Issue#122: Lenovo - X1 Carbon 3rd gen cant access my 1.5T external hard drive

  • I have a problem connecting my X1 carbon 3rd gen with my iomega external hard drive 

    anybody has a solution for this issue

    this iomega drive is working on all my other notebook except the X1

    I tried even to connect it via the lenovo dock but not able to access it

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  • Issue#46002: Lenovo - X1 Carbon 3rd gen with two external 2560x1440 monitors?

    I have a 20BS X1 Carbon i7 with the internal 2560x1440 display and the OneLink Pro dock. I also have two external Dell 2560x1440 monitors; these monitors have three ports: Display Port, HDMI and VGA. I'm trying to figure out how to get everything connected so I can run all three displays at 2560x1440. I cannot use the DVI port on the OneLink Pro dock because the maximum resolution on the dock's DVI port is 1920x1200: At first, I ran one external monitor to the DisplayPort port on the dock and the other monitor to the HDMI port on the laptop. The monitor connected to the dock worked at 2560x1440, but the montior on the HDMI port did not work at all. If I disconnect the dock from the laptop, then the montior connected to the laptop via HDMI turns on immediately work runs at 2560x1440, when I reconnect the dock, it turns off. Next, I took the monitor that was connected to the HDMI port, and plugged it into the mi

  • Issue#722464: Lenovo - USB 3.0 drivers issue when importing it on windows 7 for x1 carbon 3rd gen

    Hi, i'm trying to build a iso with USB 3.0 drivers preloaded into windows 7 image but when i use winsetupfromusb i get it to make so it loads critical drivers on load but when it loads 2 of the USB 3.0 drivers for my x1 carbon 3rd gen it finish the process then command window disapears and within like 15 seconds window returns and says it's awaiting for USB intizialize or something but after another 15 seconds new window opens up and says it was unable to detect USB device and it suggest me to try USB 2.0 port so my question does anyone here know proper USB 3.0 drivers for the laptop? since one listed on drivers page does not work and i have tried on downloading some from other sites but without any luck they also do the same problem so yeah i hope some here knows a working driver that i can use as temp for windows 7 to install via USB 3.0 port without me needing to disable them to 2.0 and then re-enable to 3.0 again :/ Also drivers on product page download area works fine wh

  • Issue#797869: Lenovo - TrackPoint behaviour issue on X1 Carbon (3rd Gen)

    I think most users know that TrackPoint has an auto-correction mechanism to avoid permanent physical tilt.That is, when TrackPoint is pushed towards a direction with constant force for several seconds, that direction will be corrected as "zero-point". Therefore you'll observe a counter-movement when releasing TrackPoint. What I want to mention is that, back on X220, if you press middle-button when pushing TrackPoint, the above mechanism will never be triggered regardless of how long or how hard you push. This is a correct and thoughtful design, because when middle-button is pressed, such tilt should be user-generated rather than permanent physical. However, on X1 Carbon (3rd gen), the auto-correction mechanism will be triggered even when middle-button is pressed. This is NOT a correct behaviour.I guess such behaviour is coded in Synaptics driver.  If so, please kindly contact them to correct this behaviour. Thanks.

  • Issue#1082321: Lenovo - Lenovo Thinkpad X1 carbon 3rd gen: cellular network (3g,4g) issue- windows 10 pro

    Hi all lenovo users,I am using lenovo x1 carbon for last one month. So far i am very satisfied with my device. I am not finding mobile networks (3g/4g) though it supports it. Does anyone have any idea about it. 

  • Issue#28043: Lenovo - Lenovo Carbon X1 3rd Gen-Worst Purchase Ever!

    When I bought my Lenovo Carbon x1 3rd Gen., I was really excited about buying a laptop considered best in its class and I was looking forward to boosting my productivity. Right out of the box, my laptop came damaged-the sound volumes would spike or the bass would cut out and in intermittenly while giving presentations. THIS WAS NEW OUT OF THE BOX. I then called Lenovo support, who was not able to diagnose the problem. They just recorded it. Then my sound jack stopped working. I called in, they support wrongfully diagnosed it as a motherboard problem. He called to send a tech out. I took the day off the next day, the tech did not come. Never called. Next day someone came, replaced the motherboard. Sound jack still not working, sound problem still there. Next day another person came, nothing got fixed, and then he messed up my left usb jack. Now I’m being told in order to get my laptop sent in and rushed back to me, I have to pay $20?! This laptop cam

  • Issue#87695: Lenovo - X1 Carbon Wi-Fi issue after hard reboot

    Hi, the Wi-Fi capability on my laptop is gone after a hard reboot. THE ISSUEStarted having this problem of my laptop not waking up from sleep after closing the lid for an extended period of time. No biggie, I'll just turn it off and turn it back on by holding the power button (hard reboot). Everything works fine except all wifi capability is gone. Under network & internet in the setting menu there is no wifi option. In device manager there is no wireless LAN under the network adapters. It is like there is no wifi driver.Ethernet still works, and I was able to get the wifi working for some time, but if the hard reboot happens again, the wifi is gone and I must scramble to fix it again. POSSIBLE SOLUTIONSI've tried reinstalling wifi drivers, checking the BIOS, performing system restores and I even went as far as resetting the system and supposedly reinstalling a fresh windows 10 but to no avail. I've been able to repair it for a short period of time (I'm not sure

  • Issue#110621: Lenovo - X1 Carbon 3rd Gen bluetooth cannot recognize audio receivers

    Hey everyone, My X1 Carbon 3rd Gen (Product Number: 20BSCTO1WW, BIOS : N14ET33W 1.11) cannot recognize two Bluetooth audio receivers (I use them to connect to my speakers). Both receivers can be recognized by my iPhone and iPad. One of them used to work fine with my T400. Haven't tried the new one with my T400. I'm running Windows 10 64 bit. Bluetooth driver up-to-date.  I noticed Lenovo Campanion kept suggesting install the Intel Bluetooth driver after nuemours installs. I eventually manually downloaded the driver from Lenovo website, and the Bluetooth driver disappeared from the "Optional" update list. Any ideas what do I need to do to make it work? Thanks a lot,Jack

  • Issue#124601: Lenovo - Barely 3 hours of battery life on a 3 month old 3rd Gen X1 Carbon

    Decided to take my laptop to scool last week to stream an NBA game during class.  When the game was over I had about 20% batterly life.  Barely enough juice to use the laptop to view websites.  That 20% battery life didn't last long at all. Laptop barely lasted 3 hours total. Yes, this laptop charges quickly but whats the point of that when the laptop only last about 3 hours?  Maybe 5 hours if I didn't stream the game.  But no where near the 7 hours I read about before getting this laptop.... System Info:2.6 GHz I7 5600UWindows 10 Pro8GB ram   

  • Issue#207353: Lenovo - 320GB ThinkPad USD Poratable Secure Hard Drive - password access denied

    The other day I tried to (like many many times before) enter my password (I left it default 5 years) "123456" and hard disk did not let me access it.I have not changed password for sure, it just "stopped working".Few days prior, I remember while using it, it would stall while accessing data and I had to unplug it and plug it again. Appeared like it had some difficulty reading it. And then, once I plugged it, the password (by itself all of a sudden) stopped working. Anybody ever heard of anything like that?Any chance of fixing it? Thank you all

  • Issue#282749: Lenovo - Temperamental trackpad X1 Carbon 3rd gen

    Hey all,My first post here as I've never had any issues with any Thinkpads I've ever owned, but this one isn't as lucky!My trackpad on my X1 Carbon is very temperamental, sometimes it works, and sometimes it'll just stop working in the middle of using it. Closing the lid (putting it to sleep) and then opening it again seems to get it going again but it's not too long before it fails again... The red nipple thing doesn't work at all, no touch registered by it and occasionally it's not even registered in device manager or under mouse properties. So what have I done to try fix it? Everything possible, reinsalled windows (both 8.1 and 10), reinstalled a whole range of Synaptics drivers, taken the laptop fully appart and disconnected and reconnected everything. I've tried to do anything I can and I'm at a loss. I'm at University and I really need this laptop to work consistantly so if anyone knows anything that I could try to fix it, that'd greatly be appreciated! When this h

  • Issue#301847: Sony - can't access password protection manager on my external hard drive (HD-E1)

    Hi, the password protection manager on my sony hard drive (HD-E1) has been giving me problems. The program cannot open, it loads halfway and disappears, as such there's no way for me to access all the things i've saved inside. The program cannot even open for me to attempt the "repair" function as suggested by some other users. Please help!

  • Issue#329832: Lenovo - X1 Carbon 3rd gen empty slot

    Hi I noticed on my laptop x1 Carbon 3rd gen it has got a empty flat slot above cpu fan slot so I wanna know what that slot is for? Could it be support of touch screen? Which means if I want I can buy a screen piece already made with glas and back frame and such so all I gota do is install it and it will work? Or is the slot for something else? Just wanna know what this slot is for /Thanks

  • Issue#355264: Lenovo - X1 Carbon 3rd Gen Noise and Sound Distortion with Wifi Traffic

    Hello everyone, I noticed that there are scratchy noises and very noticeable sound distortion with Wifi traffic on my 3rd Gen starting about 3 days ago. With the noises, the mouse becomes sluggish and video playback experiences small pauses, too. I have never had this problem before. The only thing I remember I changed recently is to hit the "Update Driver" button on the Wifi device in "Device Manager". I have already uninstalled the that device driver and downloaded the 18.40 one from Lenovo. It was good for about a day after installing the version 18.40 wifi driver, but the noises came back right after. I also noticed that any wifi traffic seems to trigger high CPU usage. I suspect this is the culprit, but couldn't find anything online. I suspect it has something to do with Windows 10 regular updates or the 18.40 wifi driver. Does anyone have any suggestions about how to fix this problem? Thank you very much for your help! Jack

  • Issue#367153: File Import Failure - Premiere Pro CC .MOV External Hard Drive Issue!

    Hey everyone, Just got Adobe Premiere Pro CC after using CS5.5 for ages. Was well and truly time for an upgrade. First project I wanted to work on uses .mov files which work fine in CS5.5. When I import them into Premiere I get a "Fil Import Failure" error message with "Unsupported format or damaged file".These files also import just fine when I import from on the desk top but not from the external hard drive. Any answers? Have latest Quicktime installed and obviously it's the latest version of CC as I just downloaded it from Adobe today. The hard drive is 4TB Seagate Backup Plus External HDD - I'm running Dell XPS 15 on Windows 10. Thanks!

  • Issue#371256: Can't access any external portable hard drive unless I restart

    I bought my rMB used in February, along with the Apple USB-C HDMI multiport adapter, Apple USB-C VGA multiport adapter, and Apple USB-C to USB adapter. For a long time, I could access my two fairly new external portable hard drives just fine if I plugged them in via one of these adapters. But recently, I cannot access either of my two external drives with any of the three adapters. The drives start whirring when I plug them in, and their light goes on, but they just don't show up in Finder... Can't access any external portable hard drive unless I restart

  • Issue#380661: Lenovo - X1 Carbon (3rd Gen.): Brightness can't be changed and hotkeys F5 / F6 do not work anymore

    Dear all, the brightness of the built-in monitor (touchscreen) can't be changed anymore. It is a lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon (3rd Generation), model 20BTS0W70E, with Windows 8.1 Enterprise (64). Additionally, the Hotkeys Fn+F5 and Fn+F6 do not work anymore. All other hotkeys and options work properly. Meanhwhile I have installed the latest video/graphic adapter driver, power management driver, and the hotkey features integration. But the issue hasn't been been solved. Moreoverm I reset the plan settings of the power plan (within power options) through "Restore default settings for this plan", of course with restarting the PC. But: nothing has changed. What else can I do? Thanks in advance, and kind regards,J. P. S. 

  • Issue#382580: HP - Can I pull a hard drive from my medismart server and access it through an external enclosure?

    Hi Is this forum still viable? I have an old HP Mediasmart server that stopped working. I was hoping that I could pull my hard drives and put them in an external enclosure and access the data via my laptop - to rescue the data. I have attached them to my PC and I can see the files in the Share folder - but I cannot access them - i cannot copy them to my local hard drive, for example.  I get a message: Error 0x80070780: The file cannot be accessed by the system - when I try to copy them.  The files are all there in the original folder structure and I can navigate all around the drive and see the files - i just can't copy them. Can someone please help me determine how to rescue these files? Thank you! Rob

  • Issue#393650: Lenovo - X1 carbon (3rd. gen) can't install 18.40.0 Wifi drivers (Windows 10)

    The updates page and Lenovo update utility lists version 18.40.0 as a "critical" update.  I've tried to install it multiple times - manually downloading via Lenovo support site AND Lenovo System Update software. The "driver" in Device Manager is stuck at - can't get it to update to 18.40.0! I've uninstalled the driver from Device Manager too - and then tried installing, but it only installs the version. Updating via Device Manager also fails. What's going on? Is the driver not compatible with X1 carbon 3rd gen running Windows 10 64 bit? Fully updated. 

  • Issue#393774: Lenovo - X1 Carbon (3rd Gen.) only 4.5 hrs backup Windows 10

    I've been using my X1 Carbon 3rd gen. for about a month now. Immediately updated Win8 to Windows 10 - all my drivers and Windows is updated, except WiFi which is at 10.32.05. My brightness is always at 50% and using 200% scaling - I only get about 4 to 4.5 hours backup on this machine, without running any games, graphics/video editing/office software. In fact, I only use Chrome and usually have about 10-15 tabs open. No videos in those tabs, text sites. Only WiFi remains on - no bluetooth etc. Why such a low backup? Or is this "NORMAL" for X1c 3rd gen on Windows 10?

  • Issue#477078: [UbuntuGnome] Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon 3rd Gen

    I'm using a Lenovo X1 Carbon 3rd Gen running ubuntu. A couple of days ago I upgraded to Ubuntu 16.04 running Gnome as my desktop. I normally disable the trackpad (why do they bother with that - it essentially makes the computer unusable) in the bios. At first everything worked fine but after I did a subsequent "sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" the trackpad started working - though still disabled in the bios. There seems to be no way to disable it, either in the bios or in the gnome extension that supposedly handles mouse and touchpad config. The only way I have found to turn it off is to modify /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf by replacing the line MatchIsTouchpad "on" to "MatchIsTouchpad "off" in Section "inputClass". Unfortunately this also turned off the trackpoint and the computer is unusable. Is there a way to modify the config file to allow trackpoint to work without touchpad. Sorry if this is the wrong topic but not sure w

  • Issue#506523: Linux - Cannot access external hard-drive

    I have used a 1T WD My Passport external hard-drive in Linux Mint 17.3 and Windows 7 dual-boot system on my Samsung laptop for months. I've just installed LM 17.3 Cinnamon on a Dell Optiplex GX280, but after using the Passport with that I can't open it in any of the os. I think that the problem is with the volume type, because in W7 disk management it shows as unallocated, nor is there a volume description under Disks in Linux. What have I done wrong, and can it be fixed?

  • Issue#523664: Lenovo - Forgot Hard Drive Password for my X1 Carbon

    I have an X1 Carbon, 20BS  CT01WW.  A few days ago I changed my hard drive password to something more secure,  and now I have forgotten the password.  I can still access the laptop using my fingerprint, but I am worried that some day the fingerprint reader won't work.  The X1 has an SSD, but it is not FDE. I do have a full disk image  backup using Macrium. I am wondering if I can use "ThinkPad Drive Erase Utility for the Resetting the Cryptographic Key and the Erasing the Solid State Drive" to reset the hard disk password.  I am aware I will wipe the SSD clean, but i can restore from my Macrium backup. Thanks.

  • Issue#528537: Lenovo - Will Samsung 950 pro nvme drive work as an upgrade with the x1 Carbon 4th gen

    Will it work if the model originally has the sata3 ssd?

  • Issue#529477: Lenovo - Notification Issue with Moto G 3rd Gen

    I recently purchased this phone for myself. When I first used it the notifications worked correctly and when one would come in it would pulse on the screen every few seconds. Giving time to see the notification if out on a table/desk. Because of how well this worked I purchased a second one for my mother. Recently (May coincide with upgrading to Marshmallow) this notification screen no longer fully functions on both phones and they now both do what I recorded in the video below. That is, pulse once then never show again. You are required to physically move the phone to check for any notifications, which makes the display pointless and the lack of led means absolutely no notifications at all for the most part. (That charging LED on the top, front of the phone would of been great, sigh). Is this a widespread issue and is it going to be fixed soon because as it stands currently I'm having to check my phone every 10 minutes encase I miss the once off pulse. I have a feeling it is

  • Issue#534912: Lenovo - X1 Carbon 3rd Gen Degraded Earphone sound

    Hi, for the last two weeks I'm having a problem when I use earphones on my Lenovo X1.  I've tried different earphones, and every time I put them on and plug them in the computer, audio will sound degraded: For example, when playing a movie trailer, human voices will sound so low that they can't be understood, but music will sound ok. Also, Skype calls are useless when using earphones (human voice again) I tried playing with different dolby settings to no avail. Sound on the loudspeakers is ok though.  Can someone help me fix this? Thanks!

  • Issue#552377: Lenovo - Ruido ventilador del sistema en Lenovo X1 Carbon 3rd Gen

    Buenas a todos, Soy un nuevo miembro del foro; encantado de estar aquí.Recientemente adquirí un Lenovo X1 Carbon 3Gen y una vez puesto al día el sistema todo iba perfecto durante los primeros días de uso pero desde hace poco menos de una semana tengo el molesto problema del constante ruido del ventilador del sistema que gira sin parar todo el tiempo y se vuelve muy molesto para trabajar. Las condiciones de trabajo siguen siendo exactamente las mismas al igual que las costumbres, software, etc... He revisado y puesto al día actualizaciones tanto de Lenovo (bios incluida) como de Windows y el problema continua. No sé si a alguien le ha pasado también. Agradecería vuestra ayuda. Un saludo.

  • Issue#564394: Lenovo - lenovo x1 carbon 3rd gen 20BS 1TB M.2 SSD

    Hey, I saw that intel has made a m.2 ssd with size of 1TB name of it is Intel 540 M.2 SSD 1TB so i wanna know will this ssd even work on the x1 carbon 3rd gen 20BS??? /Thanks

  • Issue#569912: Lenovo - white dot on my brand new x1 carbon 3rd gen

  • Issue#585011: Lightroom - Can't access external hard drive

    I have photos on external HD, catalog is on laptop. When I plug in the external HD it lights up in the left pane, but no images show up. I have a pc, and the photos are accessible through explorer, all of them, so they're there, and the hd itself seems to be fine. Lightroom 6 just doesn't seem able to access them. Also, I had labelled the xternal drive W, but it shows up in both explorer and LR as E. I have tried renaming the drive W, but that didn't work either. I have used this Xternal HD in the past numerous times with no problem. OS is windows 10. I also have searched the forums because I know this can be a problem but didn't find any answers.