Issue#120: Qlik - Importing Data from SQL Server into Qlik

  • Hi Community,


    I import Data from SQL Server into Qlik.

    it is possible to create a procedure to update the Qlik data at time intervals (every hour, every xx hour)

    Similar extension RELOAD but with the possibility to schedule the update automatically every xx hours

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  • Issue#14653: Qlik - Error loading data from SQL server

    Hello, I have started using qlikview very recently. I am trying to bring in data from two tables in sql into Qlikview. I tired using the SQL script with a few modifications. But when i run the screen it gives me read error.  This is the SQL query that work fine in Sql server management studio (like toad).  select *from ConfigTouchpoint ct, MessageFulfillment mfwhere ct.description like '%Thunderhead%'and ct.CoreProcessId = mf.CoreProcessIdand mf.CreatedDate between dateadd(month,-1,current_timestamp) and current_timestamp; I am using it as this script in qlikview MessageFullfillment:select *from ConfigTouchpoint ct, MessageFulfillment mfwhere ct.description like '%Thunderhead%'and ct.CoreProcessId = mf.CoreProcessIdand mf.CreatedDate between dateadd(month,-1,current_timestamp) and current_timestamp;store MessageFulfillment into MessageFulfillment.QVD(QVD);DROP TABLE MessageFulfillment; can anyone help me identify what the issue is with this script. i will

  • Issue#17506: Qlik - QlikView + how qlikview can read sql server geometry data type

    Hi guys,  very technical question. I have a spatial data(geometry) store in SQL Server. I need to use that spatial data, and display the property's polygon out from QlikView.  Basically, i wanted to use Geoqlik to display out the property's polygon.  Rgds,  Jim Chan

  • Issue#50007: Qlik - Hi calendar object data issue

    Hi Experts,                                   i have to show in calendar object from date 1990 to today, i created calendar object with two variables and two buttons apply , clear . problem is data is not coming exactly  1990 to today date, is there any solution for this or any example for this,Please post your comment.   Best Regards,Mike.

  • Issue#62698: Qlik - Class() Data Issue

    As you can see, it seems to be counting REQUEST_IDs that are not within the Business Days Turn Around Time indicated in the class. For example, I would expect to see 16 REQUEST_IDs in Close Out for more than 120 days in the bottom table, but in reality there only appear to be 6. How do I get both charts to reflect the correct counts? 

  • Issue#309424: Qlik - Floor, date func issue with excel loaded data

    Hi,I successfully answered one community question(209863) but faced weird situation(for me at least!) when floor and date functions were not working on some fields. these fields were loaded from excel after transforming through transformation wizard.My question is -    in below script these two lines don't work, doesn't make any difference in outputFloor(ID) as ID,  Date(Floor([Date Bought])) as [Date Bought], But when I use new fields(added '1' at the end), it works, Why it is so? Floor(ID) as ID1,  Date(Floor([Date Bought])) as [Date Bought1], Here is the script, input excel file and output image  T1: LOAD @1 as ID,     @2 as [Date Bought],     @3 as [Product Bought],     @4 as [Last Name] FROM [allign rows.xlsx] (ooxml, no labels, table is Sheet2, filters( Remove(Row, RowCnd(CellValue, 1, StrCnd(contain, 'ID'))), Remove(Col, Pos(Top, 3)), ColXtr(1, RowCnd(CellValue, 2, StrCnd(null)), 0), ColXtr(1, R

  • Issue#382339: Qlik - Data Load Issue

    I'm trying to load the following, it doesn't give an error, but it says 0 lines fetched. Please help. Thanks. [CustomerTable]:LIB CONNECT TO [QlikSQL (cbsbank_mpratt)];LOAD [Name_ID], [Account_Number],    [Closed_Acct_Flag],    [Document_Distribution_Group]; SQL SELECT  t0.Name_ID, t0.Account_Number, t1.COD_Account, t1.Closed_Acct_Flag, t1.Document_Distribution_Group, t2.DDA_Account, t2.Closed_Acct_Flag, t2.Document_Distribution_Group, t3.Note_Number, t3.Closed_Account_Flag as [Closed_Acct_Flag], t3.Document_Distribution_Group, t4.SAV_Account, t4.Closed_Acct_Flag, t4.Document_Distribution_Group FROM "WEEK"."dbo"."Name_To_All_Acct" as t0, "WEEK"."dbo"."COD_Codes"        as t1, "WEEK"."dbo"."DDA_Codes"        as t2, "WEEK"."dbo"."Note_Codes"       as t3, "WEEK"."dbo"."SAV_Codes"        as t4 WHERE t0.Account_Numb

  • Issue#402880: Qlik - Comparison with previous month data issue

    Hi All, I have an issue while comparing this month data with previous months data.I have fields like product name ,Sale ID sold and Month. For each sale there is one SaleID associated.i need to compare the products items sold for each product with last months products and need to display the products under Improvement and Deterioration sections.If any product has got more no.of products sold when compared to previous month it should come under improvement else it should come under deterioration. To achieve this i have taken List box and instead of field i took expression and in expression for improvement i have considered the below expression. Improvement: If(Aggr(Count({<Month={"$(=Month(Max(Date)))"},Year={"$(=Max(Year))"}SaleID),Products)<Aggr(Count({<Month={"$(=AddMonths(Month(Max(Date))),-1)"},Year={"$(=Max(Year))"}SaleID),Products),Products but the issue is all products doesnt have sales in all months. while comparing the products comparison happ

  • Issue#450702: Qlik - Data upload issue

    In my fist attempts at loading data,I seem to be able to load only 75 of 8000+ records from an excel file into the app. I've tried several different excel files to verify there wasn't a problem with the original.I'm using Qlik Sense.

  • Issue#513790: Qlik - Loading Historical data into Transactions table issue

    Hi Eveyone,                I have a transaction table(Employee details) ,which contains Effective date,i have created a calendar in Transaction table .History table contains Effective From and Effective To dates,I need to include history table changes to Transaction table. History table Contains all the fields same as in Transaction table.  Any Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  Please find the attached sample data for reference.   Regards,A.Harish

  • Issue#524812: Qlik - Issue in Importing extension

    hi, I am getting some error msg while importing the attached extension into my qlik enterprise server. But this extension is working fine in my qlik sense desktop. qlik enterprise version - desktop version - Please advise, its urgent. ThanksPrasanta

  • Issue#575633: Qlik - Currency exchange issue (daily rates missing some data)

    Dear Expert, I have a currency exchange table (mostly daily but it may miss some days which I don't  know when it will miss). I have transaction data table with date. I want get currency converted by this exchange rate table. If the data in transaction table doesn't have associated exchange rate on that day it should use the rate from the closest previous day (e.g. If Fan 7th doesn't have exchange rate then use Feb 6th exchange rate if it has it, if Feb 6th, 5th, 4th, 3rd, 2nd  and 1st don't have exchange rates, then use Jan 31st's exchange rate).  I thought that one way is trying to fill missing exchange rates in the exchange rate table, in this way the transaction data can be associated with exchange rate. But how to achieve it I need suggestion. Is there other nice way to do it without go through the whole exchange rate table for missing date? Your suggestion is greatly appreciated, Weidong

  • Issue#607644: Qlik - Server Upgradation Issue

    Dear Team, We have upgraded server from 11.0 to 11.2. Also, Backup for LEF, .shared and .meta files were taken. After the activity, qvw files were deleted from the publish folder. We tried changing the publish folder path in qmc but the same case is happening. Kindly assist and provide solution for the same. gwassenaar, hic, jagan ThanksSarfaraz

  • Issue#618848: Qlik - issue with EXISTS, appending data to a table

    hi Qlikkers, I am obviously missing something simple here but I cannot figure it why this does not work. I created a script below to demonstrate the issue. I have one main table called enc which has unique key encid for that table. I also created a copy of that key as enc2. Then I have another table called ord, which has multiple rows per encid. I need to do an append to ord table (this will be used for incremental load process). I expect ord table populated like that if the script runs properly: orderid,encid,ordercol11,1,old12,1,old23,1,old34,2,new45,2,new5 but I get this: encid enccol1 orderid ordercol1 1enc1 2enc24new4 2enc25new5what I am missing here? enc:load *,encid as encid2Inline [encid,enccol11,enc12,enc2];//new dataord:load * Inline [orderid,encid,ordercol14,2,new45,2,new5];// old dataCONCATENATE (ord)load * WHERE not EXISTS(encid2,encid);load * Inline [orderid,encid,ordercol11,1,old12,1,old23,1,old34,2,old45,2,old5];

  • Issue#639240: Qlik - Issue in excel export// data not coming in number format

    Hello All, I have a straight chart , in which i am showing data as both (%, and as normal number) and it is working fine is QlikView.But when i export the table into excel the data comes in text format in excel. Please find the attached dummy application. I am using "pick (match" in my scenario to meet my requirements. Any suggestions and help will be really appreciated. RegardsKC

  • Issue#745372: Qlik - Issue of loading the data

    Assume that I do have two tables.Table1:IDAC1AC2AC3AC Table2:IDAB2AB4AB5AB My task is to concatenate both tables with one option.I have to remove all the IDs from Table2 that are the same in Table1. I am looking for most efficient way to do that. Thank you for your ideas!

  • Issue#809191: Qlik - Issue while leasing a license from server

    Hi Team, I am having an issue while leasing a license from server. I have recently upgraded the server from 11.2 to 12. In my previous version I had no issues on leasing the license after every 30 days (by accessing the Tools -> Open QlikView Access Point- opening any document) BUT here after upgrading to version 12, I have followed the same steps to lease the license and it displays the below error window; after trying to open any document.  Initially I have 'cleared license information' and attempted to release License again but this time the error as below:  Please advise...Thanks,Nihal

  • Issue#851517: Qlik - Export Data Option in server

    Hi All, I am using Qlik sense 2.2 . I have a pivot table and I am trying to export to excel. it is working fine in Desktop. I have published the same qvf to server there I am not getting the option Export Data. Can anyone help me what's need to be done? Thanks,Muni.

  • Issue#874519: Qlik - App Migration Error While Importing into Qliksense Server

    Hi All,We have Server hosted on AWS .. having Windows 2012 R2 OS .But When i am trying to import any application developed on my desktop . i am getting an ( Can not connect to remote server , One or more Service Such as the Migration service or the engine service , may be down or unresposive.) Apart from this all functionality is working fine on Qliksense server. Kindly help me to resolved this Problem.

  • Issue#942340: Qlik - Folder Data Connection in server

    Qlik Sense version 3.0  I am using the browser client(of dev server) to do the development. In Data Connection when i clicked on the Create New Connection i am not able to see the Folder option. Do Qlik sense admin has to provide the access ? how to create the folder data connection?

  • Issue#951796: Qlik - Is it possible to Explore the Data and push back to Qliksense Server?

    Hi all, I want to Explore the Data and push back to Qliksense Server?  Thanks & Regards,Leela

  • Issue#990316: Qlik - Is it possible to Connect the Data in QlikSense Server?

    Hi All, Is it possible to Connect the Data in QlikSense Server and how to open Load editor and Data Model Options? Thanks & Regards,Leela Madhav.V

  • Issue#1183716: Qlik - RE:Sense Server issue

    Hi ,Michael TaralloI am facing the issue after installation of  2.0.2  version . When i open  QMc/QS hub.  the below Details is asking. Previously it was working without asking any details? 1. I uninstalled and re installed  and services are running and i restrted my system also.   what might be the isuue? can anny one suggest the right way to work?

  • Issue#116: Qlik - IMPORT WEB DATA

    Hi Community,could I import CostiEsecizio.html from a web page (link: (tuttotrasporti: Costi esercizio VCL

  • Issue#119: Qlik - Qlik Sense Server

    Hello, I need confirmation on a line statement StandardReload, that  used to be mentioned on Settings.ini for Qlik Sense Server. If this line is not mentioned, does it mean by default it is StandardReload=1. I am asking since I did not find this line statement on my client Qlik Server.  My requirement is to run couple of  Execute statement and it fails when I try to run. I think, I need to change the settings from StandardReload=1 to 0 and this I tested on my Qlik Sense desktop edition and ran fine. My client server edition is 2.0.3+: Build: 81.origin/release/ms12 The error that I get while executingEXECUTE statement not available in this script mode Please confirm me what it should be ASAP Thanks in advance - Deb

  • Issue#1281: Qlik - Chart to display data only for last 6 months

    Hello, I want to create some pie charts but I want my data to be only for the last 6 months, not longer. I want to count(Distinct CaseNumber) based by the field 'Date'. Do you have any idea how can I achieve this ? Thank you !

  • Issue#4487: Qlik - Stored Proc issue

    Hi All A bit stuck on stored proc Trying to input parameters SQL Execute DB.usp_rp_analysis '1222','20151201','20151231'; but getting no results 1222 is required id  20151201 is from date20151231 is to dateGetting connection but no results, Any ideas why?Thanks

  • Issue#4817: Qlik - Server and Developer

    hi , I am planning to take assessments on Qlikview . Got some questions in the documents which am referring,but dint get answers.But i hope will get the solutions from Qlikcommunity.

  • Issue#5029: Qlik - How to configure Email Alerts in QV Server

    Hi Qlikers, Can anybody let me know the steps to configure mail alerts when a scheduling  task fails in QMC. My current set up doesn't have Publisher and the windows server is 2008 R2. ThanksKiran

  • Issue#5528: Qlik - Dropping FieldName with no data

    Hi Experts -  Here is my scenario. I am concatenating different databases (with mostly different field names) and then looping through them to create different qvds for each of them by using a flag. Now the problem is that I am getting the field names from all the data bases, although with 0 values and I was wondering if there was a way to remove the extra fields before I store it in the qvd. Here is a sample script: Table1:LOAD *,  1 as FlagInline [Dim, Value1A, 1]; Concatenate (Table1)LOAD *,  2 as FlagInline [Dim, Value2A, 10]; FOR i = 1 to 2    TEMP:  NoConcatenate  LOAD *  Resident Table1  Where Flag = $(i);    STORE TEMP into Table_$(i).qvd (qvd);  DROP Table TEMP; NEXT DROP Table Table1; The 1st qvd will include Value2 and 2nd qvd includes Value1 (completely blank) is there anyway I can drop them from the qvd? Thanks for any ideas and suggestions. Best,Sunny