Issue#2249: Blackberry - App crashing on BlackBerry World

  • My blackberry app is android runtime apk converted bar app. Even Android app also not developed using Android Studio, it is developed using Xamarin framework a crosplatform framework for iOS, Android & Windows. bar file is created using BlackBerry APK Packager.


    author.p12 & csk file is generated. App is working fine in our end, when we submit the app for review, its crashing on launch.


    We faced similar issue while for a wrapped apk file inorder to run in BES secure container.


    What could be the reason for app crash? Obviously our app is rejected due to this reason. Please someone help us.

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#2254: Blackberry - Lost password for bbidtoken.csk and need to update app on app world

    Hi Guys, I have taken over the development of an app which we have on the app world currently, its a hybrid (cordova) app which we then use Web Works to compile..  Problem is that there is no record of the password for the bbidtoken.csk which was used to sign the app in the first place and now that I need to update it, I cannot use a new token as the fingerprints do not match. Any suggestions please? 

  • Issue#2375: Blackberry World App

    Have a question and don't know where to specifically ask this question, but anyways;had an app with Christmas tones and Wallpapers, Christmas cards and New Years greetings, it was an update to the app tonight and then all of a sudden it's another app altogether.Called Ringtones Plus, which has zero christmas in it, I am just curious what in the world happened to my app,nothing said about it being changed or discontinued, very disappointed with it and I don't need an app with ringtones from Star Wars etc.?

  • Issue#60323: blackberry app world

    After wiping my q5, blackberry app world has since then been showing black screen and it has been writing an error has occurred And blackberry world must close. tried waiting few minute and then. Reopen blackberry world....i hhv tried rebooting ma fone All to no avail

  • Issue#62184: Issues With Blackberry world App error(80002)

    Its been a while since I've updated my blackberry torch from 7.0 to 7.1 and after the update everything seems to be working fine except this AppWorld. Whenever I try to open the Appworld it says that it requires a Blackberry I'd update and then the error message comes up "Blackberry I'd installation failed . Please try again later (80002)". It won't update over WiFi nor after several restarts.

  • Issue#62499: Blackberry - my app world has crashed

    Hi I need urgent attention concerning the subject above I need urgent attention. I need to update somethings on my Q10 but on getting to my app world, it has crashed.   Pls helllppp!!!

  • Issue#78250: Problems with BlackBerry app world and yahoo sync

    Hi, I have some problems with my blackberry. Firstly, my yahoo mail is not synchronising with my blackberry. It usually brings a message ' mail and contact can't be added at this time, try again later'. I have tried many times but it brought the same message. Secondly, my blackberry app world is not opening again. I will appreciate any help to resolve these issues. I use blackberry Z3Best wishes


    For over one week my blackberry world application has not opened making updating difficult

  • Issue#108336: Blackberry - unblock bbm & app world

    I've bought a 2nd hand curve 9320 when I went to use BBM I'm getting told its blocked also the same happens when I try to use blackberry app world,can this problem be resolved if yes can you tell me how to do it please

  • Issue#126416: Payment options for BlackBerry App World

    Hi all, I need some help please. I have always used my mobile phone carrier to purchase any applications from BlackBerry App World. But ever since I updated my BlackBerry software that option isn't there anymore. I'm using Z10STL100-1/ and the phone keeps requesting me to add payment options either credit card or PayPal... Options I've never used before since I started using BlackBerry. My wife uses a BlackBerry Z3 ‎and she still has the option to pay for her applications via our mobile phone carrier (Vodacom ZA). Please help. ‎

  • Issue#142319: Blackberry - BBM & App world locked

    I bought a 2nd hand blackberry 9320 curve & can't use BBM & App World when went to use them a messege comes up & says BBM/App world has been locked can these be unblocked & if so how

  • Issue#189517: Blackberry - app world can't open

    How to open blackberry app world, if can't to open? Please answer the question, thank yo

  • Issue#190575: Blackberry World issue

    I have recently update os but apps un installing, and blackberry world deleted how to restore it.

  • Issue#256299: Blackberry - issue with music app

    I am an ex RIM tech, I have worked first with BIS support and was promoted to BES before moving on to team lead so plz believe me that I tried all the standard fixes and searched all KB's as well as forums incl berry. I am now running OS and my passport model number is sqw100-1. The issue I am trying to fix is that the music app pops up all the time esp when I try to dial a phone number or when I am in the video app, I have no music or plan to ever use that feature. If I could get help disabling or even removing it completely I would be grateful as all my carrier support does is try to walk me thru a reload so they can dump the call without giving me a ticket so I can get real help from RIM, I also do not have a twitter account so that route is not an option for me

  • Issue#296262: Blackberry - Facebook on App World

    Good dayI received a notification last night to update Facebook via App World.  As I do it everytime, I choose to update.  After the restart, the Facebook icon was still there but when I access it, it goes directly to the mobile version of facebook (which I hate!)I tried to uninstall Facebook and reinstall it, but still the same.  I also notice that the Facebook app on App world is 7KB which sounds not correct.What can I do to get the Facebook for Blackberry back on my phone? RegardsWillie 

  • Issue#461991: Why can't blackberry make blackberry app world work in Zimbabwe.

    I have tried opening BlackBerry App World on my BlackBerry Z10 and it is not opening. It keeps on loading when I'm in Zim but when I'm in South Africa it opens. Seems as if it's the whole countries problem. Isn't there another way I can open it in Zimbabwe.?

  • Issue#560852: Can't updating application list in Blackberry app world

    Hello friends,I've just changed my phone to a blackberry 9810 Rogers. Everything works fine. But when I tried to refresh my application list in Blackberry app world, it said that "An error occurred while updating your application list" and my application list was gone.I've tried clearing the cache of App world, but still not working.And this hasn't happened before when I change my phone from bold 9000 to bold 9780.Is there a way to fix this, because I don't want to buy the apps that I've already bought again.Thank you so much.Ps: My Blackberry app world version is And my os version is

  • Issue#569581: Blackberry - Music issue with Google Play Music app and 2 other downloaded music apps

    I created several music playlists (music on SD card), first with the Google Play Music.  Anytime I shutdown/restart my phone or connect it to my laptop for file transfers, my playlists are erased. I downloaded a different music app (not sure on the name), created playlists - and the same issue occured when I shut down.  Also, with this new app I was able to set a custom ringtone but with the retart, it reverted back to a standard tone. I downloaded a different music app (again, don't rememer the name) - same issues with restart: empty playlists and standard ringtone. I went back to the Google Play Music app, recreated my playlists, but when I connected my Priv to my laptop to copy additional songs, my phone no longer recognized even the music on the SD card once I disconnected, until I restarted the phone.  Playlists gone again. I am now on Pi Music app. I created my playlists and set my ringtone.  I restarted last night due to the update and all

  • Issue#595221: Blackberry - How to download the app world in my Curve?

    Hi, the thing is that my blackberry curve got some kind of virus and due to that, i had to reset it. The virus dissapeared, but everething as expected was deleted, inculding for my surprise, the app world. So i cant download any aplicattion, such as whatsapp, and i found this very frustrating. I searched everywhere how to download the app world and I couldnt find any answer, please help me.

  • Issue#654824: Blackberry World App is missing

    Hi,I hope you can help me to repair my Passport. there is no icon on any screen or any folder.assistent can't find any app called "blackberry world", "appworld" or "world"when I connect my Passport via usb with my "blackberry link" app (win10) and then try to reinstall it via BBWorldUtility.exe, i'll see the installer window on my phone for a short time (up to 45% indicator bar status), then the process looks like killed and nothing is installed.when I try to load "Blackberry World" via browser on my "Passport", I see for 1sec a popup with the following error message (german): "Öffnen von appworld://? nicht möglich" ("Opening appworld://? not possible")Is there a way I can't see fixing this problem?

  • Issue#663816: Blackberry - App permission dialog issue

    The business application of my employer needs the user's persission to access device token and identifier to register with push notifications. On application startup (after downloading from store) the application usually asks the user for his/her permission like described here: App Permissions by BlackBerry by an occuring dialog. The first sentence in the dialog has this scheme:  <--name of the application--> by <--author--> would like to access and use: <.....> Unfortunately the author is a team member name of our enterprise instead of the enterprise name itself.  Q.: How can I change that? I already looked through our Vendor Portal account, but everywhere a name is needed our enterprise name was deposed. Any suggestions?

  • Issue#858921: MY blackberry z3 wont load app world

    please help ,me i cannot download blackberry apps evrytime i open app world it just shoes the loading sign none stop and it doesnt load the screen will be blank. i tried puttin on flight moode and switchin on wifi, wen i opened the app world it gave me an error message,. i tried usin app world recovery tool, same thing. i tried re-installing software and it was givin me the same thing. what can i do?

  • Issue#889871: can I report a bad app on BlackBerry World?

    I've just paid £4 for an app which is completely awful and useless... how can I report this to BlackBerry? The reviews in my opinion look fake after reading further info them, as there is absolutely no way they're liking the exact same app I've downloaded... feeling annoyed and scammed

  • Issue#2260: Blackberry - Testing without purchasing my own app

    I have developed and published an app now on blackberry world. I wish to test the app on my blackberry. My email (blackberryID) is listed as one of the testers but when I open the app on my blackberry I am still asked to purchase. Wondering if anyone has an idea as to what is wrong.  Thanks!

  • Issue#2730: Blackberry - Set-up app won't stop

    Hello... I need help here. I just recently bought a Blackberry Classic. I am using it as a phone only. My Carrier is Rogers Wireless. I do not have internet/wifi access to this phone because that is what I chose when choosing a plan with Rogers.My question is: How do I remove or shut off the set-up app. I keep deleting the set-up prompt but it keeps returning and alerting me to continue set up.  I cannot continue because this phone cannot connect to internet/WIFI. Is there any way around this. I bought the phone outright. I love my phone except for this annoying set-up issue....Please help Your help is much appreciated

  • Issue#4934: Blackberry - App opens to a white screen

    Hi Guys, I have a cordova app which I have compiled across many platforms and did so successfully with BB10 - upon trying BB7, I can build the app perfectly fine.. I have whittled the error down to this line: TID:unable to execute in the app blackberry.web.widgetaad633f1fa933740c442c166748e5a6cpackage.Widg[email protected][email protected]|-1 Below is the full output file when launching the app: 0:03:02.296: AM: Starting IntegriSure0:03:02.343: AM: Started IntegriSure(275)0:03:02.343: AM: Foreground is set: IntegriSure(275)0:03:02.343: FocusHistory: Focus lost; App net_rim_bb_ribbon_app; Component NULL0:03:02.343: FocusHistory: Focus lost; App net_rim_bb_ribbon_app; Component net.rim.device.apps.internal.ribbon.launcher.ApplicationAreaGridField0:03:02.359: FocusHistory: Focus gained; App IntegriSure; Component GS(createSurface): Temporarily promoting window size0:03:02.

  • Issue#6184: Blackberry - Possible to stop OS from sending Play Signal to App with ownership of NowPlayingConnect

    Bit of a weird one, my Application uses the NowPlayingConnection, now if I pause the Playback in my App then make a phone call, do my buinsess then end the call the OS is telling the NowPlayingConnection to play without user interaction. For example, Playing Audio from App,Manually pauses Playback,Makes and ends Call,Playback is started without user touching the App or the Notifications Pane Not really sure how I could handle this, I thought about watching the call state but that would be a overkill and security concerned user nightmare.. Saw this in the docs:"With no audioManagerHandle specified, the now playing service will automatically call play() when no longer preempted. If an audioManagerHandle is specified, the now playing service will only call play() if the audio routing has not changed to a more public device while preempted." Not sure what to think of it, though

  • Issue#7463: Blackberry ID issue

    I have attempted to sort this too many times and support on Twitter... which I do use, keeps saying they do not understand. I have a blackberry Z10, when I first set up my ID the contact e-mail address was for the business I worked for. I have not worked for that business for 4 years. I keep being asked to verify my Black Berry ID, the e-mail address is no longer valid, I will not see a reply, I now have a warning saying if the next attempt is incorrect, I will be unable to use black berry ID for 15 minutes???? All I want to do is change my ID e-mail address How do I do it?

  • Issue#7841: Let's have native apps shine in BlackBerry World

    Following BlackBerry's decision to end Built For BlackBerry program, and after reading some rants about how it will be difficult for a native app to stand out against an Android port in BlackBerry World ( ), I thought that it might be a good idea to create our own "Built Natively" program. Nothing complicated, just a set of free-to-use icon, visuals and text that any native dev could add to his current or upcoming app. Think about the overlay image a Built For BlackBerry app can use over its app icon, with the bottom right corner lifted that shows a BlackBerry logo. Whenever a user see that lifted corner icon, he knows it's a Built For BlackBerry app. Or the Built For BlackBerry logo in BlackBerry World description that dev were allowed to use in their banner for their BFB apps. We could create our own version of overlay image to put over our app icon with an easy to understand logo showing tha

  • Issue#9711: Apps from Blackberry World

    How come apps dowloaded from Blackberry World won't work?Is it due to the new OS updates?