Issue#125: Lenovo - how to root Tab 2 A8-50 LC?

  • hello I want to root my device(LENOVO TAB 2 A8 50LC)  but I couldnt find any help about this. please help me

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  • Issue#124: Lenovo - how to root lenovo Tab 2 A8-50LC

    Hello.I want to root my lenovo tablet (tab 2 a8 50 Lc) . but I didnt find any help in forums. plz help me.

  • Issue#44005: Lenovo - Tab 2 A8-50F doc files loading issue

    Hello, I've just bought a new Ideatab 2 A8-50F. I have a problem with doc files. When I open a doc file with pre-installed Officesuite, the tablet freezes for 15 min, untill the file is ready for viewing. I tried a few different versions of Officesuite, all the same. I don't know, if it's a problem with every unit or just my tablet. When I try to load the file on my Xiaomi Redmi mobile, quad core 1.66MHz, the file is ready in 3 sec, so I don't understand, why it takes 15 min on the tablet. If someone could, please, try to open the attached file with Officesuite and let me know, if you have the same issue or if it works. Tab A8-50FAndroid 5.1Core 3.10.65 Thanks a lot

  • Issue#204981: Lenovo - Issue with Wifi (flickering) on my Yoga tab 2 1050-F

    Hi,Since some weeks i have issues with my Wifi connection :It stops working and the "Wifi" quick setting button flicker. I can't disable and/or enable it. The only thing i found to resolve the issue is to reboot the tablet, then it works for some times.I have Android 5.0.1 (last update).Do you know this issue ? If yes, how to resolve it ?Thanks

  • Issue#323260: Lenovo - Tab 2 A10 possible screen issue.

    I recently purchased the Lenovo Tab 2 A10. My screen is displaying small gray squares when viewing mainly blue and orange colours, which is giving the colours a white stripy look, even when viewing 15 to 30 cm away. I'd like to know if this is normal behavior for this tablet or do I have a bad screen? It is worse in portrait mode. Here is a Photo  You can see the issue, especially over the Twitter logo. The photo is not really showing it well though. Can anybody clarify what is happening here. I have the cheaper Lenovo A10 which does not do this. Thanks.

  • Issue#531689: Lenovo - Lenovo Tab 2 A10 - Charging Issue

    Hi All, I've brought myself Lenovo Tab 2 A10 back in Janurary 2016.Just recently I have noticed the battery taking forever to charge. The Device still works as normal! I do have a lot of Applications installed but hardly using any memory (Not running in the background)  I have taken screen shots on the device. I am not sure if its the device that may be faulty or just user error.  The screenshots are located here : Sad thing is I have lost the receipt from where I have brought it from.  If anyone has any ideas or had this problem, feel free to comment.  Cheers - TheUKmoody

  • Issue#545962: Lenovo - lenovo tab 3 and hbogo issue

    anyone willing to see that there is a conflict that nor hbo or lenovo doesn't want to solve?Try to see hbogo on my build in projector of the tab 3 pro.. And hbo said: please remove the other display to continue playback.I am thinking to return the tablet. 😕So sad ...

  • Issue#658977: Lenovo - Lenovo Tab A10-70: Video Playback Issue

    Hey everyone!Recently I have upgraded my tablet to Android 5.0. Although superb and excellent I have unfortunately came across a video playback bug. While watching a video with either the default player or any other player off the Playstore (Example: VLC) with supported video formats the frames will ridiculously drop every few seconds. I have rebooted the device, cleared the cache, turned on and off the experimental player in developer options, uninstalled and reinstalled all apps, even done a factory reset but to all efforts I have been unsuccessful.It would be greatly appreciated if someone has a solution.

  • Issue#736324: Lenovo - Tab 2 A10-70F flip cover issue and red bar

    Hi guys, I bought a new Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70F recently, but I have a problem with the flip cover. When I open the flip cover, the screen doesn't turn on. It stays black. Also is a red bar on the right side of the homescreen.  I have 2 other Lenovo Tabs and they don't have the problem (and they don't have the red bar). The covers are the same (I switched them, to test it). What can I do about it? Is it a screen calibration issue? The tablet is for my grandma to skype with her daughter and she can hardly press the on/off to start the tablet.  Best regards,Dennis

  • Issue#815026: Lenovo - Issue with the speakers in lenovo yoga tab 3 pro

    HiI got my yoga tab 3 pro a week back.. I checked it when I received it was working all well. Speakers were perfectly OK.But i didn't use it much due to busy schedule and today when I turned it on... I hear a noise from right speaker every time I touch the screen, this noise is kind a wind blowing... It lasts for just 3 to 4 seconds and then its gone... I tried turning it on and off a few times to check if it would be fine but the day passed.. Doing the same thing but the sound remains. Anyone please advise about this issue.

  • Issue#847193: Lenovo - Lenovo Tab 2 A10 70F issue after firmware update

    Hi,  I have recently got an software update on my lenovo TAB 2 A10 70F. After the recent firmware update, I had done a factory reset. And currently I am unable to install the games that i was playing before (Boom Beach, Hay Day)From the tablet if I open Playstore, and search for above games, i dont find those games. And when I try from My PC browser, and try to install it, or it shows that device is not compatible  Please follow the two images with highlight. ï»¿ï»¿ Below is my system details Model No - Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70FAndroid Version - 5.0.1Android security patch level - 2015-12-01Build No - A10-70F_S000122_160505_ROWHardware Version - LenovoPad_A10-70FSoftware Version - A10-70F_20160505 Can someone help me please with it. If possible I would like to revert the firmware to old one which was w

  • Issue#977588: Lenovo - Tab 2 A10-70 SD Card Issue

    Love the Tab 2 A10-70, which I've only had for a week and still becoming familiar with. I used an 8GB SD card to transfer some files from my desktop to the Tablet, without problem. I travel a lot, so I bought a 128GB SD card with the intention of loading it with MP4 film files I have, so I could then have a library of entertainment for the Tablet while away from home. However, while my desktop PC recognises the SD card (ex Fat system) and is happy to transfer data on to it, the Tablet won't recognise the SD card at all and won't mount it. Has anyone got any ideas about this?

  • Issue#1027911: Lenovo - Lenovo A850 ROOT small memory issue. Trying to extend internal memory.

    Has any one noticed that once an app is installed, it takes up memory which doenst free up when we uninstall the app in marshmallow. I always have to reset my phone when it's filled up. It's like the app doenst uninstalls it gets deactivated and can't be reactivated. The greatest flaw in lenovo marshmallow up grade. Now what to do with this problem please suggest me.

  • Issue#1125701: Lenovo - How to root my Lenovo YOGA TAB 3 PRO?

    Hellow. Really I need to root my Yoga tablet 3 pro, but i don't find a solution. Help me please.

  • Issue#1152448: Lenovo - Lenovo tab 2 a10 70f cant upgrade issue after unroot

    Hello, I am trying to update my tablet but im recieving this error  System/bin/ has unexpected contents... Update zip is not correct Installation aborted Please mind Tablet was rooted with kingroot but i decided to unroot it with same app  How can i fix this issue??  

  • Issue#127: Lenovo - G50-45 USB Root Hub (xHCI) problem

    unknown deviceUSB\ROOT_HUB30&VID1022&PID7814&REV0011 USB ControllerPCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7808&SUBSYS_380117AA&REV_39 USB ControllerPCI\VEN_1022&DEV_7808&SUBSYS_380117AA&REV_39  OS: Win8.1 64-bitall updates installed seems that Microsoft nor AMD could help me with this ?anyone here can ?

  • Issue#955: Lenovo - Yoga 3 Tab 8 - Battery not charging

    Purchased my Yoga 3 Tab 8" in December. Has worked fine until now. The battery has stopped charging. When plugged in using the genuine cable and charger, the battery icon (right of top bar) doesn't indicate charging. When turned off and plugged in, the ON/OFF light pulses and the screen indicates charging but the battery percentage doesn't change nor does it actually charge. I have also tried using the original cable plugged into a usb port but the results are the same. Any suggestions.

  • Issue#1933: Lenovo - lenovo p1m volume setting issue

    I face a lot of problem with my lenovo vibe p1m mobile when ever i plug in or plug out my headphones the volume for calls and messeges is decreasing to lower volume again if i set to maximum volume and the time when i plug in or plugging  out my headphones the volume is again reduced to low setting.. Please help me with this issue if this is a software issue for all mobiles i request you to please fix this bug......Thank you in advance....

  • Issue#2423: Lenovo - Thinkpad Yoga 15 Graphic Card issue (geforce 840m)

    I hope somebody can help me with this problem I have with my Thinkpad Yoga 15 (20DQ001KUS).I have upgraded it to windows 10 and all was running fine in the beginning but now I received ‘the blue screen’ all the time and  the computer does not restart normally after it. If I disable the Nvidia Geforce 840M graphic card (and just use the Intel HD graphics 5500) I don’t receive the errors. I have tried already many things with updating and rolling back drivers for the Geforce card. But it keeps giving problems. All other drivers are also up to date…. Thank you very much in advance! I have received the following error messages on the windows 10 blue screen:video_scheduler_internal_errorDPC_watchdog_violationvideo_management_internalvideo_DXGKRNL_fatal_errorAnd here are the results of the diagnostic scan (I also performed the separate motherboard diagnostic scan and it passed fully): ========================================================== Lenovo Solution

  • Issue#4549: Lenovo - W510 Fan issue

    Hi, I got myself a used W510 around half a year ago.For around 2-3 months now, the fan has been making a rattling noise whenever in use. It was somewhat quiet and didn't seem to affect temps or anything, but regardless I ordered a new fan from China around a week ago. The real issue is, a few days ago my laptop started giving me a fan error message whenever I tried to boot it. I try to take good care of my laptop, so I've cleaned it from dust regularly, so that can't be the issue. Now when I try to start up my laptop, it beeps twice, displays a "fan error" message, and shuts down again by itself. I've always gotten my laptop to start though, eventually, after trying to blow in the fan, or shaking my laptop slightly. It's become more and more difficult to get my laptop to launch, though, which is a real issue because I cannot work without my laptop, and shipping the fan from China will take 2-3 weeks at least. Is there any temporary solution I could try to get my laptop f

  • Issue#5372: Lenovo - Tab 3 pro connectivity

    will the tab3pro connect to DVDs player via micro sub for projector use?

  • Issue#5554: Lenovo - How to downgrade from lollipop to kitkat in tab 2 a10-70

    JUST NOW UPGRADED TO LOLLIPOP IN MY TAB 2 A10-70 F. ITS TOO BUGGY1) one key lock app by lenovo is not working so I can't able to lock the screen by double tap2) no battery percentage shown in status bar3) very high battery consumption..... Working on the tablet even with charged plugged i can find reduce in battery percentage... It looks crazy4) I hate lollipop UI5) app memory storage is not shown in manage app tab6) Reduced sound... I bought this tab as it has soundbar powered by Dolby.And some minor issues Lenovo is fully responsible for this BUGGY upgrade but they are not showing any interest in fixing it, they has to release a new update with bugs fixed...... Can anyone tell me the steps to downgrade to KitKat?

  • Issue#5973: Android - Help! Lenovo tab 2 a7 touchscreen not working

    When the notification "charge battery" came up the touch screen just went! It is not responding at all! I didn't drop it or anything like that! How do I fix it? Any help would be great!

  • Issue#6237: Lenovo - y40 70 .78ghz bios issue

    I'm trying to find out if anyone knows when/if lenovo is planning to get a bios update out out for these laptops to address the processor stuck at .78ghz while running on battery proglem. It appears to be an identical issue that the Z510 guys have been fighting with in this 40 page long post. I have confirmed it appears to be a very similar issue as throttlestop will resolve the issue when checking the 'prochot' checkbox, but this is not a viable/safe long term solution to the problem. If we can't get this issue resolve, i'm going to have several dozen of these laptops we are going to scrap and replace and I'm really not wanting to have to do that.

  • Issue#6776: Lenovo v470 - Intel Graphics Drivers Issue

    I'm having display issues with my v470 laptop when I install Intel Graphics drivers. After few mins of using the laptop, the display gets distorted and locks up the laptop. I have to power off the laptop every time. I tried installing the Intel Onbroad Graphics drivers that's available from Lenovo's website. I also try install the latest Intel HD Graphics 3000 drivers from Intel website. I ran memtest successfully without any errors.  The odd part is whenever I uninstall the Intel Graphics drivers the issue goes away.  This is how the display looks - Specs: i5 2410M8 gigs RAMWin 7 Ultimate x64 Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Issue#7249: Lenovo - Yoga tab 3pro 10 (Yt3-X90F) Display not working - DOA?

    Just received my Yoga tab 3 pro. When trying to power it on it seems the screen ligths up but no text or images appear. I try restarting it holding the power button down and screen turns black again after a cpl of seconds.Try restarting it and screen poorly lights up again and some small intro tune is playing. Still the same after that, I see the lights is on but nothing is happening.   Suggestions or is this a DOA-unit?  

  • Issue#7805: Lenovo - l412 sleep issue??? please help!

    i have a thinkpad L412 core i3, 6gb, 320gb wd black win 7 pro my laptop has begun to develope a slight issue, the system is still working great and still sleeps, and wakes up but i am having an issue with itwhen it is going into sleep mode. this has happened twice in 4 days, when the laptop goes into sleep mode the power and sleep light flashes about 10 times and the fan powers up to full speed, after about 10 flashes the system finally sleeps. for a little help understanding what is going on, this l412, and both x series thinkpads i have do the same thing when windows 10 is installed, but in windows 10 it also does this when you shutdown, not only in sleep like the issue im having. maybe the hdd is not ready to sleep when it gets the command? i dunno so i have had this laptop for a few months, and it came with a 160 wd blue, on 12/31 i installed the 320gb wd black i would say its a bit older than the original and seems that it may be starting to show its age.. 

  • Issue#7932: Lenovo - Dolby Advanced Audio v2 guides and Bluetooth issue

    Hello LenovoI have a Lenovo G780 laptop.Can you make a guide to me how to solve the Dolby Advanced Audio v2 issue (it won't start when I upgrade to W8.1 from W8 and W10Home from W8.1) for both W8.1 and W10Home? That would be great. I have searced the forum but I can't find a solution that works.Also when I upgrade to W8.1 from W8 Bluetooth doesn't work. Shall I install the W8.1 Bluetooth driver for Lenovo G780 in or how can I solve it?Lars

  • Issue#8417: Lenovo - K4 Note bluetooth connection issue

    Hi, I brought K4 Note fone from Amazon 2-3 days back. I am getting problem is while opening my bluetooth it is not detecting my jabra sports pulse wireless ear fone which is very depressing..Previously i have google nexus 4 with me and my jabra earfone works fine with that device and also with other fones as well but this K4 note not even detect it ..Please suggest me how to make feasible for my headset ... ThanksMithlesh Dwivedi

  • Issue#8418: Lenovo - Yoga tab pro 3 : not smooth...

    I have just buy the Yoga tab pro 3, it's really good tablet! For this price, the tablet must be perfectly smooth! But I have a lot of micro lag, for example when I expanding notification panel, navigation web browsing (chrome) and in other apps. I tryed speed booster and other clean app but nothing. How to have a tablet perfectly smooth? Thanks