Issue#1204: Lenovo - G50 HDMI Not working for 2d External Monitor

  • I have a Lenovo G50 running Win8 32bit. I have two external monitors both Asus with VGA ports.


    I successfully configured one of the monitors to the VGA port.


    However I have not been able to successfully get my 2nd external monitor connected using the HDMI port. I have a VGA to HDMI adapter for the monitor but it's not working.


    To rule out any issue with the 2nd monitor, I was able to get it to work by disconnecting the VGA cable from the first monitor and connecting it to the 2nd monitor. But again, no luck using the HDMI port with a VGA to HDMI adapter.


    So I'm fresh out of ideas. Had anyone been able to resolve this successfully with this setup? And if so, how? Thanks in advance!




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  • Issue#897841: Lenovo - Display issue in Lenovo X1 Carbon. Though working on external monitor

    Display issue in Lenovo X1 CarbonDisplay non touch. Native resolution 2560x1440 on ci7 8GB 256GB SSD.When I wake the laptop from sleep/power on/restart it keeps happening for around 5 -10 mins then screen goes to normal.Sometimes screen stays dark but when I move the screen to and fro at different angles at some point display starts working.Though on external display it works fine.Now I would like to ask if any one who has the Idea that? 1. Is it a BAD/loose connection between display cable & mother board or between cable and back side of LCD panel?2. Is it a bad cable itself?3. Is it an issue of faulty LCD panel? or 4. Is it a bad motherboard? Please watch the video for exact issue.

  • Issue#121028: Lenovo - Yoga 2 Pro external monitor not working after Win 10 update

    Ever since updating to Windows 10, my Yoga 2 Pro (model name 20266, Mfg Date 14/08/2014) is unable to connect to an external monitor. Tried a few TVs and a projector using the micro HDMI port. I've connected other computers to each of the monitors so I know they work. I understand how to use WIndows intimately (35 year old software engineer at Google, been using WIndows 20+ years), trust me, this is not a case of me forgetting to use Windows key + P or anything like that. The mirco HDMI port itself (physically) is fine and was working great until the day I downloaded Windows 10. So unless it happened to spontaneously stop working on the exact same day i upgraded to WIndows 10, it's not a hardware issue either. The issue is that the external monitor is simply not detected, no matter my attempts to play with the display options.I have also run the Intel driver update utilty, but it refuses to update the driver because it says it's detected manufacturer drivers and tells me I should

  • Issue#172117: Geforce - GTX 960m Laptop - Some Games Not Displaying on External HDMI Monitor - Driver Issue?

    Unless there is a fix I am unaware of, I'd like opinions on this please. I have the Dell Inspiron 7559 mid-range gaming laptop with i7 6700HQ processor, and NVidia GTX 960m 4GB graphics card - Windows 10 64 bit. When I connect an external display via the HDMI port, some games I try will not display on that external display. It is either the Intel 530 driver causing this problem, or the NVidia. As the GTX 960m supports and uses NVidia Optimus, in order to set up multiple displays, I have to go through the Intel HD driver control panel to output to my external monitor. The NVidia control panel does not show any options to arrange displays, or any options at all apart from only showing options for 3D settings. NVidia Optimus uses the Intel dialogue boxes to accomplish this task (I think?). Is there a fix for this? Is it a currently known bug? One such game is Resident Evil 0 HD. I can hear sound, but can't see a thing. Getting rather annoyed now as I quite liked the idea of having

  • Issue#314292: Lenovo W520 + Ubuntu 14.04 --> external monitor not working

    Dear all, I have the W520 from Lenovo with Ubuntu 14.04, and would like to use it with an external monitor from Dell (U2515H). I connected the monitor through the display port with the laptop. I am using the nvidia-driver and I activated the "discrete" option in the bios ( I do not really care about optimus since I am using the laptop as a stationary workstation). In the "nvidia-settings" the monitor does get recognized and I can activate and deactivate the monitor. The issue is that the monitor always stays black? Is there somebody who could help me with how to approach this issue. I also attached some screenshots of the nvidia-settings and the additional drivers menu. Thanks a lot. f-p Attachments: .Screenshot from 2016-03-19 22:28:14.jpgScreenshot from 2016-03-19 22:26:57.jpg FYI: I also posted this question in some other forum. I will mark it clearly as solved in all locations once it is solved! Thx Attached Images Screenshot

  • Issue#459344: Lenovo - Ideapad Z580 - External monitor stopped working

    I've been running this Z580 for a year or so, and updated to Windows 10 a couple of months ago. Both the laptop display and an external monitor (HPw1907 vga) have been working fine. The other day, the external monitor just stopped working.   I check the device manager and the Intel HD Graphics 4000 display adapter is disabled, due to a Code 43. I have tried rolling back to an earlier restore point, I've uninstalled and reinstalled several versions of the Intel graphics adapter, up through the current compatible one. The most recent display adapter driver from Intel is apparently not hardware compatible with this adapter. The funny thing, is that the driver wants to work! On booting, while the black and white Lenovo splash screen is displayed, with the little circular Windows logo circling around, I can move the cursor back and forth between monitors. As soon as the screen turns blue (I assume with Windows drivers loading) the external monitor blanks out and I'm back

  • Issue#507109: Lenovo - Yoga 11s HDMI won't connect to external monitor

    I have a Yoga 11s that started having hdmi connection issues about a year ago and has recently quit connecting to an external monitor via HDMI completely. We tried upgrading to Windows 10 to see if that would overwrite any software issues - no luck. The HDMI port actually appears loose. I did an extensive search of the forum and found posts that recommended cutting down the rubber around the base of the hdmi cord - tried that and at least I had a little activitiy - in the upper right hand corner of the external monitor up popped a box that says DVI then VGA then HDMI - but then says No Signal. Tried the graphics card update recommended on a post from long time ago and a popup indicated I had a newer version already installed. I have taken it to a laptop repair place - said they couldn't get parts from Lenovo. I found an "authorized" Lenovo repair shop locally - when I called they said they only work on business machines Called Lenovo and they told me

  • Issue#699629: Lenovo - Ultra Dock+T450s+External Monitor Not Working

    Hello, I recently bought the Ultra Dock 90 for my T450s.  I have one external monitor currently connected through the dock.  When I push the power button on the docking station (laptop lid closed) to turn on the computer, the computer turns on, but the external monitor does not engage.  When I lift the laptop lid, there is no image on the laptop screen either.  The laptop is on, but does not respond to any key stokes on the actual laptop.  I then have to do a hard reboot using the power button on the laptop. If I initially power the laptop by lifting the lid and hitting the laptop power button, the compter boots and my external screen works.  I can then close the laptop lid and everything is fine. I know the power button on the dock should power the computer and external monitor on.  I am guessing there is a simple solution to resolve this, but I am not a computer person and need help. One thing to note - when I lift the lid a

  • Issue#877789: Acer - V5-591G-72SK to external monitor via HDMI not working

    The monitor doesn't even get detected. I have verified that there is no problem with the cable. The monitor works when it's connected via HDMI to my desktop so I know the monitor doesn't have a problem either. No idea what the issue is? The monitor is a Samsung Syncmaster S24B300BHL and runs at 1920x1080 @ 60Hz, same as the laptop. Any help solving this would be greatly appreciated.

  • Issue#993902: Lenovo - Yoga 2 Pro: Black Screen, Vibrates when Touched, HDMI out to External Monitor works

    Hi,My Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro laptop is out of warranty by now, but I'm trying to get the issue fixed via a claim with my credit card company.  After turning on the laptop, the screen goes black while the backlit keyboard remains.  Touching the screen gives a vibration.  I connected the laptop to an external monitor via the HDMI out and found out the laptop is working so it's the screen having an issue.  I tried searching online and it looks like I'm not the only person having this issue; it's fairly common.Question -- How much would it cost to repair (or replace the screen if it's not repairable)?Thank you.

  • Issue#1140216: External monitor via HDMI not working on a HP Spectre 13 Ultrabook (Model no. F5C93EA#ABU)

    I have a HP Spectre 13 Ultrabook (Model No. F5C93EA#ABU) originally shipped with Windows 8.1 64 bit.About 2 months ago it was updated to Windows 10 64-bit with no great problems (update in place).Recently I observed that the external HDMI port no longer works when trying to connect to a TV. I have since tested many combinations of external monitors and cables together with other laptops and proved the problem is with this laptop, We have updated windows 10 to the latest aniversary update to attempt to fix the problem and have also uninstalled and reinstalled the Intel Gaphics Driver which is currently at version This the latest driver is as posted at the HP website and tends to the be the version that is also automatically installed via windows update.  I notice that actual baseline release date of is August last year. Intel have many later non-OEM versions but this is the latest HP OEM version. I am at a loss on how to fix the problem a

  • Issue#5022: HP - External Monitor Issue - Elitebook 840

    For work I connect my laptop directly to a second monitor and choose the "extend screen option" to allow use of two monitors. This works fine until I unhook from the external monitor. Then my laptop screen goes blank and I am unable to use the laptop.  Rebooting the laptop does not correct the issue. The fn options to switch between projector modes does not correct the issue. The windows+P option does not correct the issue. The only resolution I have found is to login to my laptop in safe mode and reset the display settign there.  I would like to know how to resolve this so I can unplug my external monitor and not have to login via safemode the next time I use my laptop. My drives say they are updated.   Thanks,

  • Issue#18227: Lenovo - How to connect the Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro to external monitor/projector?

    Hello All, I purchased a new Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro recently and tried to connect it with the monitor using micro HDMI to HDMI cable, its not displaying it in the monitor.Monitor Driver also installed in the Yoga 3 device.Current resolution is 1260x1440, 60HzAnother device (HP Tablet) is able to connect with the same monitor using same cable.Please help me on this. Any advice welcome! 

  • Issue#24171: Lenovo - Dual External Monitor on Z51 Notebook

    I want to make three monitor system (laptop monitor + 2 external monitors) Does Z51 Notebook support driving two external monitors simultaniously connected to VGA and HDMI Ports (i.e. one on the HDMI and one on the VGA output)?

  • Issue#31351: Lenovo - Lenovo G50-45 Notebook Bluetooth not working after upgrade to Win10

    My Lenovo G50-45 Notebook Bluetooth not working after upgrade to Win10.It is not detecting any bluetooth device.Please help.

  • Issue#35879: HP - HDMI attached monitor not working correctly

    I just bought this 15t from Amazon and attached it to my ViewSonic VA2012wb monitor via the HDMI ports.  The second monitor appears to display correctly and I am able to extend my first monitor, but when I try to do something in the second monitor, it starts acting oddly. Instead of full screen, it shows the target view in about 2/3 the area of the full screen (which still shows underneath). If it is a video playing the top, smaller screen seems to be trying to show the video, but the full screen also trys to display the video in sporadic fashion. The clicks of the mouse sometimes seem to be on target and other times it just misses. I have previously had no trouble with this monitor when attached via the vga port.

  • Issue#38182: Lenovo - Flex 2-15 can't connect external monitor

    About a week ago, I tried connecting my Lenovo Flex 2 15 (purchased December 2014) to a Vizio TV via HDMI cable, but I couldn't get it to display my screen to the TV. I tried 3 different HDMI cables, ran through the F10 display options. I also updated drivers and now my laptop will not connect to my HP Compaq external monitor (via HDMI to VGI adapter). My laptop doesn't seem to even acknowledge that I connected either the monitor or TV to it.  Has anyone else had this problem? I have updated it from Windows 8 to Windows 10 maybe a month ago, but haven't had problems connecting it to my external monitor until last week. Is there a driver issue that I'm not aware of?

  • Issue#40684: Lenovo - Windows 1511 update causes boot problem when attached to an external monitor

    I have a Y70-70 attached to an external monitor via the HDMI port. It is running Windows 10 build 10240. I am able to reboot the system without any problem. The login screen displays on the external monitor without any problem. If I update the system using the Windows 1511 update, I am no longer able to boot the system with the external monitor plugged in. If it is plugged in, the boot sequence stalls and I e see the login screen. I have to unplag the monitor and let the system boot to the login screen. I am then able to plug the monitor back in and have the login screen appear on the external monitor. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the Intel VGA graphics driver, but that did not fix the problem. Any ideas?

  • Issue#46457: Lenovo - Tab 2 A10-70 External Monitor Display

    Any user know if this tablet can connect to an external monitor display?  If so, how? Thx.

  • Issue#48245: Lenovo - Problems Resolution with External Monitor

    Hi, i have an X1 Carbon 3° gen with QHD Display ( 2560 x 1440 ), sometimes I connect an external monitor with resolution ( 1920 x 1080 ), when i disconnect that monitor and continuing work on the laptop screen, Program windows and characters are very large although the resolution is good at 2560 x 1080. someone else has encountered this behavior? S.O. : Windows 8.1HD Intel Grpahics Driver:  Thanks

  • Issue#53149: Lenovo - ThinkPad P70 Workstation Dock with HDMI monitor blinks intermittently

    This is all brand new kit.  The P70 works perfectly and so does the external monitor when I plug the HDMI cable into the HDMI port on the P70.  However, if I connect the HDMI cable to the HDMI port on the Dock and then dock the P70, the external monitor blinks (black screen) every 5 to 30 seconds or so.  The blink is about 0.5  to 1 second in duration.  I have found posts from 2013 regarding a similar problem on the Thinkpad Ultra Dock which was resolved with a firmware update. Is there a resolution to this issue or a firmware update available?  If not I will have to return the dock as there is no point in having it if I cannot use a multiple monitor configuration when docked. Any help gratefully received. Andy

  • Issue#58123: Lenovo - W540 external display issue withn ultradock after driver upgrade

    Graphic drivers installed on W540 i7 via Lenovo System Update on 2nd Feb 2016.  (, Intel; 354.45, Nvidia now reported in Control Panel).  External display blanking now back: had gone following firmware upgrade (fwdphb03.exe) under the previous drivers.  No other changes to system. Dell U3415W via miniDisplayPort.  Was working perfectly! Anyone else found this happening after the driver update? Thanks    

  • Issue#60592: Lenovo - Thinkpad E550 - What type of external monitor should I buy?

    Can you share your experiance or expertise regarding attaching an external monitor to your E550? I'd like to attach a monitor to my E550 to increase readability of the text and so I can adjust the height to improve my posture. My machine specs are:Intel Core i7-5500U Processor (2.40GHz), 8.0GB RAM, 1x500GB SATA III, Windows 7 Professional 64, 15.6in 1920x1080, 2GB AMD Radeon R7 M265 Graphic, What kind of external monitor should I buy?   * Am I limited to 1080p out of the HDMI?  are higher resolutions supprted? * Is it possible to attach more than one monitor?   

  • Issue#62519: Lenovo - P50 model 2nd external screen not working properly

    Hello, I have the P50 as a workstation and I'm running two external monitors (DELL U2412M) behind it. The mini DP-DP runs well, but the second monitor with HDMI-DVI (monitor doesn't have HDMI) starts to work if I go to BIOS and make changes to Display settings (from hybrid to standard or something). So I don't use the integrated Intel graphics card. It works untill I shut down, also sleep will make it "die".  I also tried to use HDMI - DP between my second monitor, but then it doesn't work at all. My colleague also has the same machine, but he has slightly newer monitors that have HDMI connection and he has the same issue. The second monitor, that gets the signal from P50's HDMI will die after sleep or shut down. I'm running windows 10 on it and I had to change my nVidia driver to 354.56. Combination of Solidworks 2016 with windows 10 is so new that it doesn't seem to support most of the graphics drivers. My current driver is a bit olde

  • Issue#65266: Lenovo - External Display issue with P50 on Linux

    Hello! I have a P50 (TopSeller 20EN0013US) and dual boot Windows 10 Pro and UbuntuGnome 15.10 with it. I have been having an issue connecting external displays via the laptop's mini-DisplayPort connector. When I plug in an external display while the machine is running, the internal display will begin turning on and off every second, until the external display is disconnected. The external display never turns on. I have the bios set to use dedicated graphics only. I am using the binary Nvidia driver, version 352.63, and have also tried the 352.79, 358.xx, and 361.xx (from the nvidia-drivers ppa) which all have the same issue. I am using the kernel version, which is the stock 15.10 ubuntu kernel. The issue does not occur under Windows 10 Pro. I have been able to work around the issue by setting the mini-Displayport to the primary display device (so it is visible at boot, and ends up being used for the console framebuffer), which then allows me to switch to the console

  • Issue#74974: Lenovo - Lenovo G50-80 80E502EKPB maximum monitor resolution with a DELL 27''

    Hello from Greece, i am the owner of a Lenovo G50-80  80E502EKPB 15.6'' laptop with Intel core I7-5500U 4GB and AMD RADEON R5 M330 2GBand i want to buy this external monitor: Will i be able to use this monitor's maximum resolution 2560 x 1440 with a HDMI cable? If not, what is the maximum resolution that i can use with my laptop (with HDMI cable)? Thanks in advance for your time,Evangelos

  • Issue#78577: Lenovo - Lenovo P50 - HDMI not working

    Hi, I just got my new Lenovo P50 a few days ago, and so far it was a great experience.The only thing that doesn't work is the HDMI connector. I understand the HDML is connected directly to the NVIDIA GPU. I assumed it will work when setting the BIOS to discrete graphics, but that didn't help as well.Steps I took  (The HDMI cable is, of course, connected, and "Project" settings (Fn F7 or Windows-P) is set to "extend")1) Update NVIDIA drivers2) Use NVIDIA drivers recommended by lenovo3) Reduce resolution to HD and Full HD (the projector I am connecting supports both resolutions)4) many many restarts  I have noticed another thing - In the BIOS there is a way to configue the device to which the boot screen will be sent to. The options are "ThinkPad Display", "DisplayPort" and "Display On Dock". But the documentation on the right side is also saying there SHOULD be an Option "HDMI". Which is not there. When looking into the NVIDIA native system information, it shows 1 na

  • Issue#86225: Sony - Does anyone know how to observe BIOS using the HDMI external TV/Monitor port?

     I have a Sony VAIO laptop, model SVF15213CXB, with a broken buitl-in monitor, and there is no VGA connection.  I got this from an insurance adjuster who had to pay out for a replacement and said I could have it if I wanted.  If I do notjhing but powers it up and the Windows portion will display on the TV I have connected to the HDMI connection.  But nothing displays prior to the Windows starting.  I have tried to do a recovery boot, but the boot from disk must be disabled, so I need to get into the BIOS.  Any ideas.  I have tried using the Assist button and hitting F11, but no joy there either.   

  • Issue#87002: Lenovo - Lenovo Edge 2 1580 external monitor not detected

    I have a 3 month old Lenovo Edge 2 1580. The video card is listed as Intel(R) HD Graphics 520, which is shown to be up to date and working properly. However, my computer also has the Nvidia Geforce card, so I'm not sure which is supposed to be using.  When I try to connect an external monitor, the laptop does not detect it. I've tryied multiple monitors using just HDMI or VGA-to-HDMI. Both setups worked fine for the past few months, but today, no configuration will work. Both monitors are working just fine when connected to my other laptop with the same cables. It has to be something internal to the laptop.  This happened once before, and I was able to fix it by changing the settings of the graphics card (I think). I can't remember what I did, but it involved chaning something in my laptop.  Any leads? 

  • Issue#88477: Lenovo - B50-10 external monitor problems

    HI!I have 8 B50-10's with Celeron N2840 and we need to use them with video projector.B50 only has HDMI port.When connecting external monitor and using the copy screens (dont know the english term)the external screen is app. 40% smaller, not filling the monitor space.When using the option "use only external screen" which leaves the internal screen blackin the graphics settings there is option Maintain Aspect Ration and with 1280*1024resolution things start to look better.expect that the screen is 4:3 instead of 16:9How would I get the Maintain Aspect Ration option with the copy screen to function?The graphics is Intel HD Graphics, driver, the latest from Lenovo. HeimoFinland