac libfdk --enable-li bflite --enable-libfontconfig --enable- libfribidi libfreetype --enable- --enable- libgsm libgme --enable- --enable-lib iLBC --enable-libkvazaar --enable- libmp3lame libmodplug --enable- --enable- libopencore libnut --enable--amrnb --enable- libopencore-amrwb --enable- libopenh264 libopencv --enable- --enable- libopenmpt libopenjpeg --enable- --enable- libopus --enable-libpulse --enable- librtmp librubberband --ena

  • Issue#2271: Linux - [SOLVED] Bash script : event not found when I echo my password into ssh

    Hi all I am automating some ssh connections on my laptop. I use this bash script: echo my!pass | ssh hostname I get this: -bash: !pass: event not found Well, my password contains ! and I really don't like to change it. What does this mean and how can I fix it? Please note: I can't use expect Error seen on SunOS and MAC El Capitan Thanks!

  • Issue#2285: Linux - Gambas3 3.7.1 SBo package on Slackware current

    I need to run a structural analysis program which uses Gambas3 as a runtime environment, so I downloaded, built and installed Gambas3 3.7.1 using sbopkg on my Slackware current 14.2 beta 1, but when I attempt to run the program, got a message of "gbr3: unable to load component: gb.form.editor". Searching around I have found some messages reporting this issue to Gambas mailing list on May 2015, so I don't know if the files at SBo have this problem, or is an issue at my own system. I don't know how to deal with this, so I will appreciate so much any comment.

  • Issue#2293: Linux - network settings greyed out slackware

    hi guys, how come when i go to settings network manager i can add an ethernet network but i cant edit anything...i also have no network manager / icon in my panel on xfce. this doesnt make a difference whether im logged on as a user or root

  • Issue#2727: Linux - [SOLVED] bash: ping: command not found

    Hello. why "ping" command not exist on Debian Jessie x64 by default? $ /bin/p pidof ps pwd $ /usr/sbin/p pam-auth-update pppdump pwck pam_getenv pppoe-discovery pwconv pam_timestamp_check pppstats pwunconv paperconfig psad pppd psadwatchd I installed "inetutils-tools" and "inetutils-ping" for solve this problem.

  • Issue#2873: Linux - Python-3.4.4 for Slackware

    Hello all, I have build of the python3 package, which is built without any source code patching. Seems it will be helpful for you. The slackbuild is based on original slackbuild for python 2.7. Here is a patch: Code: diff -u python2/python.SlackBuild python3/python.SlackBuild --- python2/python.SlackBuild        2015-12-06 20:09:00.000000000 +0300 +++ python3/python.SlackBuild        2016-01-24 03:26:23.489860729 +0300 @@ -40,7 +40,7 @@  fi    CWD=$(pwd) -TMP=${TMP:-/tmp} +TMP=${TMP:-$CWD}  PKG=$TMP/package-$PKGNAM  rm -rf $PKG  mkdir -p $TMP $PKG @@ -69,13 +69,13 @@  tar xf $CWD/$SRCNAM-$VERSION.tar.xz || exit 1  cd $SRCNAM-$VERSION   -zcat $CWD/python.readline.set_pre_input_hook.diff.gz | patch -p1 --verbose || exit 1 +#zcat $CWD/python.readline.set_pre_input_hook.diff.gz | patch -p1 --verbose || exit 1  # We don't want a large libpython*.a: -zcat $CWD/ | patc

  • Issue#3185: Linux - [SOLVED] libav headers not found

    I have two computers running Slackware64-current. On one of them I can't install dvdstyler because libav headers are not found. On the other I get no such error and dvdstyler installs just fine. Why would this happen? Edit: Immediately realize ffmpeg is not installed.

  • Issue#5738: Ubuntu - Linux Mint issue

    How do I use a folder for desktop slide show instead of all pictures?

  • Issue#6831: Linux - Slackware user interested in Red Hat Certification

    Hello, I just finished my university education and currently trying to find a job. I have been using Slackware for about 10 years now but I'm not really sure how much I know and if it's enough in real-life situations, since how long I've been using it is not a good measure anyway. After thinking things through, I realized that I really love Linux or other UNIX-like systems and I want go into systems and infrastructure development. Unfortunately, the jobs I've seen so far needs me to have 3-4 years of real-life experience with sys-administration. So I have been considering Red Hat Certification before starting with my job hunting, in hope that it would help me land a sysadmin job. Does anyone have experience with this? As in taking the test coming from Slackware camp. Any tips for getting into the field as a fresh graduate? Thank you in advance.

  • Issue#7493: Linux - Slackware 14.1 and Skylake?

    Planning on buying a new machine to act as a server at work and was wondering if there are any issues with running 14.1 on Skylake generation hardware. I glanced over some threads that raised issues with running kernels older than 4.4 on Skylake hardware. I should mention that I'm not going to run in runlevel 4.

  • Issue#16308: Linux - How to share directory with Windows computers across network for Kodi?

    Hey everyone. I have a media computer (ubuntu-mate distro) in my living room. It has a 4 TB HD that I have a MediaCenter directory. In that I have sub-directories for TV, Movies, Music, etc. I have Kodi installed on that an use that on my TV as a media center. It is connected (wired) to the router. What I would like to do is share that MediaCenter folder/directory across the network so that a Windows 10 laptop can run Kodi on itself and access those files. If possible I would like to make it so that the Windows laptop can view the movies, tv shows, etc but not add, edit or delete any files. Does anyone know of a simple to understand (for a meathead like myself) tutorial tht exists explaining how to do this? Or could someone tell me the steps involved (as easily to understand as possible). If I need to move the MediaCenter folder to another directory (Public or something) I can do that. I want my niece (who knows less about computers than me - and that is a little scary) to be able

  • Issue#16725: Linux - Slackware 14.2-beta: A few remarks on PulseAudio and Audio Quality

    Hi everyone, I just want to share a few thoughts regarding Slackware64-current of 17th January, 2016. 1. PulseAudio is a welcome addition Great: Enlightenment has sound again, finally, and Skype users will also be very happy, now! 2. GStreamer lags behind regarding Audio Quality Unfortunately the only backend for Phonon (KDE sound framework) available is GStreamer. It's supported by more applications and programs than any other backend, this makes sense, to a degree. However, the audio quality of GStreamer is inferior to all other backends I have tested, see Best FLAC player for Slackware regarding sound quality. 3. Other Phonon Backends sound better, especially VLC I miss the Xine backend, but it seems to get little love, recently, and so it makes sense to drop support in Slackware. To compensate for this, I installed Alien BOB's phonon-vlc package, and it provides *much* better sound quality. The difference is noticeable even on 15 EUR speakers! BTW, the MPlayer backend provides

  • Issue#17132: Kodi 16 RC1 Timer Issue

    Started using Kodi 16 RC1 with NextPVR for about 1 week. When I setup a timer to record a program (e.g. NOVA) at anytime at any channel, the timer will add the first NOVA program and also some other programs not related to NOVA. For this instance, it also add the schedule for Rick Steve's Europe. After I deleted the Rick Steve's Europe in the timer, they will reappear after a while. Today, I found "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" in the Recording in which I did not set the timer for it. FYI - My setup is using Schedules Direct OTA in the Los Angeles area.

  • Issue#17592: Kodi 17 Alpha without WMC-AddOn

    Hello together, I have installed the last Kodi 17 Alpha and discovered, that the WMC-Addon is not in place. Can you say, when it will be integrated in Kodi 17. PS: Yes I now, that the current Version 17 is very unstable, but I'm snoopy.

  • Issue#18480: Linux - Slackware 14.2 beta 1 multilib flash not working in FF or Chromium

    Hi ! I tried both SBo and Alien packages, websites always report that flash isn't installed.

  • Issue#19603: Linux - Error init:Dev/hw_random not found

    I am very new to linux kernel and I think that i am missing the hw-random module, do i need to write it or is it a common file? would it keep my sound from working?

  • Issue#23323: Amazon Echo(Alexa) Skill and Kodi Addon

    Alexa_Skill This is an Alexa skill which allows you to control media on Kodi Demo Some sample utterances are - Play season 3 of Breaking bad - Show Return of the King - Play Mad men season 2 episode 4 - Watch the Warriors game Installation This skill is not yet published by Amazon, so you must create a developer account to enable the skill 1. Register and add a new skill to your alexa skill kit. Link 2. Create the skill Skill Information: Name "Kodi" Invocation Name "cody" Endpoint: arn:aws:lambda:us-east-1:414515788753:function:PlayTV Interaction Model: (These are subject to change until skill is published) Intent Schema: Copy paste from /Alexa/speechAssets/IntentSchema.json Sample Utterances: Copy paste from /Alexa/speechAssets/SampleUtterances.txt Save and You are Done! 3. Install My Repo to Kodi Here 4. Install Alexa Service 5. Ask your Echo "Alexa ask kodi for my key" (Your Key will be sent to your alexa app.) 6. Enter the key from your app into the Ale

  • Issue#23803: Mint 17.3 Isengard 15.2 Cant open default Kodi Addon Repository

    A strange issue where I am unable to open the default Kodi Addon repository. When I click on "Install from repository" I get "Remote Share: Couldn't connect to network server." In System Info>Network it shows me as internet connected and the Mint 17.3 system is on the internet. This is a fresh PPA install, no addons or skins enabled. A full debug pastebin is HERE. It seems I had this issue a while back and was fixed by adding the Google nameserver and only the google nameserver to my ipconfig. But it failed to work this time. Isengard 15.2 AMD FX 6 Core 64bit Gigabyte 880-UD3P Radeon 5750 32GB ram Crucial 240GB SSD Linux Mint 17.3 4.4 Kernel If anyone has any ideas I would be appreciative. Thank you in advance.

  • Issue#24106: every addon from kodi repository will not install

    i have 4 devices running kodi. all 4 will not install from the Kodi addons repository. i can install addons from other sources... but anything from kodi directly will not install. this is the case for all 4 devices.