Issue#126: Lenovo - Can not burn DVD's on G50 under Windows 10na

  • It is a know issue, I surmise from Google searches, and can not belive Lenovo released a product that does

    not burn a DVD!  I am as upset with Lenovo as I am Micrco-**bleep**e.

    I have uninstalled the driver, which automatically comes back, and even used a new external DVD burner.


    The OS keeps saying the media not recornized.  I just went and spent $20 on a new stack of DVD-R's



    This is beyond insane and unacceptabe.   Any suggestions?

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    Sorry, your answer is too short !

  • Issue#21038: Lenovo - Persistent System Freeze Issue on Newly Upgraded SSD on Windows 10 Y510P

    I purchased the MYDIGITALSSD M.2 256GB SSD to replace the 24GB M.2 that originally came with my Y510P. I completed the upgrade and re-installed Windows 10 (on the ssd) and use the 1TB drive purely as storage, and re-downloaded all of the necessary drivers for the laptop. Ever since then, i experience 3-4 system freezes daily. I am not able to get to task manager, just get a complete system hang and i have no choice but to restart the pc. It typically starts with one application, then after a few seconds, everything will freeze and become unusable. Does anyone have any advice on this? i read about someone having a similar issue a really long time ago but i cant remember where and can't find any info on this specific problem. It's driving me crazy though and i'd appreciate any advice or troubleshooting tips offered. thanks everyone. -Daniel

  • Issue#49381: Lenovo - Yoga 12 - Windows 10 Issue - taskbar issue

    When ever i open my laptop. On the task bar the date and time is pushed off the screen.I think their maybe a issue with the graphics driver and windows 10. If i click on the up arrow on the task back it will snap back to where it is supposed to be. Please let me know if anyone has had a similar issue with their yoga 12.Please also let me know if anyone knows how to fix. All of my drivers are the latest windows 10 versions. its not a huge issue, but it is extreemly annoying. 

  • Issue#113375: Lenovo - Issue with Windows Recovery / wrong disks

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad Edge E530 with Windows 7. It was acting a little slow, so I wanted to do a clean reinstall of Windows.  It wasn't having any other major problems. I paid Lenovo for a recovery disk. I ran the recovery disks.  It asked me for a product key which I did not have.  I contacted Customer Support who told me I wasn't under warranty and they couldn't help.  I contacted Sales.  They discovered they had sent me Windows 8 recovery disks.  They sent me Windows 7 recovery disks the next day. I turned my computer on and it was asking for the product key again.  I tried to get into the startup utility program by pressing F1, F12, F2, F10, delete repeatedly.  None of them would let me get into the startup utility program.  I turned the computer off again (full shut down). When I turned my computer on again, I have a blue screen saying "Recovery" and "Your PC needs to be repaired" and "You'll need to use the

  • Issue#196682: Lenovo - X61 - Windows 10 Wifi issue - won't reconnect to wifi after sleep

    My X61 won't reconnect to Wifi after waking up from sleep.   I've tried everything, but the only fix is to restart the computer.  It's very frustrating and time-consuming.   Does anyone have a fix?     Moderator comment: Model added to subject for clarity.

  • Issue#198262: Lenovo - Nvidia Graphic card issue after upgraded to windows 10

    I have my Lenovo Y50-70 Laptop without touch screen which contains NVIDIA GTX 860M Card. Before upgrading to Win 10, graphics card was working fine for Win 8.1Now after update, laptop graphics is selecting basic Intel HD graphics 4600 and not selecting Nvidia, no matter what I do. Also in device manager, under display adapters, I can find both drivers with yellow mark (not exclaimation), if i click on update or something then it says driver is up to date.Please help

  • Issue#287670: Lenovo - Lenovo G50-70 headphone sound issue after Windows 10 fresh install

    Hello. I've switched to SSD form default HDD and decided to install clean Windows 10 system. Everything went ok, I installed latest driver from G50-70 from the support website but when I played music on my headphones I was shocked how bad sound I had compared to previous system - vocals were really bad and backed. I looked around and decided to install separate smart audio app which is bundled with different driver ( and it's ok now - I've got same sound quality as before. Why don't you feature this app with G50-70 drivers??? It's not user friendly.

  • Issue#291724: Lenovo - Graphic driver issue - Lenovo G5080 - Windows 10

     I am using windows 10 on lenovo G5080. After downloading and installing the lastest graphics driver from the lenovo support pages the screen text becomes blur and became clear on mouse over or clicking the text.Do we have any solution for this this issue?

  • Issue#322866: Lenovo - Yoga 900 Intel Driver Issue - Windows 10 Maps

     According to Intel, the Yoga 900 uses a customized computer manufacturer video driver for the Intel HD 520 graphics chipset.  Intel's standard driver ( released 12/22/2015) appears to address an issue I am experiencing with Microsoft's Windows 10 Map application as well as a map-based application I personally am developing that relies upon the same map control that their map application uses.  The current Lenovo driver ( is dated 11/18/2015 so I am fairly confident it doesn't have the 'fix' reported in Intel's 12/22/2015 release notes. Can Intel's HD 520 driver be used with the Yoga 900?   I can uninstall the Lenovo driver and then install the Intel driver but don't want to risk messing something up if it won't work. Thanks, John  

  • Issue#358076: Lenovo - Miix 300 Touch Screen issue after installing windows 10

     Hi!  I have been using Lenovo ideapad MIIX 300-10IBY, and got a problem in Windows  which didn't lead the pad to boot. So, I just used my USB memory to install Windows 10, and it successed. I can use the pad as a computer. But, the problem is that I can't use it as a tablet pad! That's because the touch screen doesn't feel my finger. Totally doesn't work for it. I think, since I installed WIndows 10 in the same partition where the previous version I had been using before it was broken down was, all of related touch screen drivers were wiped out, weren't they? So, I have been trying to find any of the drivers for my ideapad, but there is none! Q. How can I touch the screen as usual (like a factory setting) ? Q. I think I should have installed Windows 8.1 for Miix 300. Then, Does touch screen work only in Windows 8.1Should I install Windows 8.1 after deleting 10? (Before re-installing Windows 10, the ideapad correctly recognized mov

  • Issue#405124: Lenovo - T440 Windows 10 mousepad driver and windows z order issue

    I've upgraded my T440 to Windows 10 and the latest mousepad driver seems to be giving me issues. With the Synaptics driver installed, trying to select a new window to make it top most will often fails. That window will hide behind other windows. If I try to uninstall the Synaptics driver once, the window z-order issue will be fixed, but the driver is like half uninstalled and most mousepad function will no longer work (2 finger stroll, right click, button press)  The input cursor will also jump around too while I tried to type. Is Lenovo aware of this issue? I think I've seen another person in another forum mention this.  This is becoming quite frustrating for me.

  • Issue#421148: Lenovo - x240 geolocation issue on Windows 10

    Hi all, I've just realised that after upgrading to Windows 10 geolocation on my ThinkPad x240 stopped working. I tried to find similar issue on the forum but failed. What I observed and tried so far: I am sure it worked under Windows 8.1The toggle in Windows location settings is set to Off and greyed-out.I reinstalled n5321gw driver. I can see it under Sensors section in Device Manager. Driver version tried to install the driver before with System Update but it failed couple of times with fatal error, but from what I saw it was trying to install the same version of the driver.Cellular data works fine (not sure if that's relevant). Is there anything you'd suggest? If there's anything I can check that might be helpful just let me know. Thanks in advance!S. 

  • Issue#446899: Lenovo - Windows 10 Issue with Intel Graphics Driver on T430

    Since upgrading to Windows 10 (x64) I am unable to get the "Intel HD Control Panel" to load. it is on desktop, but when clicked does nothing (even as administrator).  Also, i am missing the Advanced Graphics options from the right click. Laptop does not detect if a VGA cable gets plugged in so I am unable to use an external display.I have uninstalled and reinstalled the driver multiple times.Anyone else found a solution to this one

  • Issue#448633: Lenovo - X1 Carbon Windows 10 Cast do Device issue

    HI! We have updated one X1 Carobon to Windows 10 for test and see if the function cast do device can work.The laptop find the tv but when we want to connect it says "cant connect" so we cant reflect the image Any suggestions?

  • Issue#488018: Lenovo - Lenovo Yoga 500 14 ACL touch screen issue under Windows 10

    I've got this problem with my Lenovo Yoga 500 14 ACL: When I start it (Windows 10), the touch screen doesn't work and I have to restart the device to get the touch screen working.I've uninstalled the touch screen drivers, but after a restart the problem stays the same (no new drivers found or installed?).Where can I find the right and latest drivers suiting to this touch screen (Lenovo or Microsoft)?Has anybody an other suggestion what I can try to get the touch screen working from the first Windows-start? 

  • Issue#562166: Lenovo - Lenovo carbon x1 Gen4 Windows 10 - Mobile Broadband issue - Screen blinking

    Hello, I have a Lenovo thinkpad x1 Carbon 4Gen with Windows 10. When I connect to internet with my sim card to the mobile broadband network, my screen is blinking (screen getting on and black several time). The connection is good but it blinks time to time. It happens even when I am already connected and while doing stuff online. Thanks for your help. Joel

  • Issue#638570: Lenovo - Lenovo X260 - Clean installation of Windows 7 driver issue

    Hi, I've been trying to install a clean version of Win7 Enterprise on my brand new Lenovo X260 which has Win10 preinstalled. In BIOS i've disabled Secure Boot and chosen Legacy only in UEFI/Legacy Boot. At the beginning in Windows 7 setup I'm missing device drivers and wont continue installation.   How should I move forward from this point?

  • Issue#654687: Lenovo - Issue with Lenovo Transition after upgrade to Windows 10 solved!

    To whom it may concern,I have a Lenovo Flex 2-14, and had problems with Lenovo Transition after I had upgraded my operating system to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1.Simply, Lenovo Transition stopped working in stand and tent modes.Here is how I have fixed the problem.Step-1: Uninstall Lenovo Transition and reboot your laptop.Step-2: Install Lenovo Transition 2.1  from Open Device Manager under Control Panel and update the driver for Intel(R) HD GraphicsStep-4: Make sure that Ctrl+Alt+Down Arrow rotates the screen 180 degrees. Ctrl+Alt+Up Arrow will bring the screen to its normal position.Step-5: Bring your laptop to the tent mode and check if the screen rotates.I hope this helps.

  • Issue#685613: Lenovo - Yoga 900 - Windows 10 Installation Issue - Extreme scaling

    Hi all, Trying to install Windows 10 from scratch after formatting SSD. Are the following screenshots something typical for you? The form size is about 1/10 the usual size which makes you unable to see anything unless you squeeze your eyes into the screen. The boot USB usb is working well on all my other machines.Also after installation the display is OK.  ï»¿ï»¿ï»¿

  • Issue#692140: Lenovo - Lenovo running windows 10 booting issue

    I've been having this problem for weeks now, it started out as just when I shut the lid to my computer it never turned back on. Or basically when it went into sleep mode.  What happens to the machine: you can still hear it running but the screen is just black. Keyboard is unresponsive and mouse too so just darkness. So I had to hard reset. I never found an answer so I disabled sleep mode, which is ridiculous but hey... I continued to have the problem if my laptop ran out of battery, presumably because it went into sleep mode. Except now when I tried to hard reset it it still didn't turn on. I hard reset, it closed down, I pressed the power button and it came on, just not the screen. And this even continued into just turning off my computer myself. Starting it up again was a massive PAIN. I'm talking 10+ power off then on, did it work?... Nope! And repeat. In the last couple of days it's escalated, two nights ago I had it plugged in, neatly fully charged, I was

  • Issue#711824: Lenovo - Yoga Pro2, Windows 10 and Citrix Issue

    Last week my laptop updated to windows 10. This week I had to install the new citrix receiver 4.4 on the laptop. I utilize citrix for cerner applications. When I launch the application from the facilities website, citrix starts. When we get to the applicaiton log in screen the screen continuous flickers. I can input via keyboard but when I need to use the mouse it is a lost cause. I end up having to disconnect via the connection center. Any help anyone can provide will be appreciated. I am normally within citrix 80% of my work day.

  • Issue#722464: Lenovo - USB 3.0 drivers issue when importing it on windows 7 for x1 carbon 3rd gen

    Hi, i'm trying to build a iso with USB 3.0 drivers preloaded into windows 7 image but when i use winsetupfromusb i get it to make so it loads critical drivers on load but when it loads 2 of the USB 3.0 drivers for my x1 carbon 3rd gen it finish the process then command window disapears and within like 15 seconds window returns and says it's awaiting for USB intizialize or something but after another 15 seconds new window opens up and says it was unable to detect USB device and it suggest me to try USB 2.0 port so my question does anyone here know proper USB 3.0 drivers for the laptop? since one listed on drivers page does not work and i have tried on downloading some from other sites but without any luck they also do the same problem so yeah i hope some here knows a working driver that i can use as temp for windows 7 to install via USB 3.0 port without me needing to disable them to 2.0 and then re-enable to 3.0 again :/ Also drivers on product page download area works fine wh

  • Issue#784256: Lenovo - X230 Windows 10 Upgrade Issue

    Helloi have issue with X230 after upgrade to Windows 10 the issue is after the laptop loadup and enter desktop the screen begin fliker and Explorer crash and restart himself i tryed the fixes that i found by Lenovo but that didn't work it not flicker any more but when you try to open my computer or file exploer it crash the exploere with out any error i updated the laptop before Upgrade to Windows 10 by runing Lenovo system upddate tool for now it happen on 2 Users Laptops I am looking for help  thank you

  • Issue#847937: Lenovo - Screen burn issue

    It's just been 20 days I bought a moto g4 plus. I have screen burn/ghosting everywhere on screen - status bar, navigation bar, even if i open an app for like 5 mins some part of its printed on the screen. It's veey annoying as it's only supposed to happen with Amoled display.

  • Issue#992976: Lenovo - Moto g4+ screen burn issue

    I have ghost images and I'm worried. It's faint but it's there. Goes back to normal after screen is off for a bit. What do?

  • Issue#1003674: Lenovo - Ideacentre A520 Windows Activation Issue

    I was gifted a brand new Lenovo Ideacentre A520 last October 2013. Windows 8.1 Build 9600 was pre-installed. Just 2 months ago (around May 2016), an Activate Windows 8 notification screen appeared. I've no idea why this started popping up and I'm 100% sure my unit and all its contents are genuine. Whenever I click 'activate online' the application turns into a white full screen window with no text. All you can do is close the window. Which leaves me with entering the activation key manually instead. But I don't know where I can find it. I searched the box and can't find the key listed anywhere. Does anyone know where I could find my activation key and does anyone know why this happened to my computer? I don't recall tinkering with the system. Although I do remember getting a Windows 10 Update notification every now (which I always postpone), then my computer froze and the Activate Windows screen first appeared. I don't know if the two are related. I also notice

  • Issue#1030080: Lenovo - Lenovo Y50 LCD Backlight Issue After Windows 10 Anniversary Update

    Greetings everyone! I have recently upgraded my Windows 10 OS to the anniversary update recently and shortly after the update, my laptop's LCD backlight randomly went off and wouldn't go on. At first I thought it could be the drivers update that messed up the backlight but I knew it doesn't work that way. Here are the list of things I've tried: - Rebooting (obviously)- Reinstalled the Intel HD graphics card with the latest version from Lenovo's support- Reinstalled the Nvidia graphics card with the latest version from Lenovo's support- Also tried previous Intel & Nvidia graphics card driver versions- Keyboard's built-in backlight controller doesn't do anything I'm starting to think it's hardware related issue and if that's the case, where's the trusted website to obtain a LCD screen replacement to fix it myself (I've already found tutorials on how to replace it, because warranty expired literally last week...) Thanks!!!

  • Issue#1082321: Lenovo - Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon 3rd gen: cellular network (3g,4g) issue- windows 10 pro

    Hi all lenovo users,I am using lenovo x1 carbon for last one month. So far i am very satisfied with my device. I am not finding mobile networks (3g/4g) though it supports it. Does anyone have any idea about it. 

  • Issue#1207: Lenovo - windows 10 & 8.1 ThinkPad E540

    helloI have a problem on the Intel HD Graphics 4600windows 10 Directx support 12Windows 8.1  Directx support 11.2 OR 11.3BUT Intel HD Graphics 4600 Directx support 11.1How do I use Windows Directx support 11.1????????????

  • Issue#1687: Lenovo - Yoga 12 Bildschirmdrehung Windows 7

    Hallo, ich habe ein Yoga 12 20DK001XGE mit Windows 7 64bit (das wurde mir vom Arbeitgeber leider installiert).Mein Problem ist, dass die automatische Bildschirmdrehung nicht funktioniert.Was ich dazu schon sagen kann:- das Häckchen in der Bildschirmanpassung fehlt- in den Diensten taucht weder der Sensordatendienst, noch der Sensordienst noch der Sensorüberwachungsdienst auf- im Geräte-Manager wird unter Sensoren "STMicroelectronics Sensor Hub" angezeigt. Gibt es eine  Möglichkeit die Bildungschirmdrehung zu aktivieren? Bzw. braucht es dazu ganz andere Informationen? mit besten Grüßenkatja