Issue#139: Sony - No power or lights from my Vaio Fit 14 / Flip PC

  • my laptop was working perfectly until this morning. tried to turn it on and nothing happened.. plugged it in to charger.. and nothing , no lights or anything. ive never had a battery issue or anything else. i used it 2 days ago last with no issue and powered down correctly. Any ideas or help? 

    Vaio Fit 14 / Flip PC

    Model # SVF14N190X / SVF14NA1EL

    i7 256ssd


    I contacted sony support through chat but they told me was hardware issue and to go to best buy or risk opening the bottom myself. 

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  • Issue#27622: Notebook - Official Sony Vaio Fit multi-flip PC Owners' Thread

    Has anyone pre-ordered it yet? I've just placed an order today, for the 13-inch version in silver with i5, 8GB RAM & 256GB SSD. Got 4-year warranty for £0.01 and free Ethernet-to-wifi adapter and HDMI-to-VGA adapter. Besides, I got 7% student discount & will get further £70 cashback for going through Quidco. I hope it doesn't suffer from the wifi issues Pro 13 had, which made me return it.

  • Issue#478079: Sony - Single key fell off on Sony VAIO Fit 14A Flip PC SVF14N11CXB

    It would seem that I use my left arrow key (which is also the Home key when used with the Fn key) more times than most keys, since it has fallen off. The key mechanism works, just the then rectangle key button cover has fallen off. The key cover will rest on the button, but is loose and keeps falling off. Is there a recommended method of reattaching this so that it doesn't fall off? Are there certain types of recommended glues and techniques or other advice? Thank you for reading this and offering your feedback! Chris ( cmd at kcmo dot net )  

  • Issue#770084: Sony - SVF143B1YW - Laptop Vaio Touchscreen won't power on, no lights, no dispplay, no sound

    Hi I was using my laptop when it shutdown, but before shutting down it made a short beep fading sound. Charger is working. Tried charding it with and without the battery for hours but still no sign of power.  SVF143B1YWTouchscreenWindows 8.1 Apprecite the assistance.  Many thanks!

  • Issue#820120: Sony - Vaio Fit 11a Flip - problemas con Pantalla Touchscreen

    Buenos dias/tardes tengan todos ustedes. Les cuento que en Septiembre de 2015 adquiri un equipo Vaio Fit 11a Flip (SVF11N11CLB), el cual a los 3 dias de uso empezo a presentar problemas en el touchscreen de la pantalla led, tales como toques fantasma al azar, movimiento del puntero del mouse involuntarios y apertura de software sin querer hacerlo. Pues total que decidi comunicarme con el numero de soporte de Sony, en el cual me fueron guiando paso a paso sobre una posible solucion, tales como usar la aplicacion de calibracion de pantalla, la actualizacion de software y por ultimo la restauracion de fabrica del equipo, las cuales no fueron de ninguna eficacia en mi caso. 6 meses despues decido volver a hacer la llamada pero esta vez para enviar el equipo a reparacion, el cual se recibe el dia 15 de Marzo del año en curso por en el taller de reparacion de sony en Guadalajara, Jalisco, lo cual toma un lapso de 3 meses para llevarse a cabo la reparacion por la falta de comp

  • Issue#824983: Sony - power cord for sony vaio flip

    I need the part number and where I can order a power cord for my sony vaio flip. Model number is  VJZ13BA11L.

  • Issue#978932: Sony - VAIO VPCZ128GG power issue

    My VPCZ128GG shows no power indicator light and will not power up

  • Issue#7357: Sony - VAIO flip 15 SSD boot problem

    Hello everybody.I upgraded my Sony Vaio flip 15 to Windows 10 and I replaced my SSHD with an SSD (Kingston V300 240GB). Most of the times when I restart my PC it takes up to 50" at the "Welcome" screen. (note that sometimes it takes only 2-3", a normal value for an SSD).I enabled the Verbose messages in the registry to view what it takes so long to load and I found that it is stuck at the "preparing Windows" message.I tried reinstalling windows several times, disable many devices and services/startup apps one after the other until something comes up but nothing seems to help.Also I turned off and on the "quick startup" option under power settings to see if it makes any difference when I shut down the machine instead of doing a restart but still the same.

  • Issue#59655: Sony - Vaio Fit 15e won't charge & battery dead

    Hi all,I have a Vaio Fit 15e (bought in Sept 2013) and it's basically been dead since the battery last ran out.  I noticed that although the power pack light was on the charging indicator on the laptop has stopped lighting up and now the battery has gone it doesn't power up at all any more.  I have bought a replacement battery - no luckI've done the whole take the battery out and hold the power button before reconnecting everything - no luckI've tried powering up without the battery in - no luck I have a feeling that something more major is going on and frankly I'm not over the moon about the fact this laptop isn't very old at all.  Not sure what I'm expecting to get from this post but just wondered if anyone has had a similar issue and if they can offer any further wisdom on things I can try before I give up and replace it (which I REALLY don't want to do...)

  • Issue#75561: Sony - Weird Vaio laptop keyboard issue

    My wife's SVP13215PXB Vaio laptop on Windows 10 has developed a very odd fault. The cursor keys and the delete keys have started working intermittently after a few months of working totally fine after the upgrade to Windows 10. So, on the Win 10 login screen all keys work fine. But when in Windows the cursor and delete keys only work when holding down the shift key. I thought it might be the scroll or num lock stuck on but I've toggled Fn+Del but that doesn't seem to do anything. I've uninstalled the keyboard driver a few times and have updated Windows and everything in the Vaio Care app.Any ideas greatly appreciated!CheersSimon

  • Issue#98752: Sony Vaio Fit 13A: Display blink, problem with intel graphic driver

    I try update to new driver, i try roll back old driver, but display still blinking. Only work when graphic card is disabled, but then brightness control dont work, and battery life is only 30 mins. Any fix?

  • Issue#107817: Sony - Sony Vaio Fit SVF152C29L/Lcd problem

    I just want to know if somebody know where is the lcd fuse on the motherboard of a Sony Vaio Fit SVF152C29L?

  • Issue#123856: Sony - Vaio Multi Flip 15'' shutting down when closing the lid

    Hi, I have another problem with my Vaio Flip 15''.Basically, every time I close my lid, my unit shuts down. I already checked every energetic options, I have the "DO NOTHING" options when the lid is closed (with battery and with power cable), but still, every time I close ti lid mi unit shuts down.I can power it on with the lid closed, but when I start opening the lid, the unit suddendly shuts off. I have to keep it open, and I can't neither use it in tablet mode, since closing the lid will shuts down the machine.Sounds like and hardware problem, right?Or it is something I can try to fix with drivers and such? Thanks!

  • Issue#127276: Sony - Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0E screen issue - links to pictures

    Hi, Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0EModel: PCG-11211M Computer has worked fine yesterday in the morning.In the evening it looked like atachment few minutes it changes to From the sounds it lloks like it boots as always - just no screen. Can anyone please help to recognize the issue and estimate the chance for fix?Thank you very much for all feedback.   Regards,

  • Issue#127397: Sony - Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0E [all in one] screen issue - links to pictures

    Hi, Sony Vaio VPCJ12L0EModel: PCG-11211M Computer has worked fine yesterday in the morning.In the evening it looked like atachment few minutes it changes to From the sounds it lloks like it boots as always - just no screen. Can anyone please help to recognize the issue and estimate the chance for fix?Thank you very much for all feedback.   Regards,

  • Issue#157281: Sony - Bios update for Vaio Flip

    Hi!I'm using Windows 10 on my SVF13N190X model and I decided to update bios, but the only available update utility is for Windows 8.1. So can I use that utility for Win 10 on my notebook? Thnx/

  • Issue#174068: Sony - Unable to Burn DVDs or CDs using Blue-Ray burner on my Vaio Fit SVF15A17CDB since Windows 10

    Have not been able to burn DVDs or CDs since upgrading to Windows 10. Device Manager shows the Mat******a BD-MLT UJ273 as a BD-Rom unit rather that BD-Rom DVD/CD RW unit. Did not find any indication that this would be an issue when upgrading. Is a fix available?

  • Issue#179628: Sony - Buyback Issue - Offer for Buyback on Sony Vaio (no response)

    Event ID: E62678062 Email: Thank you for contacting Sony Electronics Inc. regarding your Sony SVP132190X. Your case has been forwarded to the National Customer Relations office for review. Sony takes great pride in the workmanship and design of each of our products. The Sony Protection Plan that was purchased with your product warrants your unit for a designated period. At this point we have deemed that your unit is irreparable, we would like to buyout the Sony Protection Plan warranty for $1,406.47. I replied to this email with a signed PDF of the settlement offer and was told I'd receive a reply within two business days with information on how the process would continue. I replied on the 16th of February.   

  • Issue#199212: Sony Vaio Flip 14a (mSVF14N13CXB): Can you upgrade the RAM for this model (16GB)

    Hello, I am looking to upgrade the RAM on my Sony Vaio Flip 14a model: mSVF14N13CXB. It currently has 8 GB or RAM, I want to upgrade to 16 GB of RAM. I am currently looking at the PNY - 16GB DDR3 that comes with 2 modules (sticks). Is this laptop model upgradeable in terms of RAM, any help would greatly appreciated, thank you in advance! Link to RAM I want to get: ⟐ Answer accepted February 29, 2016 at 5:23 am -0700

  • Issue#206556: Sony - Sony VAIO svt1311x9es Bluetooth issue

    Problem with Sony VAIO svt1311x9es I can see my laptop on my iphone but it not pairing and it not searching on my laptop aswell?

  • Issue#226234: [ubuntu] Sony Vaio Fit 15 SVF15A18CXB Keyboard Light

    Hi! I am pretty new to this whole linux thing, but I see great compatibility in it. I have a Sony Vaio Fit 15 SVF15A18CXB Laptop, in which I replaced the CD/DVD Reader with a SSD. I installed Ubuntu, but I cannot find a way to turn my keyboard backlight off. When I press a button it lights up for about 5 seconds, then turns off. Could anyone help me solve this problem please? Thank you!!!

  • Issue#230902: Sony - Sony VAIO Fit laptop won't login with my Microsoft account or recognise password even though

    I have a VAIO Fit Model SVF13N12CG. When I switch it on and try to log into my computer using the Microsoft account password it says it is not correct and try again. I can take up to 6 or 7 time re-entering the same password until it finally accepts it and logs in. Even when I type it very slowly it still won't accept it. It's like a luck of the draw when trying to log in?? I have changed my password, rest my password, reset the computer, everything everyone has suggested, it's just getting worse. Please help?!?

  • Issue#269198: Logitech - Sony w95c android tv power on issue in Watch TV activity

    Hello, I'm using Sony W95c android tv with Yamaha receiver, pioneer bluray, Apple tv4, set top box. I have setup harmony 650 - watch tv activity to power on tv, set top box& yamaha receiver. All except Sony android tv will switch on when I press Watch TV activity button. ( from a cold start from all power off from main supply) . When I press help , after two-three attempts, sony tv will switch on. This issue will repeat if I switch off the main power switch. But once I fix it with Help button, it will work fine until I switch off main power switch again. It's little cumbersome. Please advise 

  • Issue#272662: Sony - Sony vaio pro 13 screen lights up but goes black when start

    Sony vaio pro 13 screen lights up but goes black when start. Battery not removable. Please help

  • Issue#278932: Sony - Vaio pro 13 - WIFI update issue

    Hello Everybody, I own a  VP132A1CM and today I bought a Intel Card 8260 AC to update the range & strenght of the wifi (actual one is 7260).After the installation, it seems that the drivers are not running at all (the device is recognized in windows) so I'm not able to detect any wifi around. I have also try to delete the device manually and delete in the device manager.Uninstall the old drivers and set the new one (18.33.0) as well... no result do anyone have already done this upgrade ?Im out of idea ... Many thanks  

  • Issue#303941: Sony - Touch screen on VAIO Fit 14E not working for windows 10

    Hi, I bought a VAIO Fit 14E series laptop in 2014 and updated to windows 10 last year. My touch screen was working just fine until few days ago. Now its not responding to my touch commands. I have gone to device manager but could not find any any option to enable/disable touch screen. I have also tried to "calibrate touch screen" under search option, but could not find any thing. Its almost as if my touch screen option has completely been erased from the system. Please help.

  • Issue#337088: Sony - Sony Vaio Fit 15 sometimes does not boot up after shutdown or restart

    Recently my vaio laptop's boot up has been severely slow. When I press the power button it only shows a black screen but I can hear the fan and hard drive working, sometimes it does boot up but it takes a long time. The laptop boots up fine when put into sleep mode, but shutdown and restart do not always seem to work.Please help

  • Issue#348406: Sony Vaio Flip 15: My laptop touchpad multi-finger doesn't work.

    Hi there. it's a couple of weeks that my vaio touchpad (Flip model) multi finger is not working. I tried to update the driver, but it doesn't work yet. Actually, i can't see any option for multi finer now. Is there any solution for that? When i connect a wireless keyboard (which has a touchpad), the multi finer function of keyboard's touchpad works properly. ⟐ Answered March 25, 2016 at 11:46 am -0700

  • Issue#362674: Sony - Vaio Ultrabook SVD112A1SW Mouse Pointer running at Left top corner issue

    I have a Viao Duo 11 (model SVD112A1SW) with Windows 10 (after upgrade). The mouse pointer is running away at the left top corner so frequently that won't let me do my job properly. Initially, it was not so frequent, but now it has become constant, so that I can't use the laptop to work at all. I have found old solution for users running win 8, but nothing for win 10, and also none of the Sony websites I have searched recognizes my model nb. Is there any software update or something to help?

  • Issue#371496: Notebook - Sony Vaio Fit 14 (SVF1421E2E) not POSTing - BIOS brick?

    Hello everyone, I was given a defective Vaio Fit (model SVF1421E2E as the thread title says) which stopped powering on shortly after the warranty period expired. When powering on the device with the AC adapter connected, the power LED stays lit while the HDD light blinks and the screen stays blank. Fans are heard spinning and the computer stays like this until I remove the AC adapter. If I power on using the Assist button, exactly the same happens. I have tried reseating the CMOS... Sony Vaio Fit 14 (SVF1421E2E) not POSTing - BIOS brick?