Issue#1440: Unity - PlayWay Water - high quality water system

  • I'm proud to present a water system that I've been developing for games at PlayWay for the last few months. It took many nights and caffeine drinks to complete it in parallel to the game projects I've been working on, but here it is.

    I'm doing some final polishing right now, before I'll submit it to the Asset Store this weekend. I hope that some of you will find it useful during your everyday work.

    View attachment 157470 ​

    Waves simulation
    Simulation is based...

    PlayWay Water - high quality water system

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    I am having a new issue in my project recently ported into Unity5. My billboards are being drawn behind my water, not only in play mode where it could be a camera issue, but also in the editor. They are on the correct layers so not sure what the problem might be. I did search first for answers but the ones I found did not help. I do use RTP but have not had this issue with RTP in the past on the same terrain. Thanks.

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    Hello, I'm currently working on a mobile-game and I added a water prefab given by the Unity support team with a good shader that gives a foam to the shorelines. It works perfectly fine when the camera is in perspective mode, which is not what I use in the game. Indeed, as soon as the orthographic mode is chosen, the foam on every object colliding with the water looks weird as the shader is working with the depth of the camera. Any idea on anything that could solve the problem ?

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    UPDATE: Since a lot of people asked me for a version that runs on Unity 5.2.3, I made a little Update to v1.01. The minimum Unity requirement has now changed from Unity 5.3 to 5.2.3, so no need to bite your nails, while installing the newest Editor. Note: This is not the big update update I announced earlier this month - that one is still to come. =====================================================...​ [UPDATED v1.01] AQUAS Water Set - Low-Cost Water for Mobile, Web & Desktop

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    I have a few water cooling parts and was thinking of building a am1 setup.... Yes, water cooling a 25w cpu :screwy: Why not? I have the fittings and a few chip set water blocks :rofl: I would just need a pump, (dc-lt is like 25$) some tubing (10$) a res (25-35$) and a rad ($??) The only problem is that the case I have uses a 80mm intake fan and 2 60mm rear fans and I don't want to put a rad were the intake fan is. So that leaves me with a dual 60mm rad :sly: Not to many dual 60mm or even 60mm rads out there. Back in the day there was, but they were all aluminum and wile there are ways to safely mix aluminum and copper in a loop I rather not. There are also refrigerator rads out there that use 60mm fans but there are also all aluminum. :blah: I could make my own aluminum blocks with the tops of the blocks I have. Or mix both copper and aluminum, I would have to treat the water and change it out a lot to keep it from killing the loop. that or find some sort of copper rad not meant

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    Hello everyone and happy holidays! I'm working on a high quality tools pack for asset store and decided to share my WIP and get some feedback and suggestions. The pack will contain 10 unique models of tools and variations of some of them (clean/dirty) accompanied by 4k maps. Here's screenshot of one of the tools directly from Unity: I'd like to hear what you think. If you have any suggestions on what tools to include just let me know.

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    ​ SSAO Pro offers a high-quality, stable and fast version of SSAO for Unity with added features like lighting contribution, distance cutoff with smooth falloff and occlusion color. Asset Store |​ SSAO Pro - High Quality Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion

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    Calm water is a simple water shader designed to offer great customization options for an amazing look without having too many features. DX11 Now includes a DX11 version with edge length based tessellation! Color You can control the depth color and shallow color individually and select the depth level. Distortion Great distortion effect based on the animated normal map with two quality settings to better fit your... [RELEASE] Calm Water

  • Issue#28428: Unity - IsFinite(outDistanceForSort) error in water script, since 5.3.1 patch - console spam

    Hi, since patch 5.3.1p2 or p3 I have error in water.cs file from standard assets. I was hoping for fix to it in 5.3.2 but there isn't. It's slowing down my project. There is my question: ( how the hell 42 followers :O )

  • Issue#34092: Water cooling hose: possible issue

    My rebuild has been running smooth for months now without any issues. Just now, I happened to notice that the one hose going from the bottom of the res to the pump is flattening out. Temps don't seem to be taking a hit though. Any ideas?? This hose was NOT like this when I did the rebuild and it's not pinched or anything. All other hoses are fine.